1. protey

    For Sale Sony RX100 V+Ikelite Housing+INON macro lens+Fantasea Big EyeII+INTOVA PX21+SL1600 led light

    Hello, this technique is for sale. I bought this kit in July 2018 for $2960. Used for only two diving safari in Egypt and Tenerife - 2018, several times in the pool, and one diving safari before 10 days ! Excellent condition, distinguishable from new. No functional remarks. 1. Sony...
  2. S

    tray and arms for Fantasea FA6500

    hey all :) so this is my current setup- Fantasea FA6500 housing, Ikelite double handle tray, Inon D2000S and an arm I got with it. there are 2 problems with this setup: 1. the tray doesn't fit the housing well, only 2 out of 3 screws align well (center and one of the sides). 2. the tray ball...
  3. B

    Closed Fantasea FRX100V Housing Sony RX100V Camera Air Lens

    Hi, Selling my used Fantasea FRX100 V housing, Sony RX100 V camera and iDas UAL-04 Glass Air lens. - The Fantasea FRX100 V housing is used but in very good and well-kept condition. Light marks on rear screen and on the edges of the front port from light use. Port glass is scratch and mark free...
  4. R

    Closed Brand New Fantasea FA6400 w Flat Port and Zoom Gear--$525!

    This is a virtually brand new (4 dives total!! pristine!!) housing kit that includes everything you need to start diving with the amazing Sony a6400! Although advertised a lot, this housing kit is impossible to find right now as Fantasea production is way behind because COVID. The package...
  5. C

    Closed I Fantasea FG16 Housing for Canon G16

    I have a Fantasea FG16 Housing for use with the Canon Powershot G16 Camera. It is used but still in fully functional condition. It has normal wear and some scratches and scuffs. Please see pics for physical condition and what's included. Ask any questions. No issues, it's never leaked or been...
  6. BluewaterPhoto

    Big Announcement - Sony RX100 VII and Housings!!

    Calling all Sony Shooters! We just got our hands on the new Sony RX100 VII and tested it out with the Ikelite housing for the RX100 VI! As expected, the RX100 VII fits perfectly and works with the Ikelite VI housing!!!!! Stay tuned, as we will be updating you shortly on the compatibility with...
  7. Grumply

    Closed Sony A6500 / Fantasea FA6500 Mirrorless Underwater Kit

    Much as it hurts me to do this. I’m putting my barely-used and mint-condition Sony A6500/Fantasea underwater kit up for sale. 12 months ago I foolishly tried to buy my way into a better work/life balance, with more time spent underwater. But I have failed resoundingly. So the kit has been used...
  8. K

    For Sale Canon G7X mark II, with Fantasea underwater housing, ultralight arms, light and strobe

    Canon GX7 Mark II with Fantasea FG7X II Underwater housing, and full light and filter kit. Below is a full list of everything included. I put this kit together with a lot of effort and research put into finding the best items to make a great, compact underwater photo and video kit, with...
  9. Kamran Shaikh

    Fantasea 3000 or Hydra 2500 WRU

    Recently my video light (tovatec 1000) flooded 2nd time and I m looking for new video lights for Tovatec-flex arms with YS mounts. I have selected two of the brands Fantasea 3000 and Hydra 2500 WRU Macro, based on availability and compatibility with my tray and arms. Both are of same price $399...
  10. okiediver1961

    For Sale Sony Rx100 V camera and fantasea housing with Ike quick release tray

    **SOLD** I have purchased a GoPro setup so I’m getting rid of everything! **SOLD**Everything you see here is included. Been on 2 dive vacations. Strap for housing has come apart but I think it can be easily fixed. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pictures. Thank you!
  11. K

    For Sale Canon G7X Mark II, with Fantasea housing and lighting kit

    Asking Price: $2750 CAD + shipping Hi I'm selling a Canon GX7 Mark II with Fantasea FG7X II Underwater housing, with a lighting and filter kit. Below is a full list of everything included. I put this kit together with a lot of research put into finding the best items to make a great, compact...
  12. ericwhlee

    Closed: [Found] Fantasea BigEye G series dome lens

    I'm looking for one of the Fantasea Big Eye G clip-on dome lenses for Canon-branded WP-DCxx housings, for their G series cameras; I believe the Fantasea model number is 5135. Please let me know if you have one for sale you can part with. Thanks
  13. TheChase

    Closed Fantasea FG7X Housing - for Canon G7X

    Fantasea G7X housing - FG7X for sale. Well used condition - has normal scuffs around the edges and works great. Battery still lights up for moisture detection and comes with a bunch of the original accessories such as flash diffuser, strap and such. Front glass lens has a scratch on the...
  14. J

    Wanted Wide angle wet lens for fantasea frx100 V (67mm)

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a wide angle wet lens for the sony rx100 V inside the fantasea frx100 V housing. Let me know if you are selling! Preferably with a dome. Cheers, Jared
  15. SCheckman

    For Sale Fantasea BigEye Lens G Series For Sale

    Fantasea BigEye Lens I have for sale. It was $219 new. For sale: $75. It fits the Canon G11 and G10 underwater housings (WP-DC34 and WP-DC28 respectively). Only used a handful of times. In pristine condition. No scratches on lens. I also have housing for G11. Message me if interested. Depth...
  16. hilljo88

    Sony Rx100 wide angle lens options?

    I’ve got a Sony Rx100 v in Fantasea housing with 67mm thread. An6 advice on best wide angle lens?
  17. H

    Fantasea or Nauticam for a6500

    Hey guys, So I've just grabbed a sony 6500 and I'm looking to get either the fantasea to save some money or fork out for the Nauticam. I'm pretty impressed with the Fantasea housing writeups so far as it has the 67mm port compatibility as well as has great reviews for incorporating the UWL 09...
  18. a492levy

    Canon reco wanted, upgrading fr Powershot SD750 w/ housing (yes old)

    Hi all - a friend highly recommends the canon g12 but I see a lot of newer ones out, (g16, g7x ?) looking for something good but fairly simple, and I will be purchasing the underwater housing (canon or Fantasea). thanks in advance.
  19. choiahoy

    RX100 IV video - 2016 Indonesia

    Hi scubaboard! Here’s a video from our recent trip to Indonesia (Komodo, Tulamben, Padangbai). It was shot with a Sony RX100 IV in a Fantasea housing. The macro shots were taken with a set of diopters (subsee +10 and/or Inon 165 +6), and I (generally) used a red filter on the wide angle shots...
  20. TheChase

    For Sale Canon G16, Fantasea FG16 housing, BigEye Dome, tray, and more

    Selling a huge lot of Canon gear! Camera is in awesome condition with no issues! Housing is great with no problems or scratches on the lens. Asking $800 for everything - FREE shipping & insurance anywhere in the US. Includes: Canon G16 Fantasea FG16 housing Sea & Sea strobe dive tray with...
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