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Petition CDC to Lift Travel Advisory to Coz

Discussion in 'Good Causes, Petitions and Solicitations' started by CozumelAntonio, May 11, 2009.

  1. mstevens

    mstevens Toadfish. Splendid is implied but not guaranteed. ScubaBoard Supporter

    In general, I'd agree. However, I wasn't criticizing spelling so much as making the observation that I seriously doubt the poster actually knows much of anything about epidemiology based on my strong belief that out of all the words someone with such training might misspell, it certainly wouldn't be "contagious."

    Old Ichthys wants to sound as if she's making a reasoned argument, but actually is just making a thinly-disguised diatribe against those with HIV. Evidence for this is seen in her variable arguments (it's contagious like influenza but I know it takes intimate contact; people with it should be quarantined, but somehow without rounding them up).

    While she claims an understanding that she is at zero risk of contracting HIV/AIDS without intimate contact with a sufferer, she still complains about "the rights of the infected to walk among us." Since I can be surrounded by people with HIV/AIDS all day, every day without being at the slightest risk of contracting the virus, there should not be any problem with their walking among us.

    I conclude that she is not really interested in or knowledgeable about epidemiology, but rather wants all the fags locked up.

    What does this have to do with influenza H1N1 and Cozumel? It reflects how little many people actually understand about virology, infectious disease, and epidemiology while still believing that they know enough to make pronouncements about the proper course of action when faced with a contagious virus.
  2. Thalassamania

    Thalassamania Diving Polymath ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: On a large pile of smokin' A'a, the most isolated
    I have to agree with you, after all "IXΘYΣ" is a symbolism often used by the more rabid Christians who often think that HIV/AIDS is God's punishment for being gay. Hm ... do two "oftens" make a right (wing)?:D
  3. 1KWIK_69

    1KWIK_69 Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Still stuck in KC
    My point was it doesn't matter whether someone agrees or disagrees with her. Resorting to name calling or nit picking over spelling for whatever reason doesn't really have a place on here and it doesn't help one's argument. While I agree strongly that aids has become highly politicized when it shouldn't be, I still do not want to take sides on a scuba forum about it. I think it would be better to just not argue rather than being brought down to that level. We all have way better things we could be doing with our time than getting involved in sensless arguments over things we will never agree on. When two people's positions are that opposite, it's just a waste of time. She obviously won't change your opinion, and you won't change hers.

    How about we all go back to the threads on diving and talk about things we all DO agree on? :wink:

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