1. Titatom

    Roatan Aggressor, March 5-12, 2022 availability

    My partner and I booked this trip when it went on sale. It is looking like we may not be able to do it. If anyone is interested, please PM me. The booking is for 2 divers, sharing one queen size bed in the Master cabin, located on the upper deck, behind the Captain's room. Thank you.
  2. aquabluegreg

    DEMA Deal - Aggressor Caribbean Trips

    DEMA Deal - Aggressor Caribbean Trips Looking for a trip to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Belize, or Turks & Caicos..? Here's a DEMA Deal - Pay for 7 nights, get 3 nights FREE These selected dates only. Book with us and get FREE nitrox.
  3. Captain Larry

    Galapagos Aggressor Open Spot Sept 30, 2021

    Join us on the Galapagos Aggressor Sept 30-Aug 7, 2021 We have an opening due to a medical issue with one diver. One spot opened, possibly 2 available. Please click this link for additional details on this trip: Galápagos Islands 2021 – Key Largo Dive Center Galapagos is on every diver's bucket...
  4. logic8482

    Galapagos, Ecuador - June 2021 (4K 60FPS)

    Scuba diving the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador on the Galapagos Aggressor III liveaboard. Featuring: Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, Bullhead Shark, Marine Iguanas, Galapagos Sharks, Sea Lions, Penguins, Blue-Footed Boobies, Giant Frigates, Giant Tortoises, and more! All footage taken June...
  5. hbscuba

    Giant Manta Experience!

    We are headed to the Socorro Islands for a February 2 - 10, 2021 Manta Experience! And you are invited! If you've never dived with the GIANT Mantas, this is your time. It's simply amazing! And there is other cool marine life there this time of year, including Humpback Whales, Dolphins swimming...
  6. S

    Where to go in the world ?

    Hi, I am new. my job is winding down in December and I’m thinking of liveaboard, browsing different destinations but the world is big. I feel I could use experienced divers’ opinions. Last time I went on a livaboard trip was almost 20 years ago in Australia as a kid diver so it almost doesn’t...

    USD 1,000 OFF❗️ NEW Arabian Aggressor⛵️ Sudan & Djibouti

    Welcome to Sudan ❗️ USD 1,000 OFF Introductory Special ⛵️ Arabian Aggressor Liveaboard All sailings from February 2020 through October 2020 ✅Now from USD 1,999 pp ✅FREE DAN Dive Insurance Expires on August 3, 2019 ➡️Hurry Up! Book now-->
  8. Kamaros

    Exposure protection for Kona liveaboard

    Hey Scubaboarders, I've got a spot on the Kona Aggressor II next week. I originally planned on bringing a 5 mm wetsuit + gloves and hood, but I've now heard enough recommendations for exposure gear (ranging from a 5 mm to a drysuit) to leave me thoroughly confused and worried about warmth...
  9. DreadnoughtNH

    Trip Report Aggressor 5 - Jan26-Feb2 2019 - Report

    Hey all! As promised, I'm giving my 2 cents about the Aggressor V. I've broken my review into components, as I feel they are separate entities about the trip. And because opinions are like arseholes, I will try to be cautious and note anything personal with an 'IMO'. Airport Arrival – Probably...
  10. K

    Please help - Cuba Reviews? Jardines II Gardens of the Queen

    We are looking to do the Jardines II Aggressor in March - the Gardens of the Queen itinerary. However, I cannot seem to get find solid reviews of the diving. The reviews I do read are all over the map. It's not an inexpensive trip, so I want to make sure it's worth while, or we will look to go...
  11. drk5036

    Maldives Aggressor II

    Hi All, I had been thinking about booking a liveaboard in the maldives, and saw the 25% off deal on the Maldives Aggressor II. Has anyone taken a trip with this boat and have any feedback? It's my first "long" liveaboard trip, and I'm nervous about putting down so much money. I saw some pretty...
  12. AngryMoth

    Trip Report Galapagos Aggressor trip report - October 2018

    A thread I posted with my video from this trip just got bumped and made me think I ought to write a full trip report because there were a few dives that I’d really like to describe, and also there’s some bits and pieces of information I picked up that I haven’t seen anywhere else online and may...

    25% OFF NEW Socorro Aggressor Liveaboard

    NEW Aggressor Liveaboard Launched! Explore Socorro Islands (8 nights) and Guadalupe (4 nights) with Socorro Aggressor 25% OFF Dive the World weeks available Check schedule and availability-->
  14. DavidFL

    Major thumbs up to Kona Aggressor for hurricane-interrupted trip

    My dive buddy and I were on Kona Aggressor during the week in August that Hurricane Lane decided to approach Hawaii. This was my fifth trip on an Aggressor yacht but my first on Kona Aggressor. As you can tell by the title, Hurricane Lane ended up interrupting the trip; we were put ashore in...

    Time-limited 35% OFF Aggressor Liveaboards! Book by Aug 15th

    Book a new reservation from July 30 - Aug 15, 2018 and SAVE 35% Travel Dates: Aug 4, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019. Travel must be completed by Jan 6, 2019. Money saving specials and other promotions do not apply. Special is not retroactive. Special does not apply to group reservations. Applies all...
  16. PADI Travel

    Aggressor Anniversary Sale - 35% Off the Aggressor Fleet

    The Aggressor Fleet is turning 35 years old. To celebrate, most of the Aggressor liveaboards are now 35% off! That means you can snag a discounted liveaboard in 12 countries around the world. Book before August 15, 2018 on PADI Travel. Travel Dates: August 4, 2018 until January 6, 2019...
  17. PADI Travel

    Aggressor Flash Sale - Save USD 500 in the Maldives

    Save USD 500 on your 2018 trip to the Maldives with this deal on the Maldives Aggressor II. Book before July 17, 2018 with PADI Travel. Travel Dates: All departures from now until December 31, 2018 Liveaboard: Maldives Aggressor II GRAB THIS OFFER NOW Or browse more special deals in the...
  18. PADI Travel

    Big Savings - 10 Nights for the Price of 7 in Palau

    Stay 10 nights for the price of 7 on your next liveaboard trip to Palau with this deal on the Palau Aggressor II. Book anytime before the departure date on PADI Travel. Travel Dates: September 9 and September 20, 2018 Departures Liveaboard: Palau Aggressor II GRAB THIS OFFER NOW Or browse...
  19. PADI Travel

    Belize Sale - $800 Off the Belize Aggressor III

    Save $800 per person on your liveaboard trip to Belize this summer with this deal on the Belize Aggressor III. Book anytime before the departure date on PADI Travel. Travel Dates: August 4, 2018 Departure Only Liveaboard: Belize Aggressor III GRAB THIS OFFER NOW Or browse more special deals...
  20. PADI Travel

    Hawaii Savings - $800 Off the Kona Aggressor II

    Save $800 on the Kona Aggressor II liveaboard in Hawaii, USA. Book with PADI Travel any time before the departure date! Travel Dates: July 21, 2018 Departure Only Liveaboard: Kona Aggressor II GRAB THIS OFFER NOW Or browse more special deals in the United States.
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