What do you do with keys while shore diving on Bonaire?

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I was just curious what others do with their vehicle and room keys while shore diving on the island.

This last trip I tied both to a snap swivel, using cave line, so they could be clipped off securely. This worked very well, especially as the truck ignitions for rentals at Buddy Dive do not have electronic key fobs.


Last year we rented elsewhere, and those trucks required an electronic fob to start, a fob which obviously isn't a good thing to take diving!

I solved this by removing the small fob and hiding it inside truck dash, and diving with just the metal key, while my brother went one step further.

Dale found a way to put the fob inside the steering column shrouding, so all he had to do to start the truck was stick the regular key in the ignition.
I bought a little dry pouch at Buddy Dive's dive shop. The trip in question was one where I stayed at Buddy Dive Resort, and rented one of their trucks, but I noticed the key seemed to be developing a bit of rust as the week wore on, so I got the dry pouch to put a stop to that.

I have always just stuck the key (usually already rusty from previous divers doing this) in a BC pocket, though your swivel snap would be more secure. I have tried an Otter Box, but they inevitably leak as a result of flexure under pressure and/or grains of sand on the gasket. With the advent of the electronic fobs, I am concerned that the BC pocket method will no longer suffice. I think for my trip in a couple of months I am finally going to pony up for a proper waterproof canister, such as the one for the McMurdo PLB, and take along a cell phone to boot.
I clip the key ring into a plastic clip in my BC pocket that was apparently made for things like this. My wife stores them in a small OtterBox (like the one shown previously in this thread) along with a credit card and some cash for lunch etc. She's never had a problem with leakage, other than one time where cash was inadvertently pinched into the sealing area when she closed it.

We've never had a rental truck with electronic fob. Since we first heard about them appearing on-island we've made a point to inform rental companies that we won't accept a truck that requires a fob to be carried to the dive site and/or into the water. So far it hasn't been an issue because the rental companies we've used haven't had trucks with fobs.

FWIW we've never had (or seen) a rusty truck key on Bonaire or anywhere else. There's been no shortage of rusty key rings, seat springs, and tailgates though. To the best of my knowledge all traditional keys are cut from nickel-plated brass specifically to prevent corrosion and magnetism characteristics associated with ferrous metals.
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I have used the same one for the past decade. I think what makes it continue to function is that I lube the o-ring once a year and it's very thin dimensionally (3/4") so the pressure can't get to it as much as some of their sunglass/phone cases. A key ring with a plastic tag on it often has to be dis-assembled during my trip. Single key, credit card, c-card (I don't only shore dive on Bonaire) and $20 all fit. I use it in place of a wallet most dive locations on dive days. Hard to lose when it's around your neck.

Fyi, there's at least 1/2 dozen threads on this topic scattered around SB. At least one more in this forum that I've replied to.
I use a Otter Box 1000, I have many dives with it and have had it to 140ft and never had a drop of water in it. I keep my keys and some cash in it.
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That one has proven leaky for me on Bonaire dives. Others have suggested that the leaks are caused by grains of sand or other contaminants on the o-ring. That might be true.

To the OP: As others have pointed out, there are lots of previous threads on this:







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