1. L

    Cressi XS2 service Manual

    Looking for a service manual for a Cressi XS2 2nd stage regulator.
  2. Dutchman


    Condition: New with tags COLOR - Blue/Black size Large This suit is designed for those who enjoy all types of watersports and want the performance of a FULL-STRETCH suit BARE’s legendary fit S-FLEX FULL-STRETCH NEOPRENE is soft and comfortable and easy to get on and off. All thickness provide...
  3. Dutchman

    Sold! AquaLung Dimension Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator Black MD with Airsource 3

    Aqualung Dimension BCD SIZE MEDIUM Easy-to-access knife attachment points on the left lobe accommodate many of the Aqua Lung knives Features 4 stainless steel D-rings and 4 plastic D-rings (1 is located inside the left pocket) for all of your accessories Right shoulder pull dump provides an...
  4. Dutchman

    Closed SeaLife Micro 3.0 + SL671 Sea Dragon 2500 UW Photo/Video Dive Light Kit

    Brand New, never used. Bought for a trip to Mexico while waiting for GoPro Hero 12 to arrive. Did not get to go on the trip.Price reduced to $599 SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro 2500 Camera & Light Set for Photography & Video Land & Sea Underwater Easiest Way to Immerse Yourself into World of Underwater...
  5. Dutchman

    Closed New-Aqua Lung Console, 2 Gauge

    Price drop $160 2-gauge console includes a Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge, water temperature and writing slate. Designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, the pressure and depth gauge displays are designed with such features as a luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light. In...
  6. calvin007

    Sold! Cressi Focus Mask - $15 + Shipping

    Cressi scuba diving Focus mask, which retails for about $44. Read more here: Cressi 1946 - Official Website * Black silicone skirt which will not yellow from sun exposure * Great for snorkeling, free diving, and scuba diving * Lightweight = 5.7 oz (mask only), 11.2 oz (mask + case) * Adjustable...
  7. Gas_Hog

    Sold! Cressi Patrol

    I have a Cressi Patrol BCD (size large) with 10 freshwater dives that I'm trying to offload. Bought new in 2021 and selling for $200 obo CONUS; I can upload or DM pictures if interested.

    Info Fins Recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for a pallet but I am very undecided, can you help me? The models I found are below, you may have different suggestions. Also, some models have water inlet channels, some don't, what's the difference? I want to use it for scuba diving and normal swimming. Cressi Gara Modular...
  9. Aquamusic

    Cressi PC Interface Broken - Help!

    I have had a Cressi Giotto for almost 1 year. The PC Interface worked ok at first, but now it only lists the dives in the left panel, but does not show any of the details in the center panel. Updated to their latest version: I have 14 dives stored on my Surface Pro/Windows laptop...
  10. Watthem

    For Sale Cressi Pro Light Fins, Size S/M (Black)

    Selling a pair of Black Cressi Pro Light Fins in size Small/Medium They have had one pool dive on them--feel free to ask any questions! $50 Shipped OBO (WIll reduce for local pickup)
  11. K

    Cressi T10 First Stage blackening

    Hey Everyone, Need some advice on my Cressi T10 first stage. I recently bought it and after using it for one dive I am noticing black marks all over the first stage. I took extreme care in transporting and washing it with fresh water after every dive so I am not sure what is causing this. Any...
  12. 1

    Cressi Back Jac backplate

    I have a Cressi Back Jac BCD that only has one strap to hold the tank. I'm looking at mounting a pony bottle to the tank using Zeagle straps, but it requires two for better stability. Has anyone changed out their backplate on the Cressi to allow for two straps? I think this would make the...
  13. C

    For Sale Selling entire scuba collection

    Family friend recently stopped diving and has asked me to sell his gear for him. I am not overly familiar with scuba gear but please feel free to message me with any questions. Gear was very well taken care of by a serious diver and his wife. All gear was tested and working within the last year...
  14. stewartlife

    Anyone in Indonesia using Cressi MC9 XS Compact Regulator?

    Hi everyone, new here in scubaboard, from Indonesia. I never have “big” gears like BCD and regulator since I’ve been diving, as I like lightweight travel (always use whatever the dive center provided for rental). But now I’m thinking of getting my own, but I still would like to get one that is...
  15. OMyMyOHellYes

    Cressi Quantum mask - puzzling boast

    I was taking a look at the new Cressi Quantum mask. I like their Calibro mask and was thinking of trying the new one. Part of the revolutionary design includes "heat exchangers". Hmm. Tell me more. "HEAT EXCHANGER The external part of the skirt features a cooling system composed of two...
  16. A

    Cressi Reaction White Liliac

    Hello I am looking to purchase Cressi reaction white liliac xs but unfortunately their production has been discontinued (now they only sell white and pink) Does anyone have a pair left in their shop to sell? Thanks!
  17. js47

    Wanted Cressi Weight Pocket

    Somehow lost a weight pocket for my Travelight BCD while climbing back onto the dive boat last week. Please let me know if you have an extra one laying around! In other news, if you’re in need of a pocket with 4 lbs of lead shot in it, you can find one just north of the northernmost buoy at...
  18. O

    New Wing - Buoyancy change

    Hi Divers! I was always diving with hiring gear and just got my First own bcd. Its a wing (Cressi Commander) and I know the Buoyancy and trim is different with a jacket style bcd and despite that I'm not sure if it's the commander, if it's a faulty bcd or if it's normal but: I got a perfect...
  19. Collin O'Brien

    AquaLung ABS vs. Cressi XS

    I bought a Cressi XS octo last year for about $80 because it was the cheapest one I could find after dropping thousands on all my other new gear and I figured I would almost never use it (not the best mind set, I understand that). I was given the chance to buy a 4yr old AquaLung ABS octo today...
  20. rockymountaindiva

    For Sale Sold Cressy travel lite ladies BCD XS

    Pink trim, please see item and suggested price here: Inside bladder rinsed with fresh water after every trip. Located in Colorado but will discuss potential shipping options.
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