Infuriating (to me) scuba scene in a car commercial

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As far as regulators mounted backwards are concerned, I remember diving in the Azores 2 years ago, with a British guy, BSAC certified, who mounted his first stage that way.

Seeing my surprise, he told me it was standard BSAC procedures. We dived only once together so I've never figured he was kidding or not. Has anybody here BSAC experience and can confirm or not ?
No it's not normal.

I was forced to configure my setup the 'wrong way round' because the hoses coming out of the 1st stage snagged the tank. On my first trip to Florida back in the early 80s, I had a 'helpful' crew member try to change things; I ended up getting free dives that day for fear I was going to sue the operator for interference. I had no such intention, I just laughed, the skipper jumped to the wrong conclusion.
In the male model’s defense, he is using an AIR2 so he’s marking his primary donate with a yellow hose for his partner.
If you just want to exercise by carrying tank on your back & wading ashore, you won’t need mask & fins. :p
Ahhh, not diving then, just out for a brisk stroll. Understood. I stand corrected. Perfectly dressed then, except for the Air2. They'll definitely, maybe die. At least there is no spare air or split fins.
Now you know how vets feel when they show anything military on TV or a movie. Thank me for my cervix
I just laugh. I biggest joke is bullets being stopped by a car door. I was taught to judge where the enemy would be behind a wall and shoot through it.

To top off this horrorshow, the tiny disclaimer at screen bottom reads, "Experienced people shown. Do not attempt." Pfffft. More like "These utterly clueless models are about to die horribly. Do not attempt."

That is reason they look so serious. They know they are going to die. If they were real divers, they would have a big smile on their faces BECAUSE THEY GET TO GO DIVING
More like "These utterly clueless models are about to die horribly. Do not attempt."

LOL! Remember though a lot of creative licensing is taken with shooting scenes to create a visually appealing shot, even though it's a huge departure from reality - an easy example is how they remove the headrests from car seats for most in-car shots, esp when there's characters in the back seat (not talking car commercials - they might be one of the few exceptions since they can't afford to misrepresent their product).

For this shot, I imagine they lowered the tanks a bit to keep the character's heads prominent and de-cluttered the gear (spg etc) for a cleaner appearance.
The important thing is, no white males are shown and the woman looks strong and resolute.

I sincerely hope that you are able to get to a place mentally where this doesn't bother you so much.

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