Question Scuba Pro MK5 w/ 108 and 109?

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Northern Virginia
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So my Dad handed down is scuba kit that has not been used in my lifetime. There were some cool finds, at least cool to me. One of which is his reg set which I believe to be a MK5 with a 109 and 108. If any of you can confirm I’d be grateful.

I’d also like to get them in working order and dive them. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience rebuilding regs but would like to get some training at some point. (Would certainly come in handy with the other 15 regs my wife and I have between us.) It seems like it should be possible to source parts, even without VDH, but was hoping I could tap in to the collective knowledge of scuba board so I’m not starting from scratch sourcing soft parts and service kits. One of the exhaust tees is warped and cracked so I can only guess what the other parts I can’t see look like.
I did pressurize the reg set, albeit with a fair bit of concern that something may go boom, and surprisingly the IP locked up nicely at about 130. There was a slight free flow after the purge button was pressed on the 109 but all in all not too bad for something that hasn’t been serviced in 45+ years. Still not diving them until they’re properly serviced.

Thanks in advance!


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I think you hit the nail right on the head with ’76. The wing for the BC that came with it is red, white, and blue with ‘76 printed on both sides. It’s a special edition for the US bicentennial.

Just curious, what what did you see about the regs or setup that led you to arrive at that exact year?
I bought a MK5/109 in 1972. There was no second, backup regulator, they weren't being used yet. I did buy my first SPG with the regulator and quit relying on my J-valve, a significant advance.

My MK5 also had just 2 LP ports, like yours. I see yours has a multiport block to add additional LP ports to run both regs and the inflator hose. Looks like your console has an SPG in addition to depth gauge and compass. My 1972 Scubapro SPG only went to 3500 psi, plenty for my steel 72s
That first stage turret might not have a screw. It could be held in place with a C-clip. A screw is the better option. I believe that you have to replace the turret and the intermediate cylinder if you want the turret screw. That's what couv had me do with mine. eBay has lots of mkV's available for parts. Great regulators if rebuilt.

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