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What I Learned; and Re-Learned

Discussion in 'SB Fitness Challenge' started by ArcticDiver, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. ArcticDiver

    ArcticDiver Solo Diver

    Last March after a time of comparing my strength and fitness to others and deciding that I was doing OK I woke up. I realized it wasn't that I was doing so good; it was that most people were doing so bad. Then I remembered some years ago when I had no trouble at all running 10 or 12 miles just for the solitude and fun. I ate right and exercised right and kept my mind on focus. Somewhere that all slipped away. I was still above average fitness, but that, in today's world, isn't very good.

    So, I started a spinning class and polished off what I knew about eating. Over the summer I've cycled, or spun just about every day. Today I'm 23 pounds lighter, back in the same size jeans I wore in high school, cardio fitness immensely better, free weights are down a couple percent but reps are up. Blood pressure is down and mental attitude is way up. Wonderful!

    What have I learned, or re-learned?
    -The most important part of the body for fitness is the brain. Fitness is first and foremost a decision followed by the attitude to live right for the rest of your life.
    -Unfit people don't like to be around fit people. It must give them guilt feelings. Or, at least trigger their excuse gland.
    -Diet is a Dirty Word. Diet in our society means something a person does for a short time then goes back to "real life". Good eating isn't a short term thing.
    -Nutrition is a life long practice to eat right.
    -The longer the contents label on food the more likely it is to be killing you slowly.
    -Beware industrial food; most of the stuff in the supermarket. It is cheap up front. But, the poor health over the long haul isn't.
    -It is Good To Be Hungry. It keeps you in touch with your body and helps you eat for health, not emotion, including boredom.
    -All exercise is good. More exercise is better. Intense exercise is best.
    -Rest is important. When a body and mind are well rested they are happier and so is the person.
    -Almost all diet and exercise books are good for one thing; making money for their authors. They take advantage of the human desire for a short term "magic pill". Reality is that there aren't any magic pills. Us humans were made to work our brains and bodies.
    -There are lots of "tricks" to help a person get on track to being fit. None of them work unless the person has decided that The Fundamental Foundation of Life is being physically and mentally fit.
    -The basic rule is: Take Care Of Yourself First, Or You Won't Be Able To Take Care Of Anybody Else. Taking care of yourself first isn't self-indulgence. It is the action of a person who is a responsible member of society.

    I hope some folks will see this and say: "If that guy can do it so can I".
  2. TSandM

    TSandM Missed and loved by many. Rest in Peace

    Great post, AD. I especially like these lines:

  3. ArcticDiver

    ArcticDiver Solo Diver

    I was asked if I got fit again to live longer. My immediate answer was "No; not to live longer, but to live better". This same answer has been expressed in trite and not so trite terms by many people.

    The fact is that with some few exceptions none of us know how long we have to live. But, I firmly believe we have a lot of control over the quality of our life.

    Now my challenge is to not backslide.

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