How long a hose for your primary when using BCD inflator air second?

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Have you ever came across any dive operator using it than the conventional 2nd stage?

Air II is more expensive than traditional octos. Octos used in rental/training fleets are usually the bottom of the line, least expensive second stages out there. I have yet to see a dive center has AI dive computer in their training or rental fleet either but that doesn't mean AI dive computers are bad, inferior or to be avoided. I haven't seen too many dive centers use primary donate/long hose and back up on short hose with bungee either but, again, this doesn't mean that this configuration is inferior.

If it is as good as those claimed I should had seen it more often!

Perhaps you should go out more often and make more friends (after you tune down your attitude and chill out a bit).


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ScubaBoard Supporter
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Huge market? It is in your dream!

I see more weight integrated bc or AI computer than this inferior device which have been around since 1979!
Have you ever came across any dive operator using it than the conventional 2nd stage?
It was NOT allowed in Queensland at least 20yrs ago. Not sure about it nowadays.

Can you provide statistical evidence to support your observation?

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