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Beginner looking for advice for new gear and dive buddy

Discussion in 'Australia' started by babycover, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. babycover

    babycover Registered

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    that's really helpful mate. thank you very much for all the infor. and yes i did get in touch with Chriso from Divetub. isnt Dive tub & Dive import are the same?? ( i saw they logo on the website). I will check out All about Scuba. Have you heard a facebook page called Used Scuba equipment. that's a alright page too

    I couldn't find the page you mention. do you mind give me the link?
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2015
  2. ozzydamo

    ozzydamo Scuba Instructor

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Hi Baby,
    If I was starting out and knew what I know now this is what I would buy.

    1- TUSA https://www.scubadoctor.com.au/dive...d=3562&zenid=7d973cfc9f73cab2e5e7cadfa51d8424
    2-Oceanic VEO 1.0 AIR/NITROX Wrist Dive Computer Oceanic VEO 1.0 AIR/NITROX Wrist Dive Computer 04.3005.36

    3- zeagle-express-tech Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD with Zip Touch Weight System 7709WK-DLX
    4- Poseidon One Suit Sport, 5mm Poseidon One Suit Sport, 5mm - Suits - Diving Gear - Black Belt Divers
    if its extra cold put on a lavacore underneath- Lavacore by Oceanic Women's Full Suit then you good for both warm or cold.
    5- regulator and tank. I dare say this is more important then your mask! Always service your regulator to manufacturers requirements or if there is an issue Apeks XTX 50- get din and use a convertor for hire tanks(al80's) most tanks are din, with a screw in a-type o-ring seat, Din is more compact on the tank. http://diveimportsaustralia.com.au/apeks-xtx-50/
    Hire a tank until you know what your up for.....but it most likely will be a faber 10.5lt for you.

    Be loyal to your own wallet- make a list of these items and tender them out to all the suppliers you can, yes! being local is a benefit if you are prone to breaking things(make sure you try on the wetsuits for fit first)- but really Australia is terrible for price and service, we are literally the buttend of the market scale wise and we have lots of regulatory distribution problems(patent laws) making it even more expensive.

    Fins- full foot is less worries for a newb- but these come in both, booties cost extra! http://www.leisurepro.com/p-mrsfasc/mares-avanti-super-channel-full-foot-fins

    safe diving and have fun!
  3. soneth

    soneth New

    If you are planning on diving regularly then fork out the money and get good gear. I would also recommend Halcyon, I have a single and twin setup and they are tough as nails and will never fail you. Like most things in life you get what you pay for. Its important to remember that scuba equipment is life saving equipment, do you really want the cheapest stuff when 30m under?
    BC as said I would recommend Halcyon.
    Computer Suunto.
    Regs: Halcyon again or scuba pro, they are identical anyways, or Aqualung.

    Anyways, good luck.
  4. sleep

    sleep New

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Melbourne
    1. You can check out a Japanese brand called Gull, their diving masks are colorful and I love diving with - look for Gull Mantis-lv for prescription, or Vader if you wear contacts like I do

    2. other people on this thread have provided adequate info

    3. from what I know there're heaps of Japanese diving brands with colorful dive equipments but this is an area you will have to explored yourself as I ended up buying another black color bp/w - the Halcyon infinity which I won't recommended for you at this moment given your dive experience

    4. there is a brand called Bare and their wetsuits are by far the most flexible products I have ever tried, not sure whether they are available here as I travel between MEL and Hong Kong quite frequently and the price is more attractive.

    5. However, for regulators and BCDs I highly recommend you to buy locally - you may ask for a discount/price match with other dive shops. But the after-sale service is what you will need afterwards, so try to buy from LDS, we want lower costs but not eliminating the local industry here. Unless you are jumping into tec diving (55m+) all you will need is a basic set of BCD and regulators - I dive with rental gears from local dive shops quite a lot overseas as it can save me hassles from bringing them to and from home all the time, as long as they're reliable. It is not necessary to invest in expensive equipments at this stage. Instead, you can utilise the money to do more shore/boat dives locally, and invest in your own accessories such as reels, SMBs, and dive torches. You will need them anyway.

    Additionally, the sequence of your purchases should be modified, dive masks + fin + wetsuits should be what you're after first. Before BCD and Regs.

    For WETSUITS and BCDs, make sure you tried them first, different brands different models have different sizes and you won't want to regret for doing so - which I did, ended up having 3 sets of wetsuits and 2 BCDs.

    For fins, you may want to get a pair with dive boots on while diving given the popularity of shore diving and the additional warmth that gives you. Mare's Excel+ is a popular model recently, with different colors to choose.


    #having a colorful appearance is important - sooner or later you will come across buddies holding cameras underwater

    sleepy diver
  5. babycover

    babycover Registered

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    thanks guy for all the comments.
    i have decided and on my way to assembly my set.

    i bought a TUSA mask hoever have no decide to buy prescription lens yet ( 1 lens for 60$ , total 120 for both lens, a bit over price for me)
    i got a HOG regs set
    and on the way to purchase a HOG BP/W.

    i am still considering between wetsuit and dry suit. would be dry suit if i can afford it, any brand recommendation?
  6. Tbar

    Tbar Contributor

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Australia
    The one that fits:
    1) your body
    2) your expected diving (robustness),
    3) your budget.

    But to be specific have a look at the White Fusion range (http://www.aqualung.com/us/gear/drywear). They are robust and the lycra shell gives some flexibility with fit. My partners dives in one of these.

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