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Wing options and lift question for YBOD

Discussion in 'Rebreather Diving' started by DrMike, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. DrMike

    DrMike Nassau Grouper

    Is a dual wing really required? Is it a practical option to overinflate the counterlungs in an emergency at depth to establish bouyancy or is the increase in wob just too high?

    I am currently using a Diverite dual wing but would like to go back to the buddy wing if its possible.

    If its an option I weigh 72kg and normally carry a 11L bail AL tank and a 7L AL O2 bail tank on 95% of my dives, what buddy wing size will give sufficient lift. I think I have a medium wing - it has no markings on it other than the code no. N160, Serial no W16 2.... So Im guesig its a '16'? Anyone using this wing with this setup? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. BigJetDriver

    BigJetDriver Great White Rest in Peace ScubaBoard Supporter

    Dr. Mike,

    No, it is not a practical option to depend upon over-inflation of the counterlungs for bouyancy purposes. As soon as you fully inflate them you will find that, since you cannot put anymore gas volume into them, you will not be able to exhale.

    I am curious as to why you want to go back to a single-wing set-up. I personally went to the Dive Rite Superwings dual-bladder set-up to provide lift redundancy at depth. If there is a failure of one wing, I can easily shift to the other side and have full functionality.

    Perhaps, if your diving is restricted to shallower regimes, you do not need the extra inflator hose, etc? N'est pas?

    BJD :anakinpod
  3. DrMike

    DrMike Nassau Grouper

    I knew someone was going to ask me that! :D

    Basically Im trying to simplify and streamline my rig. With a FFM with OC/DSV Valve all plumbed in there is a shed load of hoses everywhere - the rig is too messy and bulky and the extra inlator hose and corrogated inflator hose is in the way - I cant find a neat clean place to put it that would make retrieval and use practical. Also I have heard horror stories about inflators failing (not sure if this is during operation only and if there is no risk to leave it connected???) so I dont connect the LP hose

    I just wanted to see what could possibly go - the dual bladder with extra inflator was one idea.

    If you over inflate your counterlungs wouldnt you still be able to exhale into the lungs, as your inhaling from them? Fixed volume and all that?
  4. DrMike

    DrMike Nassau Grouper

    In the past I never connected the 2nd LP inflator hose to the 2nd wing inflator valve (just leave it unconnected but nearby) as I had heard horror stories of uncontrolled ascents due to free flowing inflators. But thinking about it now I presume there is only a risk of free flowing inflator when the inflator is pressed and it sticks open? In its rest state the spring force is keeping it closed so no danger in leaving it connected right??

    I know I could put a flow stop on there but thats adding even more damn o-rings. The rigs got far too may IMO and far too many damn hoses thats a shed load of failure points that I would like to reduce if possible.

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