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  1. BackscatterUW

    Info Introducing the Backscatter Color Filter System

    INTRODUCING THE BACKSCATTER COLOR FILTER SYSTEM GET CREATIVE FOR A WHOLE NEW LOOK Add a new dimension to your videos and photos with the Backscatter Color Filter System. The Backscatter Color Filter System is compatible with the Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1, Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Video...
  2. BackscatterUW

    Info Best Underwater Video Light – The Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Has You Covered

    BEST UNDERWATER VIDEO LIGHT - THE BACKSCATTER MACRO WIDE 4300 HAS YOU COVERED The Ultimate Compact Video Light for Macro, Wide, and Snooting The Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Video Light is the ultimate video light for any video or photo shooter. Its compact size is great for travel, it’s...
  3. L

    Closed Sony RX100 VII Camera + complete underwater macro/wide angle/video kit (camera used; rest new/tested once)

    Sony RX100 VII camera has been used lightly on dry land since purchase in early 2020. Edges of battery compartment have been nicked up, but this doesn't affect function. Comes with: 3 batteries and battery charger Compact case 3D-printed flash defuser Great aftermarket manual. Fantasea...
  4. breathein15

    Closed Light & Motion 3800 Sola Video x2

    Light & Motion Sola Video 3800 x2 - 2 lights in perfect condition, ball mounts, original soft bag, owners manual and charging cables. - sold as a set - shipping included if shipped within Lower 48 $600
  5. Divelog Jim

    For Sale Stella 2000 Underwater Video Lights (Never Used) -Light & Motion

    We have two Light & Motion Stella 2000 video lights. They are great bright lights! We will sell a single light package for $395 each or $750 for the pair. The original price for a single light package was $873.98 each.They have never been used because of the remote areas and small planes we...
  6. Divelog Jim

    For Sale Sola Video Lights 2500 & Extra Mounting Kits - Light & Motion

    These have been very reliable compact video lights. Original price: $439 each. Will take $125 each plus shipping or $200 for a pair plus shipping. We have 8 lights for sale and several extra mounting kits The fact that you can quickly change the intensity of the light makes it ideal for...
  7. aviator8

    Closed Scubalamp PV102 10,000 lumen video light - reduced

    I am selling my 10K lumen Scubalamp video light. This was the first video light I got when I got back into diving. I have since purchased other lights and this one is gathering dust so I am offering it up for sale. This light has a 16 LED bank for white lighting and 5 LED's for red and 5 for...
  8. BluewaterPhoto

    Underwater Lighting

    Is anyone having trouble on deciding which video lights to use? Check out this article on the top video lights for this year. It provides details on power, beam angle, and other key features, and should clear things up for you! Please feel free to shoot me a message with any technical questions...
  9. BluewaterPhoto

    Top Video Lights

    Is anyone having trouble on deciding which video lights to use? Check out this article on the top video lights for this year. It provides details on power, beam angle, and other key features, and should clear things up for you! The Best Underwater Video Lights
  10. aviator8

    Nautieye NE23 12K lumen video light review

    Now for a review of my favorite video light, the Nautieye NE23 12K lumen COB video light. I purchased one of these a few months go and paired it up with a 10K Scubalamp PV102 light I had. That did not work out well as I hoped because the color temperatures were different. I tried correcting...
  11. aviator8

    Nautieye NE22 Video/Focus/Spot Light review

    Now for a video light review! I have the Nautieye NE22 light for review today. This light is a multi function light that can be used as a video light, a snoot (not with a snoot attachment, just a focused beam), red, blue, or combined red and blue. Each selection can also be adjusted in light...
  12. 2ndjetty

    Video Tutorial: Lights vs Strobes

    Hi all, I just put together the video below to discuss Why You Need Lighting Underwater, including the pros and cons of shooting with Strobes (Flashes) and Video (Constant) Lights. Complete Tutorial Article: Hope this is useful and...
  13. Trena

    Lighting Eqt Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm planning to get the Oly TG6 and want to start with a smaller budget. I want to do a lot of macro images and video, some wide angle of course. I was planning on getting the Oly housing and the Backscatter M52 81 deg wide angle air lens. I'm thinking about the Kraken 5000+S for a...
  14. Kamran Shaikh

    Fantasea 3000 or Hydra 2500 WRU

    Recently my video light (tovatec 1000) flooded 2nd time and I m looking for new video lights for Tovatec-flex arms with YS mounts. I have selected two of the brands Fantasea 3000 and Hydra 2500 WRU Macro, based on availability and compatibility with my tray and arms. Both are of same price $399...
  15. JackConnick

    Gates GT14 14000 lumen video lights 1/3rd off - FREE Spare Battery!

    Gates GT14 Underwater Imaging Light 1/3rd off with a FREE Spare Battery! Advancing the frontier of underwater lighting, the Gates GT14 Underwater Video Light unites many practical features into a compact, travelable package. Up to 14,000 lumens of light into a wide, even 90° beam angle. A big...
  16. Kamaros

    Has anyone tried out the new Symbiosis SS-3?

    I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. Though the Symbiosis SS-3 is still in pre-order for a lot of shops, I know that there are a few out there in the wild right now. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only review of the SS-3 floating around the Internet, so I was wondering if...
  17. JulieInRevy

    Big Blue CB6500 + TG5

    Hi, just got a TG5 and the Olympus housing. And now for light. I’m looking at the Big Blue CB6500 and was hopping someone had actually used one and made a video. It looks bulky as well but the output fits in my budget. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks J
  18. M

    For Sale Kraken Hydra 3500 WSRU

    I used this light once in a swimming pool. It's practically brand new and works perfectly. Sells for $500 online at B&H or optical ocean sales. I'm selling for $300 email or text me. 7143259112
  19. Nick Skiadopoulos

    Sealife 4500 Pro - Opinion

    Hi Guys I'm a new comer to the underwater videography world and im looking at investing in 2 Sealife 4500's. Has anyone used them? regards Nick
  20. Marshmellow

    Wanted i-Torch Pro 6+ Video Light

    Looking for a i-Torch Pro 6+ to add to current Pro 6 for dual video lights. I realize there are brighter lights, but want to stay with same charger and battery set-up. Thank you
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