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  1. C

    Extra wide extra big boots

    I have big feet. To the point where people have made jokes about me not needing to wear fins underwater. I wear a US size 14 extra (or even 2x) wide. I recently bought a drysuit with 3mm compressed neoprene socks, and I'm looking for a boot to go over it. When I shop for shoes, I typically just...
  2. joshua.d.vise

    Considering buying a dry suit. What should I look for?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new as a diver, and have done almost all of my diving in relatively warm waters (Thailand, Maldives, Saipan), though I did have a few cold water experiences (Bonne Terre Missouri, Busan South Korea). I want to be able to dive more in South Korea, but the water is...
  3. L

    For Sale Brand New : Santi 7/9mm "Basic Hood" - Size - Small - Never Worn - $35

    Brand new, never touched water. Missing original bag. Composed of two smooth and elastic neoprene qualities. 7mm neoprene in neck and face area and 9mm neoprene in head area. Finished with 0.5mm nylon jersey from both sides for easier wear. Vented to allow air to escape. A very comfortable and...
  4. L

    Closed Santi BZ200 Thinsulate Drysuit Socks. Never Worn - Brand New. Size XXL - $25

    Brand new, never worn (socks are still attached togethert) Santi dry suit socks Nylon / Thinsulate 200G are made from three layers : Micropolar, Thinsulate™ 200, and Pertex. More info can be found here : Santi Thinsulate Socks. Buy in Canada $25 Will ship via FedEx Ground or Priority Mail...
  5. L

    For Sale Fourth Element - Men’s J2 Baselayer Top - Size L - Brand New In Bag - $100

    Men's J2 Fourth Element Baselayer to be worn under a drysuit and/or undergarment. Perfect for moderate tempatured drysuit diving in caves. Unworn. Still in plastic bag w/ tags More info here : https://fourthelement.com/product/mens-j2-top/ $100 $90 (retails for $139 new) Will ship via FedEx...
  6. D

    For Sale Used drysuits with life still left in them

    All suits should have neck and wrist seals replaced. Zippers are in good shape. Boots sizes approximate.* Actually body sizes close but not guaranteed. If you wear those shirt sizes listed below, the fit will be approximate except for boots if you're not the size listed. (#1) Large long, 8...
  7. tpmc64

    Closed Whites Fusion Bullet dry suit size LG/XL complete set

    For Sale Whites Fusion Bullet dry suit. Complete sets. With Si Tech Glove system, Latex seals, Whites AST under garments. Size L/ XL with size 13 boots. Includes Whites hood, gloves and carrying bag. All were purchased new and have been in the water 8 times. 650.00. OBO
  8. tpmc64

    Closed Whites Fusion Bullet dry suit LG/XL size complete set

    For Sale Whites Fusion Bullet dry suit. With Si Tech Glove system, Latex seals, Whites AST under garments. Size L/ XL with size 13 boots. Includes Whites hood, gloves and carrying bag. All were purchased new and have been in the water 8 times. 650.00. OBO
  9. tpmc64

    Whites Fusion Bullet Dry Suits. 2 complete sets 1 XXL/XXXL and 1 L/XL

    For Sale Whites Fusion Bullet dry suits. With Si Tech Glove system, Latex seals, Whites AST under garments. Two sizes, XL/XXXL and L/ XL both have size 13 boots. Includes Whites hood, gloves and carrying bag. All were purchased new and have been in the water 8 times. 650.00 each. OBO
  10. Mr. Ed

    Advice about protection wear, dry suit / wetsuit

    Former instructor suggested giving up my dry suit for a wetsuit. The only real problem I had was the weight of all my gear, 100 cf steel cylinder, trilam pro dry suit, 32 lbs of lead weights which was more than I could handle. Age has depleted most of my strength and there is not much I can do...
  11. C

    For Sale Selling entire scuba collection

    Family friend recently stopped diving and has asked me to sell his gear for him. I am not overly familiar with scuba gear but please feel free to message me with any questions. Gear was very well taken care of by a serious diver and his wife. All gear was tested and working within the last year...
  12. Mr. Ed

    Open Water: Saint Lawrence River Yesterday

    i wasn't confident going into the dive. 2 hours drive time to the site and it had been 6 weeks since last I was in the water so I wasn't 100% on my game. I used my 100 CUFT Farber steel cylinders never dived with steel cylinders before yesterday. Wore a hood and gloves for the first time, 30...
  13. badfishnt

    Closed Pinnacle Evolution 2 Drysuit w/ Accessories ***New; Never Worn!***

    Never used; never worn. Asking price of $1450 includes: Pinnacle Evolution 2 Cordura Front Entry Drysuit with Sock (size ML) Pinnacle Temperate Undergarment (size ML) Pinnacle Tecline Drysuit Overboot (size 9) Pinnacle Merino Neo 5 Glove (size Large) Pinnacle Aquatics 7mm Drysuit Hood (size...
  14. R

    Easy Way to Estimate Amount of Undergarments to be Comfortable in a Given Water Temp?

    I just got a trilam drysuit and haven't had the chance to use it in diverse water temps. Is there an easy way to estimate how much undergarment insulation I will feel comfortable? (I know that most undergarment companies have charts, but I am asking if there is a way to approximate it...
  15. B

    Sold! Dry Suit - Hollis BioDry FX 100, Size Medium (Like New) - $875

    This suit has been dove exactly 9 times. It has always been stored inside home (climate-controlled space). I have transitioned to the Hollis 8-7-6 semi-dry suit and just don't anticipate using the FX 100 dry suit again. Wrist seals are original, never been trimmed. Neck seal was trimmed...
  16. ahcalde

    Drysuit neck seal rolls up

    Is it normal for a latex drysuit neck seal to roll up after putting it on? It's not a problem comfort-wise, but I wonder if I can cut off a couple of rings from the seal so that it doesn't roll up anymore and sits flat on my neck?
  17. Underwater Tourist

    Closed Whites / Aqualung FUSION SPORT DRYSUIT (Size: L)

    [ I am currently on the road, pictures of the actual suit will be attached on September 7th ] Looking to sell my whites drysuit, it is in pristine condition and only has ~15 dives on it. I thought I would become a cold water diver, but it never happened so the suit was only used to get my dry...
  18. edhjr

    Haven't settled on the right BC

    I had an Aqualung Axiom XL that was determined to big for me, (cylinder weight shift was not able tighten BC to prevent from shifting) Last night I tried a Hollis 200 HD XL, however, at the surface the back inflate BC did not provide adequate lift to keep head above water, and it pushed my...
  19. breathein15

    Closed Typhoon Drysuit w/ thermal suit and rock boots

    -Typhoon drysuit. Rear entry. 40 dives on it. Needs new wrist and neck seals. Zipper is perfect. Apeks purge valves work perfect. -Typhoon 200 fleece thermal suit. Perfect condition. Sz Small, but runs kinda big. - Rock boots. A little rough looking, but no holes and still work great. SZ US 7...
  20. M

    For Sale O'Neill 7mm neoprene drysuit

    New zipper, neck and wrist seals. Integrated boots. Size small. I'm 5'7" tall and 145 lbs and it fits quite well. I bought this used for a season of California diving. Replaced the zipper and seals then put about 20 dives on it. $300 plus shipping.
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