1. I

    For Sale For Sale: Nauticam Rx100 Ii Underwater Camera Housing

    I have a used Nauticam Sony RX100 II camera housing I am looking to sell. I am looking for $500 + s/h or best offer. It's currently in storage so the earliest I can ship is late next week (I will also provide pictures at that time).
  2. AmyKB

    For Sale Collectable Dmc-lx3 Camera With Kastesa Housing

    Well loved Panasonic DMC-LX3 Camera and Unique Collectors Custom-Made Kastesa UHC-LD4 Underwater Housing. This set-up takes brilliant underwater photographs, especially if paired with my Inon Z-240 type 4 Strobe with Electrical Cable Sync Cord (also advertised on SCUBABOARD). The housing is a...
  3. protey

    For Sale Housing Isotta For Gopro Hero 4

    NEW Never used! Ensuring an excellent watertight seal until 100m. Original price 360€ Selling price: 270€ Only PayPal payment!
  4. tbuechner

    For Sale Panasonic Gf1 Digital Camera With Uw Housing

    SOLD Panasonic GF1 Micro Four Thirds Camer (interchangeable lenses, can use both Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds Lens) with underwater housing. · Panasonic 14-45mm zoom lens · Extra Battery · Battery Charger · 16GB SD card · Video Cable 10Bar GF1 Housings (double oring seals) ·...
  5. S

    Closed: New Hugyfot Housing For Canon 5dmkiii, Plus Port (sold)

    For sale is a brand new Hugyfot housing for the Canon 5d Mk iii, plus the FLP/K-6.606 Acrylic Flat Port. This system has only been taken out of the box so that I could photograph it. I won it, but I don't shoot with a Canon and am unable to use it. The system comes with the full warranty. Retail...
  6. Holloways

    For Sale Nauticam Housing for Panasonic Lumix DMC GX1 16.0 MP 4:3 camera

    Nauticam Housing for Panasonic. Lumix DMC GX1 16.0 MP 4:3 camera Rugged, machined aluminum housing for Panasonic 4:3, 16 MB camera for $700 USD. Camera (not included) can use a wide range of Panasonic and Olympus lens. This is a great option for intermediate UW photographers. The camera is...
  7. Randy R

    Housing for new canon G9X?

    Does anyone know if there will be a housing available for the new G9X? With most of the controls being touch screed controlled I'm not sure if u made the right choice. It looks like they (canon) have plans for a housing for the new G7X mk ll but I wanted to stay with the more compact size that...
  8. Kobrowisky

    For Sale SONY EX1 With Gates Housing

    I have a Sony Ex1 camera with a Gates housing and wide angle lens! Used maximum 20 times. Selling because i never use it. Bought new for $16000.00 Selling for $6500.00 Please only serious buyers. I will send photos if needed :)
  9. User353444

    For Sale Sea & Sea Housing + Sony RX100 + Extras (Optional YS-D2)

    Hello, I bought a Sony RX100 and Sea & Sea Housing Recently and I'm ready to make a bigger investment so I'm letting go of this sweet package. This housing fits the RX100 MKI and the RX100 MKII with included conversion kit. Right now it is setup for my RX100 MKI. Will only ship to US...
  10. Dean K

    For Sale Sea & Sea housing for Canon 5D MKii

    I'm selling used Sea & Sea MDXpro housing for Canon 5D MKii with vacuum tester installed by Housing Sentry. Asking $1000 with vacuum tester $1200 if you need Canon5D MKii $1000 MDX-PRO 5D Mark II | Digital SLR Camera Housings [MDX-series] | Digital SLR Camera Housings | Discontinued Products...
  11. The Whaleman

    For Sale SUBAL CD5 M2 Housing for Canon EOS 5D MkII with 180 finder, 5" dome port and extension ring.

    Subal CD5 M2 housing in very good working condition with GS 180 finder, 6" dome port and extension ring for using the Canon 16-35 mm F2.8 lens. I broke the dome port shade climbing on and off banca boats with outriggers, and have repaired and strengthened it with epoxy resin. There was a small...
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