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  1. jonhall

    Trip Report Cabo San Lucas Jan. 22 - Feb. 4, 2022

    Had a new experience on this trip. On the day before we were supposed to leave, our traveling friends received their results from a Covid test taken 1 week earlier and 1 was positive. Long story short, my wife and I cancelled and received refunds for our airfare, insurance, and excursions - the...
  2. Banded Guitarfish

    Banded Guitarfish

    Before boarding the Nautilus Explorer for our dive trip to the Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro Island), the liveaboard offered us a free check out dive just outside of the marina. While visibility was not that great, we were able to observe a Banded Guitarfish which inhabits the area seasonally.
  3. aquabluegreg

    Quino el Guardian LOB Explore Baja Deal 2021

    Quino el Guardian Liveaboard Sea of Cortez Explore Baja Deal 13 Days / 12 Nights / 11 Days of Diving Puerto Penasco - San Jose del Cabo The Quino el Guardian liveaboard is offering a great deal for you and 3 dive buddies on the different trips to Explore Baja and the Sea of Cortez, Baja...
  4. C

    Cabo Pulmo - 1st Week Sept 2021

    New member / poster here, very long time reader of SB. Heading to Cabo San Lucas with friends for Labor Day 2021. We'll have at least one other diver, in addition to my wife and I. All are AOW minimum. So call it 3 of us at least. What's the best way to dive Cabo Pulmo? Is there a preferred...
  5. aquabluegreg

    Rocio del Mar Socorros & Sea of Cortez 15-Day Oct 30-Nov 13, 2021

    Rocio del Mar Liveaboard Socorro Islands & Sea of Cortez 15-Day Expedition Oct 30 - Nov 13, 2021 The Rocio del Mar liveaboard is offering a 15-day expedition that includes the southern portion of the Sea of Cortez and then on to the Socorro Islands. We currently have one remaining cabin plus...
  6. Dan

    Diving Land's End

    See Creatures, Dive Center of Nautilus Liveaboard offered a complimentary warm-up diving in Cabo San Lucas, prior to boarding Nautilus Belle Amie for Socorro on January 7, 2021. They took us to a dive site called Land's End. What a pleasant surprise to see a family of California sea lions...
  7. aquabluegreg

    What are you missing? Last week on the Belle Amie!

    What are you missing? Last week on the Nautilus Belle Amie! YoiuTube: Brandi Mueller: Brandi Underwater Last week in the Socorro Islands, underwater photographer Brandi Mueller on the Nautilus Belle Amie. You could be there. We get your gills wet! And yes, it's safe to travel to Cabo. We...
  8. aquabluegreg

    Nautilus Explorer or Undersea - Socorros - $1795 PPDO

    Nautilus Explorer or Nautilus Undersea Liveaboards Socorro Islands - Depart Cabo San Lucas $1795 per person 9 Days / 8 Nights - Stateroom These trips will sell out fast. Contact me if interested. Nautilus Explorer Dates Nov 10 & Nov 18, 2020 Nautilus...
  9. aquabluegreg

    Rocio del Mar - Socorros + Clarion Island - 13 Days - $700 OFF

    Rocio del Mar - 13 Days February 28 to March 12, 2021 $700 Discount We have 4 remaining berths on a special trip to the Socorro Islands that includes Clarion Island, previously called Santa Rosa. This island is the westernmost and most remote of the volcanic island chain and offers untouched...
  10. aquabluegreg

    Baja 1000 - On water, not land! Rocio del Mar Sep 19-Oct 1, 2020

    If you were ever a fan of off-road racing, you remember the fabled Baja 1000 running from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas. I have personally driven the route in non-race conditions a few times starting back in 1972 and the drive was an adventure beyond compare. Well here is the marine version of...
  11. aquabluegreg

    Eastern Airlines to Cabo San Lucas $199 R/T

    Eastern Airlines to Cabo San Lucas $199 R/T
  12. D

    Mobulas - where to go?

    I am planning to go Baja California to swim with Mobulas. What is the best place in terms of a chance to see a big school during the migration season? Cabo Lucas, La Paz, San Jose Del Cabo, Cabo Pulmo?? Is June the best time? Thanks!
  13. D

    Mobulas in Baha California

    Hi guys, I am interested in swimming with Mobulas. I am thinking to go to CSL or La Paz this year and swim with them 2 - 3 days when they start to peak in either places by contacting local shops. After that I plan to buy a day trip to Cabo Pulmo. I have seen a day tour option for snorkeling...
  14. Jaii Fredregill

    Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is an excellent scuba diving destination largely due to its location at the southern-most point of Mexico’s Baja peninsula where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean meet. Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | My Mola
  15. W

    Cabo Private Guide - great diving shop

    I'm searching this forum before each diving trip and try to give back.... I'm diving, my husband is snorkeling and we wanted to dive/snorkel together in Cabo San Lucas area, in different spots, each of us with a private guide who knows the reef. It was a truly customized experience, from the...
  16. L

    Dive Trip to Mexico - Sea of Cortez - La Paz/Cabo San Lucas 8 Nov to 24 Nov 2019

    Hi All, We have a dive trip to Mexico from 8 Nov 2019 to 24 Nov 2019. If you are interested in joining the existing divers who have already joined the group and have purchased flights then let me know on We have 10 divers already with flights and booked on the...
  17. Premo83

    Wild Baja - Humpback whales, sharks, sea lions, mobulas, dolphins...

    I did a short video from a couple land based trips in Baja California Sur, Mexico (La Paz and Cabo San Lucas). We did see Humpback whales, silky sharks, sea lions, dolphins, mobula rays and a very curious turtle. It was shot with a Sony A6500 in a Nauticam housing (10-18mm F4 lens and 16mm 2.8...
  18. D

    Los Cabos (JSD) airport transportation

    Hi, Has any one have taken a shared van at SJD airport without booking OR being dropped off at a hotel you did not actually stay? My liveaboard departs from Cabo San Lucas to Socorros on Jan 25. Planning to stay at 'airbnb' in CSL for a couple of nights prior to the liveaboard departure...
  19. jonhall

    Trip Report Dive/Trip Report Cabo San Lucas/Cabo Pulmo

    Let me start by saying the weather in Cabo San Lucas in mid to late January is fantastic if you like high 70's during the day and low 60's at night, sunshine during the day and clear night skies, and no precipitation (practically) guaranteed, although there were a couple of slightly cloudy days...
  20. Premo83

    Mako Sharks are incredible

    Last November I had a great Mako shark encounter in the Sea of Cortez off Cabo San Lucas. As it was my only day out on the ocean I did not expect to get enough footage for a video so I planned only to take pictures. As it turned out that Mako shark stayed around for 2 hours so in the end I took...
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