1. Scubafitravers

    Sold! Oceanic Delta 5 + eDX reg set, White, Yoke, SPG SWIV with boot, Like New $300

    Hi! I am selling my oceanic Delta 5 yoke reg setup, it has a white Delta 5 primary (braided hose), black secondary (braided hose), oceanic SWIV spg with a boot, and LPI hose. This is my spare so I have used it maybe 3 times, it's as close to new as it can be without actually being new! The only...
  2. S

    For Sale ScubaPro SPG

    Excellant condition used ScubaPro SPG for sale. The gauge is 2 1/2" diameter and 1" thick. It comes with the boot and high pressure hose. I just bought this gauge but was looking for a used 2" gauge, not a 2 1/2" gauge. $60 shipping to US included. Shawn
  3. R

    For Sale NIB 5000 PSI SPG's

    Four (4) of these are still available from a half-dozen purchased by a former dive shop owner for personal use. I'm using the other 2 and my friend doesn't need these anymore. Never used. $65 for 1 $60 ea. for 2/3 $50 ea. for 4 + shipping. -Rhino Because Rhinos are better in the water than...
  4. dive_blue

    Sold! Dive Rite SPG 2.5"

    Cosmetic wear on gauge but works perfectly. Hose in very good condition. $20 excluding shipping.
  5. Jason Bingham

    Closed Deep Six 2” SPG (PSI) (Reduced)

    Up for sale is a Deep Six 2” SPG (PSI), it is used but in great condition. Asking $30 shipped to any continental USA address. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. Snakekid97

    AI computer vs computer & mechanical spg

    Hi all, I've been working on getting my first set of gear. I've recently been looking into getting my spg and computer. I'm a bit budget constrained and was planning on getting something like a low cost spg with a used computer like a cressi leonardo, mares puck pro, aqualung i200, etc. I...
  7. Fishyhead

    Scubapro Pressure Gauge - disassemble?

    I have two black face and one white face 3500 psi Scubapro spg's with bezels that look like they can be unscrewed. Have any of you taken these apart? Aside from the spool, I'm guessing there's an o-ring between the glass and body that should be replaced. I'm pretty sure the black faced ones...
  8. FLDVR

    Wanted SPG's

    I'm looking for 3 or 4 used spg's to finish of a few regulator sets. Let me know if you have something useful!
  9. asher102

    Closed Brass and glass SPG

    I am looking for a SPG or two. Let me know what you have.
  10. Shafqat Ahmed

    Hypothetical - 2 AI transmitters instead of backup SPG?

    So this is purely hypothetical - I'm pretty happy with my single transmitter + mini SPG. I see some divers on SB prefer not to use a backup SPG, typically because they want fewer hoses, and I'm curious if using 2 transmitters on the same tank (ideally of different transmit frequencies) might be...
  11. divinh

    Sherwood Vision: Air Pressure Failure

    I bought a brand new Sherwood Vision. I've been diving with it daily for the last eight days with 20 dives. As I was doing my gas check for the 21st dive, the air pressure reading read 10 bar. Perhaps the tank didn't get a refill, so I switched over to another tank. Similar low pressure reading...
  12. Sphyrnidal

    Closed 2 Used Highland Thin-line SPGs PSI $40 Each

    They work great and haven't been used on many dives. Screen protectors are installed on them.
  13. Caleb Stout

    Wanted Sidemount reg set w/5 port DIN and SPG

    Please PM with photos and info to make this a speedy process. Interested in sets: Dive Rite D6 SM XTX50's But if you have others let me know.
  14. Budprop

    For Sale NIB: APEKS ATX50 and micro SPG - $525 shipped

    Great deal on a New In Box APEKS ATX50 with a New In Box APEKS micro SPG. Neither the Regulator nor the SPG have been in the water and they have never been registered so the warrantee is intact. They were purchased for a trip that never happened and have been sitting in the closet since...
  15. OliveDiver

    Cressi Mini Gauge (SPG) Depth Incorrect?

    Hi there, Writing to see if anybody has any advice about a problem we have with two Cressi mini gauge SPGs. Both are less than a year old, bought new. Used in Jamaica over December with no issues. Used in Hawaii this past April, and for some reason both of the SPGs were really off at the...
  16. D

    Wanted WTB spg

    Looking for 1.5 or 2” brass/steel spg with psi. Thanks
  17. Dive Right In Scuba 2

    For Sale USED HOG SPG with a hose

    USED HOG SPG with a hose Asking $85. Lightly used on the demo system. 2.5" HOG white face SPG with double braided 30" HP hose and 3.5" clip.
  18. Sphyrnidal

    Closed Hollis SPG BAR $55 (+ shipping if needed)

    I'm selling my Hollis SPG in BAR. It hasn't gotten much use at all and works perfectly. I'll be replacing it with a PSI gauge. It has a screen protector installed on it.
  19. divinh

    Breaking-In Equipment

    Over the last few months, I've been buying my own gear. Yesterday, I finally went to a LDS pool to test... 1. I bought a used Zeagle Scout, made around 1996. I had already tested the bladder with manual inflation and it holds air fine. When I connected it to a tank, it inflated by itself...
  20. D

    For Sale used but in nice condition metal and glass 1.5" SPG in BAR

    used but in nice condition metal and glass 1.5" SPG in BAR Not sure if its brass under the chrome I've never used it in the water, I just have it... $35 shipped
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