gear care

  1. MaverickDiver94

    Scuba Gear protection

    I've posted a few question on here so far and I admit, most of the advise here has been very helpful. Figured I'd start a topic that may seem obvious or simple for most, but confusing for beginners like myself. Here are a few question that myself or I've heard students ask. Let me know your...
  2. SophiaaaaaX

    How to protect your camera

    I have lost my GoPro once in Thailand in a dive with a bit of rain and wind.... I blame the 1 dollar safety tether string(not safe at all apparently, it just broke) and I then lost 90% of the valuable footage I took during that trip. While it is a hard lesson to learn, I wonder how more...
  3. KristicallaT

    Dive boat staff = wet dust cap on Atomic Aquatics reg

    I have a practically brand new Atomic Aquatics Z2 reg set (which I'm still struggling to figure out the best way to clean anyway). On a recent trip there were several times when dive boat staff switched my reg over to a new tank before I had a chance to do it myself. The most egregious incident...
  4. NootFish

    How do you take care of your UW camera gear when the trip is done?

    I see a lot of posts about what to buy, how to use, but I would love to hear what people do with their gear in those long surface intervals between trips. What can we do to preserve and protect our expensive housings etc, to get the longest life out of them? How often do you service your...
  5. Ryan Neely

    Looking for Options to Dry Equipment

    I want to set up a wash and drying station for my kit in my bathtub. Washing is no problem, but when it comes to hanging to dry I'm concerned about weight. Finding the weight of dry gear is easy, but trying to find the weight of wet gear before needing to a drying rack has become problematic. We...
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