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VR3 Setpoints or Live

Discussion in 'Rebreather Diving' started by Rickoz, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Rickoz

    Rickoz Nassau Grouper

    Hi all

    Do you guys & gals dive using set points or is your vr3 pluged in.

    Please tell me / us how you dive using your VR3 with CCR breather & why you chose to dive this way.

    Reason is I'll be getting a KISS (soon as i send the forms in :)
    But I'll need to send my VR3 back to the UK to get the plug/ccr converted ect.. to dive it live so to speek, now this will co$t a bit to do from good old OZ or I just could get a new pin over the net to convert it to ccr & dive it using set points.

    Not sure if this will increase the taskloading using setpoints or not,
    so as it sez below no net divers for this one please just real divers

    Ta for any info you give again

    You still on Ness :rose:
  2. gbmay

    gbmay Guest

    You have two set points avaliable during a dive. I normally use .70 at the start of the dive and then switch to my set point after I have reached my depth. I normally set the high end between 1.2 to 1.3 depending on the length of the dive I have planned. It is quite simple to change the set point and should not be overly tasking.

  3. BigJetDriver

    BigJetDriver Great White Rest in Peace ScubaBoard Supporter

    G'Day, mate!

    Despite the extra expense, there are three extremely good reasons for sending in the VR3 and getting the up-date: (1) Of course, the main reason is to get real-time decompression computation based on your actual PO2. (2) You can use your computer as a fourth cell to monitor the performance of your main system. (3) If all else fails, you can use your VR and the buttons or valves on your unit to fly it manually.


    BJD :anakinpod
  4. Rickoz

    Rickoz Nassau Grouper

    Thank for you advice guys
  5. DrMike

    DrMike Nassau Grouper

    My VR3 stays at my bottom setpoint throughout the dive (I dont switch up at depth) I figure Im not going to on-gas much during descent and usually spike my PO2 over setpoint anyway on my way down as a sensor check.

    This reduces some task loading.

    From what Ive read nobody has managed to get a 4th cell to match their controller (YBOD non hammerhead) so Id rather not rely on it for deco info (ok for back up po2 display though)

    At 6m I do an O2 flush and breath down the PO2. That gives me a little extra conservatism.
  6. Rickoz

    Rickoz Nassau Grouper

    Having spoken to the two KISS divers we have here in OZ I'll run it on setpoints rather than live

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