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Puerto Morelos Mexico
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2500 - 4999
Just found this:
Scuba Diving and Regulator Service Kits in Gidive Store

I do not know how reliable these guys are, but they sell some parts for I think pretty good prices.

Their kits look original as well, and there are other brands available as well. Not sure about shipping and reliability though.
I have "tried" them about twice:

I was digging after some Cressi Mc9 / Compact Xs service kits, and Apeks DST O2 clean kit.

The first time the cressi kits (what mattered) had gone out of stock after ordering -- they basically cancelled my order and payment
They refused to sell me the Apeks as I don't have an auth. service tech cert

the 2nd time round I went for the Cressi only and a few basic extras, came in (to germany) after about 10 days -- no complaints.

The website feels a bit off -- but they are legit.

Depends what brand you are seeking service kits for tho, you would want to choose your online shop.
EU shops ofcourse are very relaxed with selling you service kits in comparison to others.

consider these as well (I have bought parts/regs/kits from all of them):

Anything spcific you are looking for? maybe I can point you in the right direction (that I know of)
I tried them, I prefer scuba freaks in Germany. Guy is straight shooter and has great prices, shipping to USA is usually around $35
I recently bought two Tecline 6mm backplates from them

Also use Diveinn

and what about these guys

Yeah I’ve used this firm for Poseidon service kits (seen as most of the official service centres in the uk are useless)
I think they actually operate as a middleman sourcing parts from shops on some sort of list across Europe, always had good results myself.
and what about these guys

I'm still working with Scubagaskets to fine-tune some aspects of this regulator. Although it's listed for purchase, I'm not sure whether you'll be asked to wait, and get the version that Scubagaskets finally agrees upon after our revisions, or get the reg that is currently sold under a previous iteration as the Hot Dive T2.
For Mk10 piston lovers, the reg has lots to offer in 316SS, and the machining is extraordinarily well done. But give it another month while we tweak it. I think their enthusiasm for the new offering got a little ahead of their exacting standards.

On other fronts, Scubagaskets has made huge strides in supplying not just quality o-rings, but an increasing array of spare parts, and now some tools. They will become a great resource for European buyers, and their kits are great solutions for US divers stymied by the mfr lock on service kits. As far as I can tell, they're the ONLY supplier of a custom made double hook pick outside the US (Scubatools and Piranha). I can't live without mine.

And for all the Apeks fanbois, the prospect of their 316SS SGT3 should have you drooling, given the machining in the SGT2. I can't wait to get my hands on this reg, because despite their fanbase in the tech community, I'm underwhelmed with Apeks' execution of the DST/XTX50. Who wouldn't jump at a stainless "XTX50"?
I have made these dudes acutely aware of my confidence in their direction and future prosperousness
albeit with a couple of sentences on facebook


I wish you sir the absolute most in your liasing perhaps offer some drachma for a buy in, they are very
fortunate to have you in their pickle jar stable

Did you see I became an SB sponsor again it was that or fly over to be the boss's specimens-ablutions coordinator
ScubaBoard thanks you again for your support, @happy-diver !


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