Contemplating Dry Suit, Seal Question.

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Mendocino County
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500 - 999
In order of comfort, 1. Neoprene, 2. Silicone, 3. Latex. In order of toughness 1. Latex, 2 neoprene, 3. Silicone

with neoprene or latex you can choose them and glue to the suit, with silicone a ring system is what you need and once you have the ring system you can try each type and switch whenever you like, also you can carry spares.
I replaced an off the rack CF200 I bought like more than 20 years ago. I just had repairing it no longer worth while as suit material is worn out that get leaks. Replaced with custom to measure of same and found the way the warm neck collar is made now and with the ring for quick change seal works very well with a Pinnacle brand hood. The latex seal is fully covered by tucking in the hood flap in to the warm neck collar. The material for collar is thinner and more flexible. I also have like twice the amount of space for the hood flap to tuck fully in. The only thing that I am doing is using the old suspenders with the new suit. There are new style buckles on the straps now that are thick plastic snaps that press uncomfortably when in shallow waters. You know, when you can't pump much air into suit. I have 28 lbs and am not going to add any more. The power inflator inside the suit is also a problem too, but that I have to leave as is. I guess it was that I have usually done surface swim when necessary on my back. Often looking around to see what's around. Snorkel use if swimming the surface, but uncomfortable on my neck looking above surface waters. So sore from just this last time I was spending too much time face down surface swim. I'll say replacement of boots for my prior CF200 done when leak happened after long while of use, was a pita. Had about 4 months getting mfr to redo. I paid to have the repair done right. Then next to redo what was not right, I paid only shipping. One boot was with a crease by my big toe and bloodied it pressing down. Excuses I heard plenty, use extra socks, but finally they redid the work right. Thought I would never buy from them again. I am happy to have bought again from them, but only if that service is an isolated incident like the shop said that took the custom order recently, I can only hope so.


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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I'm a Fish!
Mostly just concerned that I might find it super irritating. I want to find a LDS that will let me take a dip in a pool and see if I can tolerate it. Dont know if one type of seal would be less constrictive/restrictive than others.
As with most things, the neck seal takes some getting used to. My issue was, I hate thing around my wrist. I always use neoprene; they are stronger and have always worked well for me. The neoprene neck seal is easily adjusted. Trim an 1/8 - 1/4" at a time try it out then adjust it again, if necessary. Understand, you will always know it is there, and in order to do its job, it has to be snug. But it should also not be so tight as to strangle you. When I got my neoprene neck seals, Latex seals were new, and not very strong, and silicone was not even available.

Besides... since you are a Redskins/Commanders fan, nothing should bother you.... 😊😎

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