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P-Valve plumbing Question

Discussion in 'Exposure Suits' started by Rainsey, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Rainsey

    Rainsey Registered

    Hi all,

    I have read just about every post in this forum and other forums on P-valves and condoms. I have chosen the valve I want, I have, through others mis adventures figured out how to apply and remove (without skin loss) the condom but, I am still out on the plumbing placement. :confused:

    I have a Pinnacle Evo trilaminate suit. I am putting in a Halcyon streamline balanced... why... becaused I am height impared and the Pinnacle knee pads almost comes up to my groin (slight exageration). The Halcyon appears to be the smallest thus can be placed where there is only a single layer of material on the leg. My wife got with her She-p pack a Si Tech, which is great as you can move the rotation of the valve, but the seal it uses is way too big for the placement on my suit. So, Halcyon it is.

    On looking at the Halcyon fitting instructions, once in it stays in, thus the direction of the barb from the valve cannot be changes so only one chance of getting it right.

    Furthermore, some of the sites I dive do not have facilites that you can quickly visit to get set up, thus a disconnect is being considered. Again, referencing the one my wife got with her She-P, this adds another inch and a half to the hose length. So to the question..

    1: With the condom on and the old fella pointing south, the Halcyon in with the connector pointing up, I have only about 2 inches from the end of the condom attachment and the P-Valve. Probably fine although not a lot of give without the disconnect. Impossible with the disconnect fitting.

    2: Condom on, old fella pointing still heading south, hose leaves condom, loops below valve but above knee and connects into valve.

    3: Condom on, old fella pointing up, valve pointing up with hose going over jocks curving over and down to valve.

    Considering though the dive with kicking, crawling though crevices and the likes, the suit will move about thus I would imagine there needs to be a bit of give, so I would think that option 1 above is out.

    Option 3 concerns me re kinking the hose over the jocks. which brings me to option 2 ??

    Before I puncture my suit I would lilke some feedback that already have them fitted as to their plumbing practices and pros and cons.

    Any feedback graciously appreciated.


  2. bronk

    bronk Registered

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Waukesha, WI
    I put mine thought he knee pad area of my TLS350. Above the double material, i was too close to my crotch and would lead to having the hose loop too large and off to the side. I was worried about kinking

    SO I placed it futher down where it would lead to a "natural" loop and not place extra pressure on the condom end and cause it to pinch off.

    So basically set the valve where the hose run feels right.

    Next mark the hole. Place a board in the leg to back up the punch. I used a sharpened piece of 3/4" copper pipe . I did not get a complete punch, but he balance was celaned up with an xacto knife.

    Smear aquaseal between the fabric layers (assuming the knee reinforcement is not glued down). I think it is best to keep all of the layers sealed around the hole. Next put the aquaseal on the valve per the instructions and install. Pay attention to how you route the hose to give a nice comfortable loop. Try it on while the aquaseal is still wet to make sure and allow a final chance at readjustment. Now take it off, clean up the excess and set aside to dry (with board back in the leg). I used laquer thinner (lightly) to clean off the excess. Test this carefully first.
    Works great. Still seems strange to pee underwater without the warm feeling.
  3. Scubi Do

    Scubi Do Registered


    Thanks for the info. To clarify though, what direction did you end up pointing your valve outlet? Is the loop at the top of your hose line (i.e. at the condom end) or at the valve end?

    I see haw you got around your knee pad... smart. Once the hole is punched, squirt some aquaseal in between the layers.


  4. DA Aquamaster

    DA Aquamaster Directional Toast ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: NC
    Larry Jr. has been very happy with number 3. Just keep a nice slow bend up over the waist band and back down south to the valve about mid thigh.
  5. NorthWoodsDiver

    NorthWoodsDiver Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Florida
    I did a bunch of reading and investigation before installing mine so here is what I learned:

    #1 you don't need to use aquaseal, but instead use silicone like you might find at home depot and it still seals but if you don't like the placement it can easily be removed and cleaned off and replaced with a different orientation.

    After 100+ dives (some in crazy conditions) the silicone is holding fine.

    #2 a quick disconnect with shut offs (check valve built into QD) on both ends are worth their weight in gold. Mcmaster sells them for like $6-8 for the fancy female end and like $3 or something for the male end. Buy extras and save on shipping. Get some extra hose too...

    #3 don't be afraid to punch holes and properly sew/reinforce the holes in your undergarments to make hose routing easier and more comfortable (ie kink free).

    #4 be generous with the length of hose so it can make large radius bends.

    #5 close the valve on the suit before unhooking and rinse the hose out between dives. Don't open the valve on land when gearing up, wait til your in the water especially if you forgot to rinse the think out from last weekend...

    #6 trim the condom cath tip to prevent kinking...

    #7 if your knee (front of your leg) is 12 o'clock and the back of your leg is 6 o'clock I would NOT advise placing the p-valve between 10 and 2 but more like 2 or 3 o'clock instead. I find that it catches on things when I climb into boats (small boats with little or no ladder) or on big rocks when doing a rough shore exit or on tight openings when penetrating things (caves, wrecks) underwater. If the valve was more on the inside of my leg it would be more shielded and not a snag hazard. Once you put a hole in the suit it's not easy to fix.

    #8 I played with placement and moved the p-valve (orientation) twice after the initial placement. Here is what I do: Johnson points south, hose (and/or johnson) runs through fly on under shorts and through fly on poly undergarment base layer then through hole cut in undergarment leg. Hose continues south before making turn back north to connect to p-valve fitting. The P-valve fitting thus pints south. Does this make sense??

    Let me know if you have any questions, I have a fusion suit and the H streamlined valve.
  6. Rainsey

    Rainsey Registered


    Sorry, did not realise my wife was logged in. :doh2: Wrong user replied


  7. Rainsey

    Rainsey Registered


    How you set yours up is as per option 3 in my post and the way that I was considering the set up.

    The silicon or Silastic is something I had not thought of and terrrific idea. The disconnects with shutoffs are also a great idea as the one that I have has no self shutoff.

    Thanks for the feedback
  8. BabyDuck

    BabyDuck Rebreather Pilot

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Winterville, NC
    rainsey, if you haven't placed your wife's valve yet, consider putting it on the right thigh instead of the left. that way, boy underwear flys will help hold the weenis in place.

    have her pm me or put up a note on the she-p thread if y'all have questions.

    ps - most all the guys i know go with option 3.
  9. Rainsey

    Rainsey Registered

    Baby Duck,

    Thanks for the info but alas.... the Si Tech is in and working on the left thigh. I think the reason why we put it there was so she could reach over with her domanant hand to work it. Twas my fist envevour with Aquaseal though and being a bit cold I think I put too much on but the rubber grommet ... but it is not going to fall off!

    Regardless, once all fitted up she is one happy wife!! You know what they say, if she is happy I am happy!:wink:Cheers

  10. Rainsey

    Rainsey Registered

    Fair dinkum, I am having a shocker today..... Make that option 2. I do not even know my own post!.



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