1. AnnaShay94

    Hi from Myrtle Beach!

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna and I got certified last October with my fiancé Michael! We got certified partly on a charter boat at a wreck off the coast called The Sherman and partly at a rock quarry in Raleigh NC called Mystery Lake. The quarry was awesome! We can’t wait to go back. We took...
  2. S

    Mystery Lake, Wendell, NC

    I've dove Mystery Lake four days this week. Conditions are still great! Water temp is 73 from surface to 85 feet at the airplane and the cars; dove wet 7mm + 3mm hood, was comfortable. Viz 10 - 20 ft, depending on where you are. We used dive lights below 60 feet, since there's not much ambient...
  3. Bearcat11

    Diving in Ohio/Lake Erie

    I will be in Ohio for a few weeks in July to visit family and would like to knock out a few dives while I'm there. The plan is to hit up one of the quarries in the area to do a refresher course with my buddy and get some bottom time in, then possibly do a shipwreck dive day in Lake Erie...
  4. R

    Getting permission to dive private quarry

    I live in landlocked North Alabama. The closest place to dive is a most two hours away, but there are several local inactive quarries that would make a great dive spot. I have associates that know the owners of a couple of the quarries and am thinking about approaching them for permission to...
  5. PoPo Diver

    Mermet Springs, IL Quarry Review

    Review Number 2!!!! I just (like 4 minutes ago) posted a review of the first site of my diving weekend, and here is number two. Mermet Springs located in Belknap, IL. It boasts the slogan of "Dive in First Class". It's claim to fame is it was a (mostly) full length Boeing 727 airliner...
  6. CMS

    Fishersville Quarry, VA: RFI

    Hi everyone - I've found various bits of information online (including old ScubaBoard posts) about diving at Fishersville Quarry (Augusta County), Virginia, but most or all of what I've read appears to be five years old, maybe older. Does anyone have any recent information on access or...
  7. Scuba Doobie Do

    Planning Dives

    I've done a variety of dives and I'm getting pretty comfortable now. I've greatly improved my SAC and bouyancy, though I have far to go. I have only been diving while on vacations, so my plan is to start quarry diving locally (Ohio) to hone my skills and learn new skills. Problem is, I've...
  8. rlskill1

    Gray Quarry: Johnson City TN

    Another quarry open for divers. Easy access off I-26 and I-81. Size about 2 acres. Training platforms Lots of fish. Max depth 65'-An old fire truck is sunk on the bottom. Current water temp is 68. Not much if any thermocline. Contact the managing dive shop: Smoky Mountain Divers in Gray, TN...

    Baltimore diver looking for dive buddies.

    After extensively trying to get my friends into scuba I have given up. I am looking for people in Maryland who want to meet up for quarry dives. I am trying to improve my skills before going on expensive vacations where I spend most of the time in the water relearning skills. With all the end of...
  10. Scubavic8824

    Calloway Underwater World

    Here are some new images from Philips Quarry located in Muncie Indiana. Enjoy my passion of photography.
  11. Z

    Looking For Dive Buddy/group

    Looking for a buddy or buddies to dive with at the fantasy lake quarry in rolesville any day on the week of March 28th (next week). I havent been in the water since last July and I have fairly low experience so I'm just trying to prepare myself for offshore dives this summer. Anyone is welcome...
  12. Philips Quarry

    Philips Quarry

    Here are some Fishies from Philips Quarry, Muncie Indiana. Calloway Productions, Calebcalloway.my-free.website
  13. Bluegill


    Here are some Fishies from Philips Quarry, Muncie Indiana.
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