1. Keith Blair

    Family Diving Costs

    Good day to all. I'm looking for feedback from people who dive with their significant others and children. When I got certified a while back I remember it was expensive to get into scuba with classes, gear and such but once you were 'in', the actual diving part wasn't too bad. We weren't...
  2. AnnaShay94

    Hi from Myrtle Beach!

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna and I got certified last October with my fiancé Michael! We got certified partly on a charter boat at a wreck off the coast called The Sherman and partly at a rock quarry in Raleigh NC called Mystery Lake. The quarry was awesome! We can’t wait to go back. We took...
  3. Joseph Petersen

    Housing in Spring Country - North Florida

    Hello All, My name is Joseph Petersen. I have partnered up with Wayne Kinard from Amigos Diver Center in Fort White Florida. We have a new place to offer for your stays here in spring country. You can check it out on airbnb.com. Raintree Farms -House in Spring Country - Sleeps 5 - Houses...
  4. PoPo Diver

    Mermet Springs, IL Quarry Review

    Review Number 2!!!! I just (like 4 minutes ago) posted a review of the first site of my diving weekend, and here is number two. Mermet Springs located in Belknap, IL. It boasts the slogan of "Dive in First Class". It's claim to fame is it was a (mostly) full length Boeing 727 airliner...
  5. maudiver216

    Ocala FL freshwater recommendations?

    Hello all, Any recommendations for a freshwater dive site anywhere near Ocala? Preferably not a cave site. Thanks!
  6. aquacat8

    Could high mineral content affect my depth gauge?

    So I went freediving again today in Warm Mineral Springs, and it occurred to me that I wasn’t in seawater, and I wasn’t in normal freshwater. It’s very high mineral content, the highest of any spring in Florida. Could that affect my depth gauge? It felt effortless to go deeper, although I was...
  7. Burke Sanders

    Florida Diver

    Hello all, My name is Burke Sanders. I'm newish to the Tampa Bay Area but a long time diver. I'm joining the site today for a few reasons. My dive buddy isn't able to dive much anymore so I was hoping someone here might like to take his place. I'm looking to find someone or multiple someone's...
  8. LStewart

    North-ish FL recomendations?

    I/we are looking at going to Fl to dive Memorial w/e. We might make a 4 day weekend out of it. What would be the best options? Diving the springs- I'm thinking Ginnie, Blue Grotto, Troy and/or maybe Devil's Den? Or off-shore diving anywhere from Pensacola to Crystal River area? I didn't include...
  9. C

    For Sale 8+ Acres with Dive Cave for Sale - North Florida

    Completely unique property in the heart of "Spring Country". Just minutes from some of the best cave diving in the world and best of all - your own private cave! Property boasts an access down a 40' chimney to access clear, low flow system that has been marked. Amazing "Cathedral Room"...
  10. jepuskar

    For Sale ScubaPro Jetfins - Large with Spring Straps

    Hi, I am selling my ScubaPro JetFins - Size Large with spring straps. Used on 7 dives and no issues. Fins and straps are in excellent condition. $110.00 - I will pay for ground shipping to the lower 48. I accept paypal or cash if you live local and want to meet. Thanks, Jason
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