carbon monoxide

  1. R

    Semi-DIY O2 and CO analyzer

    I'm convinced of the benefit of analyzing tanks for O2 percentage and presence of CO (carbon monoxide). I was a kickstarter supporter of Cootwo, and still think it was a great concept and form factor. I was unhappy with the lack (and tone) of support from Divenav in the past. On my last dive...
  2. jagfish

    "Nitrox" Incident - Full analysis

    Nitrox Incident Scuba Diving - Full Analysis As the final culmination of my scuba gasses series, this is my full analysis of this "nitrox" event. As many have noted, though this was posted originally as a nitrox incident, the nitrox itself was not the culprit, but there were many issues to...
  3. S

    Opinions on OxyCheq Expedition Carbon Monoxide analyzer?

    Anyone have opinions on the Expedition CO analyzer from OxyCheq? Expedition CO Analyzer w/ Alarm
  4. Robbyg

    New versions of Sensorcon CO Meters for 2020

    I got a great heads up by @tbone1004 that a cheaper alternative Carbon Monoxide meter was made by Sensorcon. They have several models that all seem to be good but for $20 more your really better off going with the "Inspector Industrial Pro". I was just about to buy it on Amazon when I decided...
  5. R

    Carbon Monoxide: Near Miss?

    Figured I would post about an incident involving Carbon Monoxide, for documentation and everyone else's benefit. This occurred last summer, but since this type of incident is apparently very rare, I am posting it; feel free to move if this is the wrong section. Last summer I went with some...
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