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    OrcaTorch 6TH Search For Atlantis Photo Contest

    Over the past 5 years, we received many photos from divers worldwide exploring Atlantis's mysteries. This year, we're back as promised! OrcaTorch 6th Search for Atlantis Photo Contest officially begins today. The contest is open to all diving enthusiasts and professionals around the world...
  2. How to Install ZJ18 Ball Joint Bracket to OrcaTorch D530V Dive Light?

    How to Install ZJ18 Ball Joint Bracket to OrcaTorch D530V Dive Light?

    OrcaTorch ZJ18 Ball joint bracket can be used to attach the light to your diving arms. It is suitable for torches diameters 23-27mm, like the D530V, D530, D710V, etc.
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    Happy Women's Day

  4. OrcaTorch

    Online Event -Show Your OrcaTorch

    Time is running out! Show your impressive moment, memory, or story between you and OrcaTorch lights!! Don't miss out on our exciting event! Choose 10 Lucky winners!! Join now for a chance to win one of the OrcaTorch torches and our OrcaTorch 10th Anniversary Commemorative Coin!! Just to...
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    Diving into the unknown with my trusty OrcaTorch Mazu TD01

    Explore the depths of the ocean as we illuminate the mysterious underwater world together. Dive into an adventure like never before! Learn more about Mazu TD01 - Mazu TD01
  6. Video to Show the Difference Between OrcaTorch D710 and D720

    Video to Show the Difference Between OrcaTorch D710 and D720

    In this video, you can see the difference between the OrcaTorch D710 popular scuba dive light, and the D720 long beam distance super focus light.
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    How to Get the Free Direct Charge Scuba Dive Light?

    Get ready for an exciting chance to win one of our cutting-edge DC710 USB Type-C Direct Charging Dive Lights! We're thrilled to announce our Boot Show Giveaway happening from January 12 to January 28, 2024. Feel free to drop by and visit us at Booth...
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    An Ideal Dive Light for Spearfishing

    Hey everyone, Some divers already used the OrcaTorch D550 dive light, and I must say, I'm impressed. The D550 is a compact and powerful dive light that's perfect for spearfishing and underwater hunting. Learn more here - OrcaTorch D550 One of the standout features of the D550 is its...
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    Working Day, Commercial Diving

    Diving Working Day, working with the OrcaTorch Mazu TD01 Dive Headlamp. This dive headlamp is a powerful and efficient tool for commercial diving, and it will be a huge help on the diving expedition. Video from Markos Trakas Learn more about the Mazu TD01 dive headlamp on Scuba.com- OrcaTorch...
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    Using the OrcaTorch D710V to Capture the Beauty

    " I tried and loved the D710V! It’s a very good choice for an amazing price to do underwater videos or pictures, I will recommend you get 2 if it’s possible it will give you a lot of choices to play with!! " --- From Gerardo Parot
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    OrcaTorch Wishes You A Merry Christmas

    :xmastree:🎅🤶Christmas time is here, and we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. Your trust and loyalty have been the driving force behind everything we do, and we are truly thankful for that. This Christmas, we extend our warmest wishes to you and...
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    OrcaTorch Christmas Giveaway

    Dear OrcaTorch fans, We are doing a giveaway on our official website, welcome to join us to win our DC710 USB Type-C direct charge New dive light. We will pick 2 lucky winners randomly and announce them in this post on Dec.25th, 2023. :cool: How to join? 1. Enter in OrcaTorch website -...
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    New Arrival, OrcaTorch DC710 USB-Type C Direct Charging Dive Light.

    Dear friends :cool: We are excited to introduce OrcaTorch new DC710 USB-Type C direct charging scuba dive light, which comes with a 1/4-inch threaded hole, and support installation with a handle bracket, allowing you to keep your hands free while diving underwater. If you're a scuba diver...
  14. J

    Canister advice

    I’m wondering which canister can be use for heating gear if I need it later, and primary light? Also which canister do you recommend that is bright? I don’t want to have to buy twice… also if possible something under $1700…. Hope it’s reasonable. Are the diverite good?
  15. J

    First light

    I’m looking to buy my first light, I’ve rented a couple to my lds. I’ve been disappointed with the kraken not bright enough. I mostly do wreck dives in the river(st Lawrence) and wreck diving. Also travel 1-2x a year. Which one do you recommend?! I’m in North America
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    Happy to see you guys at DEMA Show booth #1135

  17. OrcaTorch

    We are Waiting for You at the DEMA Show 2023!!

    Hey friends!! 😍 Exciting news!! We will be at the DEMA Show 2023 this month. Welcome to visit Booth number 1135 and test our new dive lights. Dates: November 14–17, 2023 Location: New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Halls H-J, 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130...
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    How Divers Around the World Are Celebrating Halloween?

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 👻🎃💀 How Divers Around the World Are Celebrating Halloween?🤿 Tell us about yours in the comments!! 😀
  19. B

    Sold! Light Monkey 9W LED Cannister Light - $200

    This Light Monkey 9W LED Cannister Light is in great condition. It functioned perfectly as my primary light for 55 technical wreck dives from 2014 - 2015. I've finally determined I'm no longer going to technical dive, and this light still has a ton of life in it. The light retailed for $530...
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    Giveaway | OrcaTorch D710 Dive Light!!

    🤙 :cool: OrcaTorch Website Monthly Giveaway Dear OrcaTorch fans, We are doing a giveaway on our official website, welcome to join us to win our D710 dive torch. We will pick the lucky winner randomly and announce it on this post and our website pop-up window message on Sep.26th, 2023. How to...
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