1. Downmountain

    Twin tanks on Poseidon One?

    Hi all! Does anyone here use the Poseidon one harness and 50 wing for a twinset setup? How do you like it or why don’t you like it? Any thoughts to share?
  2. S

    Closed SOLD Poseidon New/Like New Xstream Deep and Cyklon 5000 Regulators

    *** PRICE DROP! Taking $50 off each reg set from original post. Prices are as listed. *** Selling all of my new/like new Poseidon regulators that I purchased last year. Selling all 1st/2nd stages together (not breaking up sets). These are great regs, I've just decided to go with a different...
  3. sudo4re

    Closed Poseidon Cyklon with 2960 1st stage. Lowered price!

    Up forsale is a freshly cleaned and serviced Poseidon Cyklon with a 2960 1st stage. Some minor cosmetic imperfections but breathe very well. Both stages were tuned to manufacturers specs and is ready to dive. Price is $160.00 shipped in the CONUS.
  4. Katie A

    Closed Poseidon Jetstream - Needs Servicing

    Poseidon Sweden Jetstream for sale. Needs full servicing - hasn't been used in years. First stage is din but comes with yoke adaptor. All yours for $200.00 including shipping. PayPal only, please.
  5. MattK911

    Help! Bauer Poseidon p320 block?

    I have a Bauer Poseidon p320 and am trying to give it an overhaul. Having trouble finding parts which I know is very common for these compressors. From the manuals I have it appears the block is a Bauer of some sort but I cannot find which one. I’m trying to find the model of Bauer compressor...
  6. MISFIT138

    Closed Poseidon Tech Lift Gravity Zero BCD

    Poseidon Tech Lift Gravity Zero BCD Sizes L/XL and M $75 each obo located in California
  7. Crystal Enterprise

    For Sale Bauer Poseidon P91 breathing air compressor

    Hello all, greetings of the day, here we got one more best compressor for sale this is Bauer poseidon p91 with 225 bar filling rate in full working condition with 440 v three phase motor, pictures attached herewith,we can share video on confirmation we have listed this compressor on ebay...
  8. S

    Wanted Poseidon Besea harness wing

    Looking to buy a used poseidon besea wing/harness, If you have one youre looking to get rid of im your guy. Thanks!
  9. DIRSussex

    Please help me to identify the model of a Poseidon First Stage & compatibility

    Hi, I've recently been given a pair of Poseidon regulators, one is a seperate first stage, the other a complete unit with a Cyclon second stage, SPG, schrader LP inflator hose and backup second stage. The regulator that's a complete kit was set to an IP of 13.5 bar. I have readjusted it to...
  10. JCope3

    New Poseidon Xstream (black) - an amateur review

    Ok so before I give you my opinion, I must first say that I'm not a seasoned veteran like a lot of people on here. In fact, I'm fairly new to the diving game, only about 2 years in. However, I dive pretty much weekly, if not more, and I have spent the summer getting certified and working as a...
  11. JCope3

    Looking for advice for tech regs to buy

    I've browsed the forum and have spent most of the day doing research (and I've done plenty in the past months too) and I'm still fairly undecided on what to do, so I'm turning to you all for advice... I'm a divemaster looking to make the jump to instructor and move to a more full-time situation...
  12. L

    Wanted Poseidon Jetstream/Xstream MK3 second and first stage.

    Looking to buy Poseidon Jetstream/Xstream MK3 second and first stage.
  13. Andyroam

    Closed Poseidon Mk VI for sale

    [sold]. Poseidon mk6 CCR ready to dive! Bought new in 2016, only used for 12 hours. Great little machine. Excellent condition. TECME Self packing scrubber canister. 2x 3L steel O2 and diluent cylinders 2 Recent O2 cells (exp. APR/MAY 2020). 2 Green and 1 Blue (45M/TRIMIX) batteries. Smart...
  14. M

    Closed Sold - Poseidon Regulators, Cyklon 3950 + 5000, Jetstream Octo

    Poseidon Cyklon 3950 1st Stage with 5000 2nd Stage - $180 - Sold Poseidon Jetstream Octo - $60 - Sold
  15. tmassey

    Suggestions for oil change for 6CFM Poseidon/Bauer compressor?

    It's spring, when a diver's thoughts turn to... compressor maintenance! :) I've got some questions, so I'll start separate threads for each. This one is abut changing the oil. I also have questions about filter cartridges, as well as startup/shutdown procedures. A bit about my compressor...
  16. BearCustoms

    For Sale Removed

  17. P

    Can I mix Poseidon and Mares?

    Hi guys, so I am starting to seriously dive in cold waters. So far I have used this setup: Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old Style). I went to ebay with the intention to check the market for a good second regulator set to be all set up. In the end I bought a complete Poseidon XStream set with 2...
  18. Engine173

    For Sale Poseidon Xstream 1st Stage Regulators, Regs from Poseidon MK6 Discovery, Parting out rebreather

    Poseidon xstream regs $350 eac From a MK6 rebreather, I'm parting it out, shoot me a message if there's anything specific you're look for, it was rarely used and the condition shows. The battery, charger and 2nd stage are not available. Mahalo.
  19. 688ClassRebreather

    Poseidon refillable canisters

    Here is the latest on the move to refillable sorb canisters in the Poseidon. As announced a few months ago, Poseidon and Molecular have reached the decision to stop producing the prepacked scrubber canisters for the Poseidon VI and Se7en. While the prepacked canisters will continue to be...
  20. D

    Closed SOLD Poseidon Doubles Set-Up

    Set-up Includes: 1x JetStream Second Stage 1x 3960 First Stage 1x Xstream Second Stage 1x Xstream First Stage 1x 1.5” Dive Rite Gauge 1x 8ft Rubber Hose 2x Hoses (drysuit, LP inflator) Regs used 98% fresh water - maybe 20 dives salt on each. Just serviced. In Excellent shape. Asking $1000...
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