The best BCD for women!

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I am searching for the best BCD to buy. Please recommend your the bests and add the reasons. What is important for me about? Well, for me it is important to be comfortable, light, beautiful and not too expensive. Thanks!
I have a female diver friend who swears by the Zeagle Zina. She loves it specifically because of the great fit, comfort, and adjustability, not to mention the fact that the line uses a modular construction allowing you mix-n-match different sized (and color coordinated) parts (vest, front panel, shoulder straps) to obtain a custom fit and look. Another somewhat unique feature is that it utilizes a "zippered" front closure, which is apparently very easy to use, quick, convenient, comfortable, and secure. The company has a reputation for great post sales support of their products as well.

Zena - Recreational BCs - BCs - Zeagle Dive Systems

Hope this helps!
Although, I too dive a Zeagle Zena and love it, I have to say that there is no such thing as the "best" BC for women. We're too different in size, preference, and comfort that what you think is best, I may not and vice versa.

When I first started diving, I bought what was touted as the "best" women's BC on the market. Long story short, within 2 dives I knew I hated it and was going to get rid of it. That kicked off my search for the right BC for me. I tried on as many as I could, realizing quickly how much I hated the cumberbun feature. That narrowed my choice basically to two: The Zeagle Zena and a BP/w configuration. Since (at the time) I couldn't be fitted into a BP/W, I tried the Zena and realized it was perfect for me. Well over 500 dives later on the same Zena, and I'm still happy as I was at the start. Yes, I did eventually try a BP/W but didn't like how it felt, how difficult it can be to put on and take off, and since it wasn't "better" than my Zena (for me), there wasn't any reason to switch.

My advice, try as many as you can, narrow down your choices, and pick what is best for YOU!
I bought a Zena and then sold it and bought the Aqualung Libra. It feels like I am wearing nothing and doesn't have the problem with the tank hitting me in the back of the head. I also prefer the weight pouches on the Aqualung vs. the ripcord design on the Zeagle.

If you can try before you buy then definitely do, once you find one you like you will be very happy!
For me, the best BCD is a backplate and wing. My reasons are that the simple harness is infinitely adjustable, so you don't have to worry about trying to find just the right size. It leaves the chest free and clear, so nothing is trying to compress sensitive structures. I bought a SeaQuest Libra when I first got certified and was never entirely happy with it, because it just wouldn't keep the tank really stable on my back. My first dive with a backplate setup, I told the guy who owned it to give me a price for it, because he wasn't getting it back.
I wear the Zena Zeagle. It is comfortable, lightweight but not very "pretty". Only drawback is that it is a zip cord release & I too prefer pockets. I have never had to use it but pulled it out on land to make sure I could get it back together. It wasn't too big of an ordeal. I have been diving with it for about 3 years now. I love it!

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