Database for Bali-Komodo Dive Sites including GPS info

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As stated in the title, if anyone has detail info any of dive sites in Bali (including Nusa Penida), Sumbawa (including Moyo, West-end of Sumbawa, Santoda, Bima, Sangeang and Banta) and Komodo, including GPS coordinates of entry location, particular time to dive it, etc., links to existing to such info, please post it here.

I dove in Bali and Komodo a few times, including Bali-Komodo on Mermaid1, Indonesia Liveaboards - Mermaid Liveaboards The trips were fantastic and always want to come back. The dives would be done pretty safely and enjoyable if you go with the local guides who are familiar with the sites. However, sometimes you won't get such option and when we enter the site we would miss it and / or get blown away by the current or had to fight with the current to get to the site, instead of drifting into it. That is where this database would be useful.

Various dive resorts and dive operators describe what you expect to see underwater and how to dive it, but do not mention where you should enter the water, in terms of GPS coordinates, except @clownfishsydney website: Michael McFadyen's Scuba Diving Web Site which I think it would be a good baseline for me to start gathering those entry point GPS. Here are what I have gathered so far. Feel free to correct them as I am not the "local guide" of the sites:

Dive #Site NameGPS-DMS CoordinatesRegion
1Manta Point8º 47’ 55.8" S, 115º 31’ 40.0" E*Nusa Penida
3Crystal Bay8º 42’ 55.6" S, 115º 27’ 22.2" ENusa Penida
4Gili Mimpang8º 31’ 34.4" S, 115º 34’ 32.8" EPadangbai
5Gili Topekong8º 31’ 57.4" S, 115º 35’ 03.3" EPadangbai
6Gili Biaha8º 30’ 31.3" S, 115º 36’ 52.2" EPadangbai
7Liberty Wreck8º 16’ 28.8" S, 115º 35’ 34.1" EPadangbai
8Drop-off8º 16’ 43.8" S, 115º 35’ 44.1" ETulamben
Note *DD Coordinates-8.798822, 115.527791
1 minute =1/60 degree
1 second =1/3600 degree

Dive #Site NameGPS-DMS CoordinatesRegion
1Angel Reef8º 13’ 49.1" S, 117º 28’ 32.0" EMoyo
2Little Angel8º 13’ 50.4" S, 117º 28’ 43.4" EMoyo
3Satonda Reef8º 07’ 16.6" S, 117º 44’ 48.0" ESatonda
4Sumbawa Wall8º 08’ 52.2" S, 117º 44’ 01.1" EW. Sumbawa
5Sumbawa Surprise8º 14’ 03.1" S, 117º 41’ 40.4" EW. Sumbawa
6Bonto Reef8º 12’ 36.1" S, 118º 59’ 58.1" ESangeang
7Tikno Reef8º 08’ 32.5" S, 119º 01’ 39.4" ESangeang
8Lighthouse Reef8º 07’ 43.3" S, 119º 04’ 09.4" ESangeang
9Hot Rocks8º 08’ 00.9" S, 117º 06’ 27.7" ESangeang
10Rollercoaster8º 23’ 33.0" S, 119º 16’ 31.0" EGili Banta
11K28º 24’ 12.3" S, 119º 16’ 35.8" EGili Banta

Dive #Site NameGPS CoordinatesRegion
1Big Nose8º 25’ 40.1" S, 119º 27’ 24.2" EN. Komodo
2Golden Passage8º 28’ 30.3" S, 119º 33’ 02.4" EGili Lawa Darat
3Shotgun8º 27’ 30.6" S, 119º 33’ 39.1" EGili Lawa Laut
4Crystal Rock8º 26’ 32.5" S, 119º 34’ 11.7" EGili Lawa Laut
5Castle Rock8º 25’ 50.6" S, 119º 33’ 36.5" EGili Lawa Laut
6Lighthouse Reef8º 26’ 22.3" S, 119º 34’ 51.3" EGili Lawa Laut
7Makasar Reef8º 32’ 06.5" S, 119º 36’ 07.7" ELintah Strait
8Batu Bolong8º 32’ 35.5" S, 119º 36’ 58.8" ELintah Strait
9Tatawa Kecil8º 31’ 47.4" S, 119º 37’ 41.3" ELintah Strait
10Tatawa Besar8º 30’ 39.1" S, 119º 38’ 46.4" EN. Lintah Strait
11Sebayur Kecil8º 30’ 35.8" S, 119º 42’ 01.8" ESebayur
12Wainilu8º 37’ 40.7" S, 119º 42’ 27.8" EN. Rinca
13Secret Garden8º 39’ 45.4" S, 119º 35’ 09.5" EPadar
14Padar Bay8º 41’ 06.8" S, 119º 34’ 00.0" EPadar
15Tiga Dara8º 41’ 10.3" S, 119º 34’ 25.3" EPadar
16Pillarsteen8º 41’ 35.8" S, 119º 34’ 13.3" EPadar
17Crinoid Wall8º 48’ 04.9" S, 119º 40’ 05.7" ENusa Kode
18Yellow Wall8º 48’ 09.3" S, 119º 40’ 24.4" ENusa Kode
19Cannibal Rock8º 47’ 26.3" S, 119º 40’ 18.8" ENusa Kode
20Boulders8º 47’ 27.3" S, 119º 39’ 32.3" ENusa Kode
21Torpedo Alley8º 46’ 34.9" S, 119º 39’ 27.3" ENusa Kode
22Manta Alley8º 44’ 09.7" S, 119º 24' 55.8" ES. Komodo
23Loh Sera8º 44’ 37.4" S, 119º 27' 25.4" ES. Komodo
24Pink Beach8º 36' 09.1" S, 119º 31' 08.8" EE. Komodo
Browsing YouTube about dive sites in Komodo, I came across to one of my favorite dive sites in Komodo, it’s called SHOTGUN, posted by Scuba Travel Views. Thanks to Googlle Earth, @clownfishsydney description of the site in his website and a few times of diving at the site, I was able to locate GPS location of entry point,

I’m still searching for the right time to enter it though. I remember about us waiting until incoming high tide? That was 8 years ago.

Another great dive briefing of my other favorite dove sites in Komodo called Makasar Reef by Jan from Scuba Travel Views:

Another great dive briefing of one of my favorite Komodo dive sites called Batu Bolong by Jan from Scuba Travel Views.

Another great dive briefing of one of my favorite dive sites in Komodo called Crystal Rock by Jan from Scuba Travel Views.

Another great dive briefing by Jan from Scuba Travel Views on Gili Biaha in Bali, known for Shark Cave diving. I have never been on this site, but it's on the list of dive sites that I plan to visit during my Bali-Komodo dive trip, 16 July to 6 August, 2022.

Back to Komodo for another great dive briefing of my other favorite dove sites in Komodo called Castle Rock by Jan from Scuba Travel Views:

Some other good references of Bali dive sites:
Shotgun can be done both ways!! What time to enter would depend on the skill level and desire of the divers. It can be a wild ride or a nice drift! Highly recommend navionics app if you don't already have it! You can record dive sites and other places of interest. I love it!
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