TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - August 5-12

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ScubaBoard Supporter
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It's low-risk until it happens to you. (No, I've never personally been bent.) But by running your computer o the exact %, and then squeezing out every single minute you can, puts an awful lot of faith that the algorithm in the computer exactly/closely matches your body physiology and I personally think that's an unacceptable risk. I'll willingly give up 10 minutes of bottom time for a little extra margin.

- Ken
Setting up your DC to reflect what you are actually breathing doesn't mean you have to give up anything - just don't stay down until you are at zero NDL (same is true on air). Setting the mix you are actually breathing also gives you an accurate picture of where you are at all points of the dive (NDL and MOD). However, to each their own and if you want to dive an air profile on Nitrox, so be it.


The Lorax for the Kelp Forest
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Santa Catalina Island, CA
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The current thinking is that GSB/BSBs have a lifespan of 70-ish years reaching a max length of seven feet and max weight of 700-800 pounds.
- Ken

Dr. Larry Allen at CSUN used a laser measuring device on one a few years ago that was 9 ft in length. With all the take that occurred on line tackle and spear dating back into the late 1800s, I'm not sure we really know their potential. The biggest ones I've seen diving off Catalina were estimated at 7 1/2 ft by dive buddies who were judging based on my length. Fortunately I wasn't even close to being in their weight class!

Sam Miller III

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Scuba Legend
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CALIFORNIA: Where recreational diving began!
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QUOTE="Ken Kurtis, post: 8368459, member: 50866"]

Sam, always good to have you share your thoughts from the early days of diving. But a couple of clarifications:

1982 was the year that they came under CA protection. They were listed officially as "Endangered" by IUCN in (I think) 1996.

The current thinking is that GSB/BSBs have a lifespan of 70-ish years reaching a max length of seven feet and max weight of 700-800 pounds. largest official record one, caught at Anacapa, is 563 pounds. The one in the picture I posted is listed as 425 pounds and he's HUUUUUUGE.

My unscientific guess is that 90 years is too old for the age and 300 pounds too light for one that age. The ones we have at the Aquarium of the Pacific - which are about 30 year sold - are in the 250-300 pounds range. The ones we're currently seeing at the UW park appear to be bigger and heavier.

- Ken[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the updated thinking and knowledge on BSB.

My wife and a cast of 1000s of workmen (or so it seems) are busy remodeling, painting and a racking general havoc on my routine and ability to research and respond.

My comments were based upon a conversation with Harry Vetter - I cannot verify his source after the passage of 50 years (FYI Harry was/is an LA Co UW instructor and NAUI Instructor # 4. he is 88 doing well - we converse on occasion - Mostly now --Did you hear about ? )

I certainly appreciate all that you are doing and hopefully will be doing for SoCal diving. It is comforting to realize that some one of your abilities and experienced has stepped up and carried the ball where my generation dropped it -- Keep up the good-- No GREAT work !

Sam Miller,III
NAUI #27

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