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Too Skinny for wetsuit, Henderson sizes

Discussion in 'Exposure Suits' started by Luango, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. Luango

    Luango Registered

    Those who have a Henderson suit and know their measurements how do they compare to the sizing chart. http://www.hendersonusa.com/size_charts.html
    Is the sizing chart for a good fit or the minimum size you can stretch into.

    The Medium size seems to be best for me. I am at the top extreme or just above for the height measurements and the lowest in the range for width and too low for weight. However I'm a 21yr old male so I should be gaining weight.

    Here are my measurements:
    chest 36
    waist 30
    hips 36
    weight 143 lbs
    height 5'10"
    inseam 29
    torso 29

    I'm not quite ready to commit to a LDS, so I am thinking of getting either Henderson Microprene jumpsuit or Ti Hyperstretch 3mm jumpsuit when I get some other stuff from Leisurepro.com. How safe is it to buy a wetsuit online? If it doesn't fit I could send it back. Or should I get the 3 closest sizes by measurements then keep the best and return the other two.

    Attention Texas divers what thickness and/or layers do you wear in North TX? summer winter?
    I am thinking of eventually having 3 pieces:
    1. .5mm jumpsuit
    2. 3mm, 3/5mm, or 5mm jumpsuit
    3. a 3mm or 5mm shorty, vest or similar
    Maybe I should skip the shorty and get a hooded vest, although I would like to avoid a hood if possible. I am trying to get an idea of what will be best to invest in first.

    Very important I want the first suit I buy to be something that can be used for other things, windsurfing, jetski, etc. 3mm isn't too much is it??
  2. Tavi

    Tavi NAUI Instructor

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Rochester, NY
    We're talking about buying a wetsuit here, not marriage. :)
    $$ vs $$$$$$$$$$$$
    When and if you leave to go to another LDS there is no divorce settlement and no Alimony. :wink:

    Leisure Pro has a 14 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

    The Bare wetsuits fit me best. Leisure pro has the best prices I've seen on Bare wetsuits!!

    Scuba is an equipment intensive sport. Equipment specific too! what works well for scuba may not work so well for other sports.

    Good luck, see you 'round the boards!!
  3. redacted

    redacted Guest

    They will accept returns (your expense) of unused items, so try it on & exchange if it is not right. I'm up on the other end of the chart & I found that chest, waist & hips were the regulating parameters. I suspect that you would do fine with a small but, as you 'age', the medium should work better. Plus it should give you a little more freedom for other water sports.
  4. JT2

    JT2 Contributor

    I can't help you with the sizing issue, but I would like to advise against the Henderson Hyperstretch for other activities besides diving, such as skiing or tubing or any other high speed contact with water activity. The reason for this is that the Hyperstetch suits are not extremely durable and they scuff and tear pretty easily compared to regular neoprene suits. I have a Hyperstretch suit and I love it, it is very comfortable but not real tough.
  5. Garfish

    Garfish Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Washington, Pennsylvania usa
    Hello Luango:

    Hope the best luck to you. I can mention to you about Henderson wetsuits that i bought a 3mil gold core suit "henderson" from Leisure pro and had no problem with exchanging it plus also i found out they have the best deals on any suits they sell.

    As for 3 mil suit i have , i had to down size from a X large to a large and it fit me like a glove. The additional stretch they have really conforms to your body. So far i used it more than any other suit i own, and had no problems with the slick inside material or outside even. "jumpsuit"

    You won't go wrong with exchanging it with LP.

  6. youngjun

    youngjun Registered

    My wife could not fit into anything made by East Coast companies like Henderson or Harvey. She is 5'8.5" and 115lbs. She barely made it into a size 6 O'Neill which was barely tall and tight enough. But we just tried it this weekend and it worked! I hear Body Glove makes wetsuits for taller skinnier people although I have not confirmed that personally.
  7. youngjun

    youngjun Registered

    I'm trying to remember off the top of my head, but I believe companies like Bare and Xcel offer a size called Medium-Tall. I know Xcel offers sizes in general for hard to fit people. Also, you could always go custom like Atlan, Rubatex, Liquidfit. Min price there is about $300 or so. Good luck!
  8. MikeS

    MikeS Divemaster


    On the very top of my list of things I would buy from a LDS rather than on-line are things that require fit such as a mask or wetsuit. The fit of a wetsuit is critical! Do yourself a big favor and buy one from an LDS where you can try them on first. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours doing it. At a minimum try on the size above and below the size you think fits best. I also recommend trying several manufactures, as they all seem to cut suits differently.

  9. Stone

    Stone Solo Diver

    I own a Henderson 7/5 Goldcore and a 3 mil Hyperstrech. According to the Henderson Chart, I am almost an exact Medium (my weight is a little lower at 145 lbs). The Hyperstretch fits like a glove and is easy to put on. The 7 mil also fits like a glove but is a little hard to put on because it doesn't stretch nearly as much.

    If I had to characterize the suit sizing, I would say the medium is sized to fit the lower range and just gets snugger as you approach the higher end of the range.

    I agree with JT2's comment about the durability of the Hyperstrech. Even the hook side of velcro can fuzz up the Hyperstrech (although it appears to be strictly cosmetic),
  10. Luango

    Luango Registered

    Good to know about the durability, I might have to reconsider getting the Hyperstretch for out of water use.

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