High Mountain Diving at Hester Lake

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Well, here goes a request for some diving where only the very few have been. This is at Hester Lake. The lake is atop a high moungtain pass. In 1943 a B-24 crash into the lake and wasn't found until 1960. It was dove twice by the Airforce but has been untouched ever since. This will take some planning but it can be a doable dive. Any out there interested?
I forwarded this to a buddy mine. to see if he would be interested.

What is your training so far?
I have experience and I am certified diving at high altitudes. This is not a one man or woman show it will take a team of people to make this happen. Safety divers, Planning, and special equipment may be required. I would like to make a survey before the dive takes place. The depth of the lake, temperture, access, Local park permission, etc. The diving is one thing getting there is another. We will need pack animals to reach this area and probably stay 3 to 4 days. I would like to stay one week if possible. Research of the prior dives will be needed from the Park Service and Airforce. If we get there blessing we may even get help such as special permit to land an helicopter or money for survey of possible hazardous to the enivorment, etc. With the right resources and planning we might be written up in a positive light to help promote diving and rewrite history on this miltary plane crash. Now you know some more facts are you still interested?
I was unable figure out who mentioned the Hester Lake B-24. And it may have actually been the
nearby Huntington Lake B-24, which crashed while looking for the missing Hester Lake plane. I think
maybe it was Huntington Lake because I recollected it being relatively deep, and lots of trees,
and I don't think either of those fits Hester.

Do note how far Hester is from the nearest TRAIL, much less road.
Is anyone still trying to dive this site?????? What about the search and recovery of the T-33 that was lost? Only the canopy was foundand with all the little lakes in the Kings River area it is possible that the plane is in one....
im active duty navy, i am an (AME) Aviation Structural Mechanic (EGRESS) i make sure the pilots can get out when the plane becomes un-flyable..
I have experience (prior to NAVY) in wilderness outfitting in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. packing in and out of the Wilderness on horses.
I am also interested in aircraft recovery.
If anyone is interested in diving and would like company, please call..

Charles Snow
559 925 9131
559 381 2295
559 998 0443.
I am talking about the B-24 at Hestler Lake. It is located near the town of Lone Pine California. The trail head starts out of town up the mountain. From the trail after 4 - 6 miles you climb 2000 feet on rough loose shale rock. It is located in Kings National Park at Heslter Lake.
The B-24 at Huntington lake is in deep water surrounded by underwater trees. In the 1960's a private company slavaged some of the plane. It was drug through this under water forest of trees and it ripped the wings off. They did recover one or two of the engines. I investigated the site when in 80's Southern California Edison drained the lake down for intake repairs and maintenance. It was in the dead of winter from the shore you could see the tail and one of the props sticking out of the water. On the shore was one of the wings with one of the planes' tires still inflated and stuff all over the ground. The calbles they use to drag it were still attached. With the lake full it is about 100 feet down and no vis.
Pat Patterson
Is anyone still trying to dive this site?????? What about the search and recovery of the T-33 that was lost? Only the canopy was foundand with all the little lakes in the Kings River area it is possible that the plane is in one....

You got any more specifics on that T-33? Serial number? A copy
of the accident report?

Even if the canopy was found, the plane could be a LONG ways
away. I'm familar with a pair of F-86s that midaired over the
Santa Catalina Mountains just north of Tucson AZ and went out of
control. Both pilots ejected OK. One crashed more or less under
the point of collision, the ejection stablized the other one and it
crashed in New Mexico when it ran out of gas. Some rancher
stumbled across it a month later.

If you are interested in wreck chasing, Google "Pat Macha". He's
the man.
Just curious if anybody actually ended up making this trip? I read an article about the B-24 crash there and found this thread but doesn't look like the trip ever happened.

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