Newbie diver here - what do the options mean on the DGX BP/W?

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Newly certified as of a few weeks ago, have been out for several fun dives since. I'm hooked, so I'm looking into getting my own set of gear now. After reading a lot of older scubaboard threads, I think I've decided to get a DGX BP/W, as that seems like an affordable and decent option for a beginner. Can anyone walk me through (or just straight up recommend) which of the options I should be looking into for the the piece of kit? I'm specifically referring to this: DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing Package and it has several options that I don't really know enough to choose between. 1.5 inch or 2 inch crotch strap? Weight pockets (there are like a dozen types and sizes listed - no idea what any of the acronyms mean)? Tank straps/single tank adapter (I would have assumed that an STA wouldn't be needed, since I don't think you can dive doubles with this BP/W, but I don't know!)? Shoulder pads?

I'm assuming some of these decisions don't matter that much (shoulder pads, crotch strap width), but some are likely important (weight pockets, STA/tank straps). If it matters, I will be primarily diving Monterey (so cold water), in a wetsuit (not going dry yet). Using the rental gear the shop had, along with an AL tank, I had 26 lbs of lead on my most recent dives. I'm probably overweighted since I'm still a newbie, but maybe not by a ton - a more experienced diver I was with dove a similar set of kit with 22 lbs. As a result, I think I will be going with the steel backplate rather than AL, but the rest of the options I just don't know anything about.

Thank you all so much! Please let me know if I'm missing any relevant info here.
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For the simple part, I prefer the 1.5” crotch strap and no shoulder pads, stainless plate. You’ll need tank straps, I like an STA but it’s not necessary with that wing.

weight pockets are nice but hard to set up to work with a simple harness since you are going wet you’ll need a bit of lead so probably better to start off with a weight belt. You can take at least 5 lbs off of you weight because of the steel plate and you can remove how ever much float is inherent in whatever b/c you are using, likely 2 to 4 lbs.
Heavy exposure suits and weight. Get the 2" crotch strap, it will distribute any pressure better.

You need the tank straps. I'd skip the STA. The primary reason for one (for wings like this that doesn't require it) is to simplify swapping between singles and doubles or moving your straps from one plate to another. It moves the tank a little farther from you which is suboptimal, so I wouldn't bother with it since none of the above apply. However, I should note there are weighted STAs which might make sense if you want to simplify your weighting. But that will be a separate purchase.

Skip the shoulder pads. They only arguably make sense if you'll be walking long distances with a thin or no wetsuit.

I wouldn't get the weight pockets at this point. Except maybe a pair of cheap trim pockets for the upper tank band to aid in trimming you out. You can move them to the lower one if that turns out to be better. Put the rest on a weight belt for now. It makes it easier to handle everything to have the weight split. And if you ever have to remove your gear in the water, it will be much easier to keep everything under control.
I should ask where in CA will you be diving. We have regulars from both ends of the state who can advise based on local conditions.

Edit. Reading fail on my part. Monterey. @Eric Sedletzky @Brett Hatch (please feel free to add more)
Get the one piece Hog harness, 2” crotch strap, stainless plate, and I think it comes with 2 stainless buckle cam straps. Skip the weight pockets.
I just got that 30# donut wing for one of my rigs. It is the best thing going right now AFAIK.
NICE wing!
Use a steel tank, and get a rubber freediving weightbelt. If you’re using a 7mm wetsuit you’ll probably need anywhere from 16 to 20 lbs.? I know that’s a spread but without knowing your height weight body composition and type of 7mm suit it’s hard to say.
Thank you! I've just got the Hollis NeoTek 8/7/6mm Semidry (NEOTEK 8/7/6 V2 SEMI-DRY - Hollis), and I'm male, 5'10'', and 145#. I think I'll take the advice in the thread - 2" strap, steel plate, tank straps but skip the STA. I'll look into a good weight belt to accompany it. Any specific recommendations?
If you are handy, skip the 2-inch crotch strap and instead purchase a couple of 2-inch D-rings and metal tri glides, then go to a pick and pull and get some seatbelt webbing to use as a crotch strap .The seatbelt webbing is more supple and will be more will also wear less on your suit between your legs.

What Eric said but I use an STA as my wing does not have the stabilizers and it just helps keep the cylinder straight. I'm 6' 185# and with an aluminum neutral 80 I add 12# of lead, with a steel 80 8# of lead. Don't add all the padding you don't need it as you just have to add more lead to compensate. Steel plate for Monterey for sure.

Edit: For reference I use a similar suite to the one you are using.
Good to know, thanks. @Zef I am definitely not handy enough to be doing any of this DIY, at least not for my first set of kit, unfortunately. Maybe down the line!
Good to know, thanks. @Zef I am definitely not handy enough to be doing any of this DIY, at least not for my first set of kit, unfortunately. Maybe down the line!
I'd be happy to help you over video to set up whatever you buy.

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