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SP Twin Jet-Atomics Splits...

Discussion in 'Fins, Masks and Snorkels' started by Lisa M, May 5, 2002.

  1. Lisa M

    Lisa M Angel Fish

    I have been agonizing over ScubaPro's Twin Jets and Atomic's Split Fins...I don't have any place to go to try them both to compare.

    Has anyone seen or better yet even. tried the two? I would *really* appreciate hearing your experiences to know which you prefer and why.

    Thank you so much!:wink:
  2. LilmanHSU

    LilmanHSU Nassau Grouper

    Personally.. I never have used the Atomics.. But I own a pair of the Twin Jets.

    They are fantastic.. I used to always get cramps.. Now I can easily manuver in almost every direction in the water.

    Its great.. The blades themselves are shorting making them easier to handle and take up less room in your bag.

    See if your LDS will let you try out a pair in their pool, or find a friend who can loan you some splits to try out.. Thats how I found out if I liked them or not.
  3. wch

    wch Nassau Grouper

  4. Rick L

    Rick L Manta Ray

    # of Dives:
    Location: merrimac mass. USA
    I tryed the twin jets and the atomic splits .
    I liked and now own the atomics :)
    I liked the performance of the atomics a lot more!!
    I did not like the buckles on the twin jets either.
    My 2 cents Rick L.
  5. Jim Riz

    Jim Riz Angel Fish

    Lets see....I have dove the atomics......and the SP TJ Blacks....I also own Mares Avanti Quattro's.....and Volos.....Like the volos for ease of use...(don't feel like you are wearing anything.....the avanti's allow for greater maneuverability...but alot more on the legs....the atomics are good but like the volos couldn't handle a load....when it cane to a full goodie bag....double steels and a canister.......my vote was for the SP's...which I bought....have now dove with for 6 dives.....and am totally sold.....faster...more maneuverable....and not much on the legs....i have heard that the Sp twin jet composits are not as effective as the blacks......so my vote is for the SP Blacks....then the volos.....avanti's...finally the atomics....just my $.02
  6. wheezy

    wheezy Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Seal Beach, CA
    I went out and bought SP black's last September... used them for several months... until I tried the Atomics...

    1. Both are very efficient... Atomics are capable of producing more power for any kind of technical diving because they are a tad stiffer and longer...

    2. Even though they are longer and stiffer, for cruizing, a very soft kick is all that is needed making them ideal for a wide array of conditions.

    3. BUCKLES... can't beat the Atomic Buckle system

    Only downside (unless you are like me and have a size 13 foot) is the foot pocket size which is REALLY big... that is the only complaint I've heard about the Atomics from some smaller divers.

    Good Luck :D

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