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So what did everyone think about the course materials that were used in the PADI DM class? I thought the Divemaster Text was pretty boring and not much there, but I thought the Encyclopedia was one of the best books I've read...maybe excepting the equipment, and the first chapter (what was it called? "The Underwater World")

Physics- I have no clue why they started this section with the Theory of relativity, but it was pretty good. I didn't learn much new after college level physics from being in the engineering school, but it was a good refresher.

Physiology- I thought this was great! I learned so much I didn't know, and so much I forgot (like the round window and the oval window stuff.) It was pretty long, but I thought this was worth the price of admission.

Ocean Ecosystems- I live in the midwest, so I would have liked to see the same explanations related more to lakes and rivers, but still very informative, and broad overview. It explained a lot that I've just partly understood until now.

BTW, does anyone know a good book on the ecology of freshwater ecosystems? Everything I've found when I've looked is either Greenpeace "Save our planet" stuff, or really more academic stuff.

I haven't gone through it all yet, but I read the physics section in the encyclopedia and it was pretty informative, especially since I haven't taken physics since I was years ago. It was all basically new to me.

I've skimmed the rest of it quickly and think it looks pretty darn good.
Divemaster Manual - Good overall read that touches lightly on most subjects, more detailed on supervising certified divers and expected. Good to go through it once and do the reviews, then do each section again for the exams where appropriate.

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving - This new 3rd edition is really nice. It's laid out well with nice color. The older ones were a bit more sterile. There's lots of good information in there without going granular like the Navy Manual or the NOAA Diving Manual. I like it and it would make a terrific gift for a fellow diver, or even a curious child.

Knowledge Workbook - BIG help studying for the exams. Unless you were a natural diving braniac I wouldn't attempt 4 of the exams without completing the workbook.

The Business of Diving - Not too bad...a general overview with some granularity. I wouldn't formulate a business plan using this book alone, but if you know nothing about the business, this is a good primer.

The Law and the Diving Professional - YAWN! A must read for risk management though.

Children and Diving - Haven't read it yet.

Decompression Theory, Dive Tables and Dive Computers - This used to be required reading but not anymore. It's a bit dated with regard to computers, but the theory and table info is still a good read. Used in combination with the instructions/workbook for the RDP and Wheel, it's a good study for the exam.

PADI Open Water Manual - What can you say? I'm glad "GO DIVE" is gone.

PADI Adventures in Diving - It's been so long since I took my AOW, this new one is not too bad with a general introduction, with some granularity, to the various specialties and common diving environments.

PADI Rescue Diver Manual - It's always good to re-read this one occasionally, especially before the rescue evals.

PADI Instructor Manual - New 2007 is on order and should arrive in a few days at my LDS. I have an older one but the last TB was 2nd qtr 2000. This, if you're going to work with students and move on to IDC/IE, is an essential addition to your library.

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