1. Craig F

    SOLD!!! Turtle Smart TTL trigger Olympus-Panasonic

    Up for sale is a Turtle TTL flash trigger for Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This works with Inon, Sea & Sea, Ikelite strobes, among others, providing TTL and manual flash exposure. See Turtle's website for additional applications. The unit works fine, but will...
  2. jayceebutler

    For Sale 4/3 Fisheye Panasonic 8mm fisheye + Nauticam 4.33” Dome. Excellent Condition. $965 + shipping

    For Sale: 4/3 Panasonic 8mm fisheye + Nauticam 4.33” Dome. Excellent Condition. $965 + shipping Very nice compact fisheye package for MFT kits. Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3.5 Nauticam 4.33” dome port (36132) Lens is in excellent condition. Dome is in excellent condition, with a small...
  3. SeaWalker7

    SOLD!!! Nauticam Panasonic LX10 FULL setup NEW PRICE

    Nauticam NA-LX10 Underwater Housing, Dual Handle & Vacuum Package for Panasonic LX10 Nauticam NA-LX10 housing with tray. with still one year or warranty. *Vivid vacuum and pump system installed. *Panasonic Lumix lx10 Camera with 2 batteries and charger. with still 4 months of warranty...
  4. Andrey Savin

    For Sale 4.33" N85 port + Oly 8mm fisheye lens + extension + focus ring | for m4/3 WideAngle/CFWA

    DSC01940 by Andrey Savin posted Jan 22, 2020 at 1:00 PMF.I.T. 4.33'' Optical GLASS Dome Port for Nauticam/Sea&Sea DSLR Housing - full analogue of Nauticam Acrylic Fisheye dome port SKU # 36132, but only material - optical glass with a multilayer coating Price 319 US$ Model : PO-43GPNaDSLR...
  5. C

    For Sale Panasonic GH4 and two wide angle zoom lenses

    Panasonic GH4 camera shoots 4k video and excellent stills $350 Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm f4 rectilinear zoom lens with Nauticam zoom gear $375 Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f2.8 rectilinear zoom lens with Nauticam zoom gear $375 Considering reasonable offers on the entire package or components.
  6. C

    For Sale Four Thirds Gear for Sale

    For sale: Panasonic GH4 camera body. $400 Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm f4 lens with Nauticam gear $450 Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f2.8 lens with Nauticam gear $450 Zen DP 170 dome port that will accommodate both lenses. Slight scratches on bottom of lens shade, but the coated glass dome is perfect. $500...
  7. ScbaDude

    SOLD!!! Nauticam NA-LX10, Panasonic LX10 camera, Inon s-2000 strobes, Inon uwl-100 lens w/ dome and more

    *Nauticam NA-LX10 housing with tray, arms, and floats *Nauticam vacuum and pump system installed *Nauticam lcd screen magnifier *Inon s-2000 Strobes *Strobe fiber optic cables *an extra set of fiber optic cables for the Inon strobes *2 different diffusers for each strobe *Panasonic Lumix lx10...
  8. mobula

    SOLD!!! Easydive underwater housing Leo 3 Wi + Panasonic Lumix GH5 with Vlog

    For sale: Esaydive ( aluminum underwater housing Leo3 Wi. The housing works with a patended USB or WLan control system and can be used with varius cameras. A list is available on the manufacturers website. The offered housing is programmed for GH5 s/GH5. A GH5 body is also...
  9. buck3647

    Panasonic TS 7 nice Spent a week at San Salvador Bahamas testing the Panasonic TS 7 4K HD video. The future of photography will be in the very short future everything will be shot on video and stills taken off the video, strobes will become obsolete as well as those big bulky cameras...
  10. B

    For Sale WTB NAUTICAM LX10 Housing.

    Looking to buy a used Nauticam NA-LX10 housing, with or without the Panasonic LX10 camera. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  11. E

    Restoring Underwater Clarity

    Hi Divers, We would like to introduce a proven underwater video enhancer we called it "Clear Vision Cloud, CVC" that was developed by us with Panasonic R&D Center Singapore. Unlike other existing correction software on the market, the CVC was commercialized several years ago for used in our...
  12. jayceebutler

    SOLD!!! Panasonic LX10 + Nauticam Pro Package $1500

    Panasonic LX10 + Nauticam Pro Package $1500 Rated Best Advanced Compact Camera Best Underwater Cameras of 2018: Compacts & Mirrorless Cameras - Underwater Photography - Backscatter Excellent Condition. Panasonic LX10 Camera Nauticam Housing, Tray & Handles Vacuum valve and pump Nauticam...
  13. birddog999

    Wide angle lens for Lumix LX 10

    I've just ordered a pansonic lx 10 and ikelite housing. I would like to add a wet wide angle lens but the more I look and research the more confused I'm getting. I started just looking at the ikelite options but then looked further afield. The KRL 01 looked promising but then I've seen some...
  14. Gina Wieger

    For Sale: Panasonic Lumix 40m waterproof marine case

    For sale: Panasonic DMW-MCTZ30 Lumix 40m waterproof marine case for Panasonic DMC-ZS20 Lumix LEICA. $50.00
  15. similanaddict

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100

    Has anyone used this camera in an ikelite 6170.10 housing? How does it perform uw? Compared with Sony rx 100 ii or later?
  16. buck3647

    For Sale Panasonic Lumix ZS 20 and 19 with housings

    I have two refurbished Lumix cameras with housings $450 each. LumixHousing by buck3647 posted Jan 31, 2018 at 4:10 PMPanasonic Lumix ZS 20 with underwater housing by buck3647 posted Jan 31, 2018 at 4:10 PM
  17. Andrey Savin

    For Sale Nauticam housing NA-EM5II + camera + lens + port...

    Underwater housing Nauticam NA-EM5II # 17809 = $879 (with Flexitray handles #71311) Nauticam Vacuum Valve # 25057 = $99 (only together with boxing) Nauticam Shutter release # 25200 = $35 rubles (only together with boxing) Camera Olympus EM5 mark II body w/two extra batteries (only when buying a...
  18. R

    Want to Buy Panasonic G85 Underwater Housing

    Ikelite 200DLM/B Please PM me with price, location, and condition/time of use
  19. B

    Want to Buy Wanted : Nauticam for GH2 - NA-GH2

    Hi, I'm looking for an upgrade to my Oly 5050 which is still working fine but I recently got a 6D which relegated the beloved GH2 to non-use. I think it would be ideal for underwater use if I could only find a housing for it. thanks
  20. Spudgun

    Underwater Footage from LUMIX G80/85/81

    Shot in the Red Sea, this superb little camera did a great job inside an Ikelite housing with a dome port, an Olympus M. Zuiko 9-18mm lens and a red 'Magic Filter '. All ambiant light, no lights.
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