1. EANx

    Whale diving in Southern California?

    New to the area and wondering if swimming/diving with blue whales is a thing here in Southern California/San Diego? If so, any leads to who offers such trips? :shark1:
  2. Mermaid Footprint

    Mermaid Footprint

    Like a sounding whale, a sounding mermaid leaves a nice round spot of smooth water behind. Just a bit smaller!
  3. EVRachel

    Whale Shark Insanity in the Maldives

    Here's our latest trip report from liveaboard Emperor Explorer. It's Whale Shark Insanity in the Maldives! Video by Cruise Directors Gabriel & Maria, captured on the aft of the liveaboard.
  4. Divebooker.com

    US$2,550 OFF 2 weeks Antarctic Peninsula - Polar Circle Expedition from Ushuaia (Argentina)

    NEW Antarctic Peninsula - Polar Circle, Deep South Discovery and Whale Watching Voyage Departure/Return: Ushuaia (Argentina) Ortelius Vessel - specially built for ice navigation in the Polar Region. US$2,550 OFF 18 Mar - 31 Mar, 2019 Check details and availability-> Program Details...
  5. N

    Shark and whale diving in Baja

    I've been reading a lot on the net (web + operators ) about there being tons of whale sharks now, and that this is the season to watch them. I'm not sure how authentic the information is; can somebody please give me a realistic picture of what the situation is? Also looking for good dive spots...
  6. Divebooker.com

    Whales at Silver Bank! 500 USD OFF 1 male share space on Jan 27 - Feb 03, 2018

    Silver Bank Turks and Caicos Aggressor II [822]=1']Jan 27 - Feb 03, 2018 500 USD OFF 1 male share space in twin cabin [822]=1']More info & Book-->
  7. Cprowler

    Dive of a Lifetime!!! - Not click bait, check it out!

    I still can't believe this actually happened. Dove the back wall of Molokini off Maui and ran into a humpback that was getting cleaned by cleaner fish for 12 min then it breached right above us. I posted this in a different category but thought someone in here may be interested, sorry for the...
  8. FyshEye

    "Plan B" to Mexico

    I looking for a plan "B". I recently booked a freedive trip to Tonga that would put me on a photography tour to freedive with the Humpback Whales at the end of August, This was supposed to be my "50th" birthday trip to myself. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the trip due to a schedule conflict...
  9. Divebooker.com

    25% OFF Whales & Dolphins Cruise Sri Lanka in April 2017

    Sri Lanka Aggressor Dive the World Week in Sri Lanka 22 - 29 Apr 2017 25% OFF Whales & Dolphins Cruise (8 Days / 7 Nights) 2, 021 USD pp instead of 2, 695 USD pp Guests will have the opportunity to snorkel with up to thirteen species of whales and eight species of dolphins. Over the last 15...
  10. fish80

    Rangiroa, Fakarava and somewhere else?

    Hello, I will be going for 2 weeks to French Polynesia, and by reading this forum I have decided I am going to Rangiroa and Fakarava. I like pelagics and nice picture / video opportunties. I am going for scuba diving but I also really like snorkeling / freediving. Any reccomendation on where to...
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