1. SubNeo

    Do You Dive With GPS?

    I was skimming Facebook and saw a post about a boat capsize, and the captain mentioned that if he had the gps coords of the crash site, he could attempt recovery dives to find lost equipment. It got me thinking; nowadays it seems like all of the new "smartwatch/diving computers" boast GPS...
  2. S

    For Sale Garmin Descent Mk1 - Black Titanium, Excellent condition, $650 (incl. shipping)

    Original Garmin Descent MK1 in Titanium Black Bezel (premium version) in fully functional condition. One of the best dive watches for both beginners and technical divers. The watch is working perfectly, and is in excellent condition. Slight scratches on the bezel but screen, buttons and plastic...
  3. Dan

    Database for Bali-Komodo Dive Sites including GPS info

    As stated in the title, if anyone has detail info any of dive sites in Bali (including Nusa Penida), Sumbawa (including Moyo, West-end of Sumbawa, Santoda, Bima, Sangeang and Banta) and Komodo, including GPS coordinates of entry location, particular time to dive it, etc., links to existing to...
  4. Oldbear

    iWatch GPS

    I will start out with what I want to use my iWatch 6 for...mark the location of a potentially new WWII ship wreck, a Higgins Landing Craft. I spotted the wreck a month ago on a DPV trip to another known WWII wreck. After looking at the the charts this one appears to not be charted. Our plan is...
  5. sonofzell

    Half moon caye coordinates?

    Greetings! I was lucky enough to spend Christmas day diving the Belizean reef! The two sites we visited were "The Playground" and "Mini Elbow".... I'm having a heck of a time finding coordinates for either. Does anyone have any suggestions or resources for mapping these spots...
  6. G

    For Sale SELLING - 1 Used, 1 Refurbished Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue VHF Radio w/GPS for Divers $800 OBO

    Hey scuba people! I'm selling two of the original Nautilus Lifeline's with GPS and VHF Radio. These were discontinued back in 2016 and replaced with a simple EPIRB style device EDIT: I've been informed this is an incorrect classification of the current model of Lifeline. The current model is a...
  7. S

    Looking for Thai dive site coordinates (GPS)

    Hello I'm an ex diveguide/instructor/videographer back in the UK retraining myself for a computer job. In the process I've been building a location based dive log app for the iOS platform - maybe android later, but not soon :( sorry Before I launch the app I'm hoping to bulk up my database of...
  8. gr8jab

    iX3m and GPS

    Hi all, I'm quite frustrated. As an engineer, I've tried to analyze all possible explanations before I call BS. Maybe others here can help. Situation Local DM and shop owner claims that his iX3m GPS works underwater. He claims it has pointed him back to the boat (which he previously marked...
  9. Deep adventures

    Accessories for safer diving

    Hi, here is a short video of the diving accesories that I never dive without, for safety and convenience reasons. Enjoy
  10. T

    KTi SA2G GPS Personal Location Beacon for diving

    I am considering purchasing a few of the aforementioned PLB's for a few trips I have planned around Indonesia, namely Komodo and Raja Ampat. I have toyed with Nautilus, however, an Australian tech diver friend of mine recommended I look into this particular unit. I was wondering if anyone here...
  11. Yulia

    Presenting RedWAVE, a ready and available underwater GPS system

    Hello everyone! We're Underwater Communication & Navigation Laboratory (UC&NL). We develop and manufacture a number of underwater wireless navigation & communication solutions. Let us tell you about our unique underwater navigation system RedWAVE. This system provides simultaneous positioning...
  12. K

    For Sale Nautilus Lifeline v2, Brand New In Box, Never Seen Water

    I am selling a brand new still in the box unit (although it did not come with a battery, I installed one which is said to last 5 years). It is the NEW model, recently updated. It has never been in contact with water, fresh or salt. It was bought as a gift but my family didn't realize I already...
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