Sherwood AVID BCD Two (2) Simultaneous Catastrophic Plastic Tank Mount Failures.

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It sounds like there was a definite quality issue with their supplier of that plastic part for a few years, but that it was resolved about 5-6 years ago. I don't know what they were doing about it at the time, but the issue should be limited to that one generation of Avid (and maybe Luna?) and not to anything current.

Also, five years ago Cramer Decker was still half owner of the company and the distributor for half of the country. Sherwood is now owned solely by Diversco, who you might just find is more responsive than Cramer Decker was. I know I was asked to forward stuff like this on to them when I see it, which it did.

So my expectation is that they will offer something to the owner, whether or not it is enough to make them a happy camper is yet to be determined. But I would also not be surprised if they are more interested in taking care of an original purchaser than someone that picked one up used.
It was sad; aside from the money invested in buying it, I liked my old Avid. It had 2 tank cam bands, rear trim pockets so I could trim out fairly horizontally, the right BCD pocket had a little pocket on the outside just right for my Spyderco knife, and all in all, it was a good BCD...till the cam band fiasco.

I took the opportunity to switch to a BP/W setup, which thanks to ScubaBoard already appealed to me (since reading about defect issues with ScubaPro Hydros put me off that...otherwise I'd have one).

If Sherwood offers the customer something that's great, but it's a good time to rethink your BC options and decide if you want to make any changes (e.g.: jacket vs. BP/W, rear inflate BCD, Hydros, etc...).

Yeah, I know, as silver linings go seems like kind of a crappy one, but you never know...
I hope they stand behind their product; otherwise, why would anyone buy Sherwood again?

Not to mention the risk to diver safety.

I now will have to procure a new rig.

My Sherwood AVID BCD would have had a lot more dives in it, other then the plastic mount failures.

@JackD342 would my Avid bought new in September 2016 from Leisure Pro via Amazon avoided this issue?
Is there any way for me to tell?
The one I have still looks technically (visually) the same as the one they have on their website, apart from the colour/cosmetic design. (edit) They were still using the photo of mine up until this year, I think.

I no longer use it, but it would be nice to have peace of mind if I loan it out or decide to sell it, since it's in excellent condition.
I suppose it is possible Leisure Pro had something that old still in stock at the time. Can you find a tag with the serial number? Those tags often have other info such as Lot # and/or MM/YY of manufacture on them. Look in the pockets and in other cracks and crevices.
i had two Sherwood avids go belly i give the thumbs down to some of the other threads about this problem... good luck and dive safe.

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