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Welcome to the ScubaBoard Knowledge Base​

This forum is designed for ScubaBoard members to share their hard-won knowledge. However, it works differently than other forums. The first thing you will notice is you can't start a new thread.

How Do They Get There?​

Exceptionally informative threads are reviewed and approved by ScubaBoard's Staff. Those that survive the gauntlet are moved into the Knowledge Base forum and listed in the Knowledge Base Index.

Special Rules​

All ScubaBoard members are encouraged to ask questions, add relevant information, and respectfully debate the topic through replies. Off-topic replies are more aggressively discouraged than other forums in order to maximize the density of useful information.

Replies that distract the focus from the content in Knowledge Base threads will be considered off-topic. Unfortunately that includes the normal friendly joking, banter, and compliments in most ScubaBoard forums. Please use one of the Reactions instead of a reply unless you have a question or something to add to the topic.


You can Report any posts that you believe are violating the forum rules or the Terms of Service. These restrictions apply to new replies that are made after the thread is moved to this forum.

Writing ScubaBoard Knowledge Base Threads​

You can use the threads that are already in the SBKB as a examples. The guiding light is that they help divers in one or more of the following ways:
  • Informative, but that can mean the replies to a good question rather or the original post itself
  • Enhances diver safety
  • Thought provoking; threads that stimulate divers' curiosity and causes them to self-reflect

ScubaBoard Knowledge Base Curators
Collaborating authors: @Akimbo, @northernone, @RainPilot, and @rsingler
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