cobalt 2

  1. S

    Cobalt2: Lft/Up Doesn't Work - New Magnets Didn't Help

    Bought two Cobalt2 new in Aug 2017. 1 computer wouldn’t scroll left and occasionally up (slow to respond) out of the box (was 350 miles away from shop in OK). Dive shop said bring it back and he'd swap magnets. Due to family issues & moving to South Tx, computers have only been diving twice...
  2. A

    Atomic Cobalt 2 failurex2

    Well, after diving Oceanic computers (DataTrans 2) for well over a decade without any failure (except for the screens after ~500 dives). Our fantastic local dive shop recommended the Cobalt 2 which we purchased about 16 months ago. All dives last year, the computers performed well, and I really...
  3. Roughmagick

    Cobalt 2 Won’t Charge - Left it too long

    I’ve read you can remove the battery and sometimes it resets. When I plug in to charge nothing happens right now. Does anyone know how to do the battery removal/reset? I am using the AC adapter.
  4. Itspooge

    For Sale Atomic Cobalt 2

    Atomic Cobalt 2, Air integrated. Good condition. 1000 obo. Tampa Bay Area.
  5. TheChase

    Closed: Atomic Cobalt 2 computer - $680 + FREE shipping!

    Used Atomic Cobalt 2 scuba diving computer. This is the newest version. Very good condition! Was serviced by Atomic in October and is in perfect operational condition! Total Dives logged are just over 200. It is air integrated, works perfectly, and has no issues. Comes with original box...
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