1. klspicoli

    SOLD!!! Catalina Aluminum80 Tanks(2) just got hydro/viz/fill PU Colorado

    Used. Just back from hydrostatic test and visual inspection. Full of air. Born on date 03/97 Hydro 11/21 Visual 11/21 Tank Brand: Catalina Aluminum 80 cubic feet Sherwood Yoke Tank Valves One tank is green, one tank is black. Local pick up in Colorado $125 each
  2. DiveHeart

    Old Dacor Gear...We Love It...Donate & Get A Donation letter...

    How do we repurpose old scuba gear??? let's be about scuba art to help those with disabilities...Imagine the possibilities...
  3. AhoyFed


    Due to losing my job from COVID, I have to sell some of my dive gear to make ends meet. For sale is a Sherwood Selpac Manifold. This manifold is great for double hose scuba divers, as you can use your double hose and a backup single hose on the same manifold. I used this manifold for several...
  4. R.Gabriel

    NEW Sherwood The Crux, any thoughts, opinion?

    Any thoughts, opinion? I've been looking for my first bcd for some time and I came across this new model from SHERWOOD, but besides the website itself I couldn't get any more detailed information or user opinion. I was buying the SP Hydro pro, but after I learned more about bcd's I ended up...
  5. Rand

    For Sale Apeks, Aqualung, Sherwood Regulators, DIN-yoke adptrs

    Selling the following items for a dive buddy who has gotten out of diving. Please PM me the item # you are interested in and your zip code for a shipping quote. See the additional listings in my signature for other dive gear for sale. #96 Aqualung Titan 1st/2nd stage (used excellent...
  6. Capt.813

    1st and 2nd stage ID

    Picked this up at a yard sale for $50 and couldn't pass up the deal. It also came with other dive equipment which I sold to a friend for what I paid. I was thinking about taking it to get serviced and keeping it as a spare, or giving it to my sister as she recently got certified. Any Ideas what...
  7. Rbelde

    For Sale Sherwood Wisdom 2 Computer

    This computer is in excellent condition. Serviced regularly every year. Has not been used since it was last serviced. Approximately 200 dives on this computer without issue. Selling because I now need a computer with larger, more easily readable numbers. This computer also comes with a...
  8. M

    Sherwood wisdom 4

    Has anyone owned the Wisdom 4 computer? I have an opportunity to buy one however i read somewhere that this computer has already been discontinued, not sure how accurate that is since i believe this is still a fairly new computer on the market.
  9. M

    Sherwood Wisdom 4

    Hello everyone! Has anyone here used the sherwood wisdom 4 anything significantly different from the 3? i read somewhere that this computer was discontinued? Not sure if that is accurate or not.
  10. divinh

    Sherwood Amphos Air Q's

    The manual says that the Amphos Air is good for 1 year or 300 dive hours. I'm assuming this means that if it's in watch mode, since it's always on, that even in "storage", it will use very little power and that there's still a lot dives to be had even if left dry for a year? The reason I ask...
  11. I

    Sherwood Wisdom 4 vs Oceanic Proplus 4.0 QD

    Looking at buying one of these two. Does anybody has experience with both? If so, can you share your views, pro vs cons. Also open to other recommendations in the same price range Thanks!
  12. JamesBon92007

    Bellevue Washers Source for Sherwood Magnum?

    Anyone have a source for some Bellevue washers to fit a Sherwood Magnum? The manual says it takes five but they all seem to have four. I found one source but it only wanted to ship to Australia. Thanks :)
  13. Grizz1288

    Sherwood Wisdom (1) PC Download Cable ???

    Hello, I have recently acquired a Sherwood wisdom (1) dive computer. I have been interested in downloading the dive data from the computer to my PC to analyze and create dive log data. I had been searching around and looking for a reasonably priced PC cable, $80-90 seems like the best anyone...
  14. sharkguy05

    For Sale Sherwood AX8xx BCD

    Hello all! I have a like brand new BCD for sale. It is the new sherwood AX8xx back inflate with a gemini integrated octopus. I used it on 2 dives and its not quite suited to what I am doing. Going back to a BP/W....My loss is your gain! Ask 650$
  15. divinh

    Sherwood Vision: Air Pressure Failure

    I bought a brand new Sherwood Vision. I've been diving with it daily for the last eight days with 20 dives. As I was doing my gas check for the 21st dive, the air pressure reading read 10 bar. Perhaps the tank didn't get a refill, so I switched over to another tank. Similar low pressure reading...
  16. JamesBon92007

    ebay Treasures

    I discovered this regulator on ebay while searching for some old gear that included a computer. Nobody else bid on it probably because of the way it was listed. The good news is that it came with a Beuchat Aladin Pro and Suunto Solution, both of which just needed a new battery and cleaning of...
  17. D

    SOLD!!! Sherwood Quick Release Scuba BCD Weight Pocket (CQR-3) , 8lb maximum

    ***PRICE DROP*** Sherwood Quick Release Scuba BCD Weight Pocket (CQR-3) , 8lb maximum 2 available $15 each plus shipping or both for $35 and shipping included Used. Both in like new condition
  18. divinh

    Sherwood Website - My Dive Gear

    I just registered my Vision dive computer and when I go to Profile->My Dive Gear, I can see 10 other people's registration. Is it just me or does this happen to everyone? And is registration really necessary if this detail doesn't seem to work? Does Sherwood stand by their products long after...
  19. divinh

    Matching Dive Computer Algorithms

    I have a Cressi Giotto. I also have a Sherwood Vision. I've read that the Giotto is more conservative than the Vision. I've also read that it's best to leave the dive computer's alone and not bother to try to "match" the algorithms, i.e. set them to have similar conservatism or liberalism. I...
  20. divinh

    Sherwood Vision Dive Computer $300 USD

    LeisurePro's Daily Deals for today is Sherwood's Vision dive computer for $300 USD. - air integrated console unit - 2D digital compass - four gas mixes - quick disconnect computer from reg - metric and imperial - user replaceable battery - USB cable It is listed as a Closeout item, which may...
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