1. Dutchman


    Condition: New with tags COLOR - Blue/Black size Large This suit is designed for those who enjoy all types of watersports and want the performance of a FULL-STRETCH suit BARE’s legendary fit S-FLEX FULL-STRETCH NEOPRENE is soft and comfortable and easy to get on and off. All thickness provide...
  2. Dutchman

    For Sale AquaLung Dimension Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator Black MD with Airsource 3

    Aqualung Dimension BCD SIZE MEDIUM Easy-to-access knife attachment points on the left lobe accommodate many of the Aqua Lung knives Features 4 stainless steel D-rings and 4 plastic D-rings (1 is located inside the left pocket) for all of your accessories Right shoulder pull dump provides an...
  3. Dutchman

    For Sale SeaLife Micro 3.0 + SL671 Sea Dragon 2500 UW Photo/Video Dive Light Kit

    Brand New, never used. Bought for a trip to Mexico while waiting for GoPro Hero 12 to arrive. Did not get to go on the trip. SeaLife Micro 3.0 Pro 2500 Camera & Light Set for Photography & Video Land & Sea Underwater Easiest Way to Immerse Yourself into World of Underwater Imaging Camera Cannot...
  4. Dutchman

    For Sale New-Aqua Lung Console, 2 Gauge

    2-gauge console includes a Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge, water temperature and writing slate. Designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, the pressure and depth gauge displays are designed with such features as a luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light. In addition, the 2-gauge...
  5. Advanced Scuba Diving Underwater Video Drysuit Dive with Two GoPro Camera Angles GoPro 10 vs GoPro 7

    Advanced Scuba Diving Underwater Video Drysuit Dive with Two GoPro Camera Angles GoPro 10 vs GoPro 7

    I dove with Anais with ‎@modsdrysuit who was visiting the PNW from Los Angeles. Follow Anais as Octopus_cowgirl on TikTok
  6. OrcaTorch-Amazon Seller

    Little Light is Nice and Bright! 😎

    Thanks to Andy Hawk for sharing his informative opinion about the Orcatorch D560 dive headlamp based on his real-life experience! " I really like the size of this light the most. For carrying multiple lights on the trip, this one seems like it will have some versatility, because it will be...
  7. banudemircioglu

    Razor 4 or XDeep 2.0 tec for women

    Hello ! I'm sidemount certified and only dive recreational for now. However, I want to buy my own sidemount gear and get tec certified to cave dive in the future. This is why I would prefer buying tec equipment even though it will be for later. I was thinking of getting the xdeep tec 2.0 bcd...
  8. Dutchman

    Sold! Shearwater Perdix AI / Reduced

    $800 OBO Includes shipping within USA Went to the Teric watch The computer was just rebuilt by the authorized service center “Dive-Tronix”, after a two year check up. They provide a 6 month warranty although Shearwater is excellent in their help. 1 test dive Replacement parts include: Window &...
  9. OrcaTorch

    Small Cheap But Powerful Dive Light for Freediving, Hunting Cray, and Lighting Up Underwater

    If you're serious about scuba diving, spearfishing, or freediving, you may need a torch with no drags, lightweight, and bright. OrcaTorch D520 will be your choice. Compared with other expensive and clunky lights, D520 is small and cheap and also has a very smooth hydrodynamic design with packing...
  10. OrcaTorch

    OrcaTorch Mechanical Rotary Switch Dive Lights, Which One Do You Like?

    Hello you guys, Some of you may know most of the OrcaTorch dive lights are the press button to turn on/off the light and change the modes. Do you know actually we also have some dive torches that offer the mechanical rotary switch? Tell us which one you like most in the comment :wink...
  11. OrcaTorch D580 with Mechanically Head Rotary Switch for Divers, Unboxing and Underwater Test

    OrcaTorch D580 with Mechanically Head Rotary Switch for Divers, Unboxing and Underwater Test

    OrcaTorch D580 is a professional underwater dive light with a max 530 lumens output. Mechanically head rotary switch offers high reliability underwater. The dive light runs 1*18650 rechargeable battery or 3*AAA batteries. It can be a recreational dive light and a great backup light for tech diving.
  12. OrcaTorch

    Today, a Fun Relaxed 1hr30 Dive with the D710

    It seems interesting, a small light for 1hr30 fun relaxed diving. 😎 The D710 features a maximum output of 3,000 lumens, making it one of the most powerful dive lights on the market. It also has a long battery life, so you can explore the depths without worrying about your light running out of...
  13. KAPTAN

    Info Fins Recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for a pallet but I am very undecided, can you help me? The models I found are below, you may have different suggestions. Also, some models have water inlet channels, some don't, what's the difference? I want to use it for scuba diving and normal swimming. Cressi Gara Modular...
  14. OrcaTorch

    Show Your OrcaTorch Dive Lights

    What dive lights do you use? Show us yours in the comments:wink::cool: Get your OrcaTorch at
  15. aquabluegreg

    Palau Siren New Moon Spawning - May 2025 - Save $500

    Palau Siren New Moon Spawning May 20-30, 2025 Save $500 - $5940 ppdo The 10 nights Special New moon spawning itinerary on Palau Siren offers guests something truly exceptional. Divers joining this cruise will have a chance to witness one of the most spectacular natural events on earth; the...
  16. adiverslife

    Bonaire Reef ID and Behavior

    Want to learn some reef identification and behavior for your next trip to the Caribbean? This video is for you! In this video we dive all around Bonaire's Marine park in the day and at night, filming reef behavior and identifying coral, fish, and reef creatures, and also some historical...
  17. Ryce

    Hello, big gearhead. Mostly do cold water dives and currently working on my dm

    Seems more active here than reddit!
  18. aquabluegreg

    Adelar Liveaboard - 40% OFF Lst Minute Dates - Indonesia

    Adelar Liveaboard - Indonesia 40% OFF Last Minute Dates Three Dates - Three Itineraries --> 19 March - 29 March 2023 (Bali - Maumere) Komodo and Beyond - Whale Sharks (10 nights) --> 14 April - 24 April 2023 (Bau Bau - Maumere) Cousteau's Nirvana (10 nights) --> 27th April - 07 May 2023...
  19. adiverslife

    YouTube short video - Bonaire Day Dreaming

    We recently put out this new short video on A Diver's Life. Enjoy.
  20. aquabluegreg

    Scubaspa Maldives Discounted Trips 2023

    Scubaspa Ying & Yang Maldives - Discounted Trips 2023 Last Minute Travel Now is your opportunity to book one of the Scubaspa trips in the Maldives at a great discount price. We have two options, Deep South itineraries and the Best of the Maldives itineraries. These last minute trips...
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