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VR3 or Cochran for KISS?

Discussion in 'Rebreather Diving' started by Henry, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Henry

    Henry Barracuda

    # of Dives:
    Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Hi all,

    Just bought a sport KISS and am in my 3rd day of training with 2 days to go. I am currently using a Vytec (transmitter not hooked up) set to 29% to dive during the course. It gives me a ball park NDL for my dives to 90-100 feet.

    I would really like to either replace my Vytec or get another computer to take advantage of the PPO2 setting. The two that I am thinking about is the VR3 and Cochran.

    I like the VR3 because I can plug it in to my KISS and it will calculate the exact ppo2 and NDL or deco based on my real time information. Problem is that I have to buy it from a shop across town that I don't go to at all.

    I like the Cochran because it is sold at my LDS and I can have any problems dealt with immdiately with no questions asked. Problem is that I would have to dive set ppo2 and would rather dive real time ppo2 is I can.

    I would really like to keep the business at one shop vs. visiting another LDS that I don't really feel like driving all the way to.

    Comments on either computer? Also, should I keep my Vytec (as I still have my twins and do plan on diving them)?

  2. wedivebc

    wedivebc CCR Instructor ScubaBoard Supporter

    I would get the VR3 and sell the vytec. I love my vytec but it will probably go up for sale once I get comfortable with the CCR computer I currently use.
    The VR3 will do everything the vytec will do (except have an easily readable display) and then some.
  3. Curt McNamee

    Curt McNamee Solo Diver

    I dive a KISS Classic and always have two or three computers with me at all times. I have my Cochran, VR3 with a constant PO2, and I just got a Nitek Duo 2 gas computer and my other tri mix computer which is a Hydrospace Explorer. I would never rely on just one computer. I will always have one that works and will allow me to dive. In my opion, I would keep what you have and add another one. If your VR3 breaks, you will have to send it to Europe to get it fixed, it takes time to send computers and have them fixed. So far, I have been able to just run my VR3 on a constant PO2 without it being wired in and that has worked out just fine. I have my constant PO2 set point at 1.2 and then just keep my loop at that or higher. It works out just fine. I know when you get done with your training and get a few dives on your Sport KISS you will just love it. Welcome to the world of CCR's.


  4. jfoutz

    jfoutz Solo Diver


    I’m not RB certified, so I can’t address that specifically. But what I can say is that you won’t go wrong with the VR3.

    The issue with shops is this: it doesn’t matter. If you have a problem with it, it will have to be shipped back to Great Britain. I know this because mine had a problem (bad software build caused CNS calculations to be wrong) and I had to send it back. Find out what the shop across town is offering it for and then find out what you can get it for online from an authorized dealer. The cheapest prices I’ve found for them are at scuba.com. (Yes, they are an authorized dealer – I checked. No, I’m not associated with them in any way.) They have the standard screen with open and closed circuit trimix for $1,209.95, the color screen for $1,475.95. You save about $200 if you get the nitrox instead of the trimix version – all depends on what you want to do in the future. If trimix isn’t in your future and you really want to save some money, consider the VR2 to save another $300.

    One more thing, the VR3 has a glass screen so be sure to get the screen protector.

    They’re terrific computers. Good luck!
  5. BigJetDriver

    BigJetDriver Great White Rest in Peace

    The Hydrospace-Explorer is a great computer, especially with the constant PPO2 link. It will do true RGBM as well as Buhlmann, ten gas mixes, gradient factors, and conservatism adjustments. It has a large, easily readable screen, is made in the USA, and costs less. Try it, you'll like it!! :11ztongue

    Rob Davie
  6. schford

    schford Angel Fish

    Got to admit I am thinking of getting a HS Explorer tooo...
  7. Life-Is-Good-Diver

    Life-Is-Good-Diver Loggerhead Turtle

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Space Coast, Florida

    I can say, im alittle disapointed in my purchase with the VR3, i just bought, as it is very hard to learn that computer, also hard to read under water. I can't even get it to display Ppo2 on the same screen as everything else, unless im missing somthing.

    I dont even have mine a month, and im thinking all ready of ebaying it and getting a HS explorer. Ive had the explorer in the past, and it's easy to see everything, everything is right there on the first display, and it's easy to use, im going to give the VR3 another month,and see how it goes, otherwise you'll see another one on ebay :(
  8. Mverick

    Mverick Manta Ray


    That's why I went with the Explorer. The screen size. Reminded me of my Cochran.

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