1. protey

    For Sale Sony RX100 V+Ikelite Housing+INON macro lens+Fantasea Big EyeII+INTOVA PX21+SL1600 led light

    Hello, this technique is for sale. I bought this kit in July 2018 for $2960. Used for only two diving safari in Egypt and Tenerife - 2018, several times in the pool, and one diving safari before 10 days ! Excellent condition, distinguishable from new. No functional remarks. 1. Sony...
  2. M

    Want to Buy Inon S2000 Strobe

    Hi, i am looking to buy a Inon S2000 strobe. if you have arms and fiber optic cable with it then that would be a plus. message me if you have one. Thanks
  3. Craig F

    SOLD!!! Turtle Smart TTL trigger Olympus-Panasonic

    Up for sale is a Turtle TTL flash trigger for Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This works with Inon, Sea & Sea, Ikelite strobes, among others, providing TTL and manual flash exposure. See Turtle's website for additional applications. The unit works fine, but will...
  4. _anak_pulau_

    Inon S-2000 vs Backscatter MF-1

    Greetings scuba friends! I'm looking to purchase my first strobe and can't decide which one of these to get. I mostly take close up pictures (not necessarily macro specifically) but worried that I would find myself not having sufficient lighting in say a frame with a shark or ray swimming...
  5. O

    For Sale Fibre Optic cables

    Hello, I'm selling 3 fibre optic cables 1m each diameter 300, with YS, Sea&sea plugs, never used. They can be used with Inon or Sea&Sea flashes or any flash that supports fibre optic, you can also use them with your nauticam housing as I do, but you need adapters to plug them. 20 euros +...
  6. I

    Olympus TG-5 and Inon AD wet lenses - adapters?

    Hi all, I need some advice, please. I have an Olympus TG-5, with the PT-58 housing. My buddy recently managed to score some free Inon wet lenses - UWL-105AD and UCL-165AD and gave them to me. I'm trying to figure out what adapter I need to get to use them with my camera housing. Could anyone...
  7. DevilEyeDog

    Inon Z330 and Snoot opinion please

    I am thinking of buying a Z330 but I'd like to use it for snoot. No, I can't afford Retra strobe. 1) Is the focus light on the Z330 strong enough to see with a snoot on it? (My YS-01 is not) 2) Does anyone know if the Bar10 or Retra Strobe for the Z330 are easy to take off and on during a...
  8. JackConnick

    For Sale Inon Z-330 Strobes (Pair) Like New, with mounts!

    Get the latest Inon z-330 strobes for less! Demos, used by myself on a couple of trips, Excellent new condition, with only very light abrasions on cases. Complete in original boxes with dome diffuser, manual, spare parts, even the Inon sticker! Powerful GN 33, fast recharge, optical or...
  9. soriold

    SOLD!!! $215 shipped (70% off!) INON UWL-S100 ZM80 wide conversion lens + dome lens unit

    70% off for this amazing INON UWL-S100 ZM80 wide conversion lens + dome lens unit. There is a small scratch on the dome lens but it does not show up in any pictures or impact performance in any way. Everything is in perfect working condition and will allow you to take amazing wide-angle photos...
  10. soriold

    SOLD!!! Canon G16 camera + Nauticam housing NA-G16 + Inon Wide Angle + Ultralight Tray + 3 spare batteries

    REDUCED WITH OVER 60% DISCOUNT!!! After much consideration I decided to sell my underwater camera setup since I simply have not been diving much anymore. This listing includes everything in the pictures and the "Components.pdf" file, as well as some additional o-rings and lubricants. Please...
  11. B

    For Sale Olympus OMD-EM5 II with 4" Dome - $2,750

    I'm selling my Olympus OMD-EM5 II with the following specs: 1 x Olympus OMD-EM5 II camera body 1 x Olympus PT-EP13 housing 1 x AOI 4" dome port 1 x Olympus 12-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R lens + zoom gear 1 x Olympus 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ lens + zoom gear 1 x PMLA-EP01 macro lens adapter 1 x Inon UCL 165...
  12. ScbaDude

    SOLD!!! Nauticam NA-LX10, Panasonic LX10 camera, Inon s-2000 strobes, Inon uwl-100 lens w/ dome and more

    *Nauticam NA-LX10 housing with tray, arms, and floats *Nauticam vacuum and pump system installed *Nauticam lcd screen magnifier *Inon s-2000 Strobes *Strobe fiber optic cables *an extra set of fiber optic cables for the Inon strobes *2 different diffusers for each strobe *Panasonic Lumix lx10...
  13. soriold

    SOLD!!! Canon G16 + Nauticam housing + two D1 strobes + wide angle lens + Ultralight arms/clamps + MUCH MORE

    Hello, After much consideration I decided to sell my entire underwater camera setup since I simply have not been diving much anymore. While you can see all included components listed below and in the attached file ("G16 - included components.pdf"), please note that this is a COMPLETE SETUP that...
  14. N

    UWL-H100 28M67 (Type1) + Acquapazza RX100M5 = No vignetting ??

    Hey Guys, I recently saw this on Acquapazza page, it said that there will have no vignetting with the UWL-H100 28M67 (Type1). But from Inon official home page, it suggested rx100 series shall be using the Type 2 for "MPK-URX100A" Wanna ask if any one is using the combination of UWL-H100 28M67...
  15. Interceptor121

    For Sale Inon Wet Lenses M67 AD LD mount all sorts plus accessories

    Cupboard clearing all wide and close up Inon lenses for all formats, plus lens holders for float and normal arms and mount converter If there is one part you don't see that you may need I may have it please get in touch List includes Inon UWL-100 with dome Inon UWL-H100 with hood Inon...
  16. M

    For Sale Inon UWL-100 28M67 (Type2)

    INON UWL-100 (Type2) Very good condition. Maximum angle of view 100.5° underwater for ultra wide shot and 158.35° on land for fish-eye shot. In addition to ultra wide angle of view, optical design of the UWL-100 allows closer focusing distance which benefits you when shooting wide macro image...
  17. unregistered19

    For Sale Nauticam Sony RX100 IV 4 full set with Camera / Inon S2000 strobe

    *SOLD* Hello everyone, Selling a full Nauticam set up for the Sony RX100 IV camera, with the camera itself. This full set includes the flex tray, the two handles, ball mount, view finder magnifier (this thing is a MUST HAVE), extended trigger, vacuum check valve and pump (in addition to the...
  18. hezishohat

    IKLITE DS-160 vs INON Z-330

    Hi I use Nikon D500 in Nauticam housing. (currently use fiber only) I had enough of Burned-out bulb in my Sea&Sea YS-D1 (Last time - in the first day in Socorro islands) I can get the Inon Z-330 and the Iklite DS-160 for the same price. Do you think that the bulky DS-160 have any...
  19. Tony Hepburn

    For Sale Cannon 5D Mark II & Aquatica Housing, Inon Z240

    This is a package price $3850 for all of these items: Canon 5D Mark II $750 Canon 40mm $200 Sigma 15mm Fisheye $250 Aquatica Housing $2200 6" Dome Port $325 8" Dome Port $545 AquaView Viewfinder $560 Port Extender $150 2 Inon Z240 Strobes & Sync Cords $350 each Zoom Gear, all clamps...
  20. A

    Want to Buy WTB Inon Z-240 type 4

    WTB Inon Z-240 type 4, please PM
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