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Tell Us About Your Hogarthian Rig

Discussion in 'Hogarthian Diving' started by Quarrior, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. DrDuktayp

    DrDuktayp Divemaster Candidate

    Tanks: Faber 108's (worn one at a time)

    Rig: DiveRite SS Plate with standard harness. Two D-rings on each side of the chest and one on the belt with one on the 2" crotch strap. DiveRite Rec Wing. Knife on belt to wrap long hose around.

    Regulator by Scubapro the MK25/S600. With a 7 foot hose and the alternate air on a necklace. I have the Scubapro SPG. And a whistle bungied to my deflator hose.

    Exposure protection is provided by Softwear Unders and DUI Flex 50/50 drysuit. I wear a capelene base layer underneath.

    Lighting is a Shockwave II and Surge by Princeton. Maybe Santa will bring me an HID...

    Lastly, I use a wrist mounted Vyper. And a softweight belt currently filled with 22lbs of shot.

    So far no neat toys. Like reals, spools or lift bags.

  2. BDub

    BDub Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives:
    Location: Downtown Seattle

    BP- FredT SS bp standard harness setup- D-ring on each shoulder, Billy Ring on left side of waist belt
    W- Dive-Rite Classic Wings
    Regs- Apeks DIN TX50/DS4 each post. 7' primary, Dive Rite brass spg
    Lights- Dive-Rite Wreck HID (secured to right waist belt with ss buckle, Dive-Rite Delrin backup light (secured via innertube to harness)
    Exposure- Northern Diver CNX compressed neo drysuit
    Fins- Jets with custom spring straps
    Compass left wrist, Oceanic Versa Pro right wrist
    Abyss smb, secured to bottom of bp
    Terkel spool in right thigh pocket

    Single tank setup:

    BP- FredT SS bp standard harness setup- D-ring on each shoulder, Billy Ring on left side of waist belt
    W- Oxycheq 45# Signature Wing w/ short corrugated hose
    Reg- SP MK16/G250/R390. 7' primary, 22" bungied backup, custom length lpi hose...or Seaquest XR2 Cryo (can't seem to let this one go, a workhorse)
    Lights- Dive-Rite Wreck HID (secured to right waist belt with ss buckle, Dive-Rite Delrin backup light (secured via innertube to harness)
    Exposure- Northern Diver CNX compressed neo drysuit
    Fins- Jets with custom spring straps
    Compass left wrist, Oceanic Versa Pro right wrist
    Abyss smb, secured to bottom of bp
    Terkel spool in right thigh pocket

    Warm Water setup:
    BP- FredT ss bp- standard hog harness setup
    W- Oxycheq 45# Signature Wing w/ short corrugated hose
    Reg- SP MK18/G250/R280 (yoke). 7' Primary, 22" bungied backup, custom length hp hose and lpi hose
    Exposure- 3mm Ti full westsuit with thigh pocket on right thigh
  3. Sloop John B

    Sloop John B Angel Fish

    Doubles rig:

    E8 130s
    Apeks ATX100 regs, 7' primary & inflator on R post, SPG & bungied backup on L post
    Halcyon 55lb. wing, harness, & SS bp

    Single rig:

    E8 119 w/ H-valve
    Same 2 regs
    Same bp & harness w/ 36lb. wing
  4. Blitz

    Blitz Solo Diver

    # of Dives:
    Location: Seattle
    Dual HP 100's
    TX100 primary on a 7' hose
    TX50 Secondary
    OMS Wing
    Scuba Pro Frameless Mask
    Jet fins w\spring straps
    Main light is a Sony Video light (hey, I am a picture taker)
    SL4 back up bungeed to left shoulder strap.
    Uwatec Smart Pro
  5. kidspot

    kidspot Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Moses Lake, Washington
    After saving my money for the past 6 months and deciding what I wanted (mostly from reading here on SB) - this is my first gear package, it was inspired much by the DIR philosophy, but for now I consider myself a beginning Hog.

    DiveRite SS backplat w/ Single piece harness - 2 bent D Rings on shoulders, 1 straight D ring on left hip for SPG and 1 on crotch strap beneath BP for SMB.

    DiveRite Venture Wing with STA configured with straight elbow and 12" inflation hose (doesn't get in the way nearly as much as the 16" did)

    DiveRite RG1206 DIN first stage
    DiveRite RG2010 Second on bungee around neck as backup
    Kirby Morgan SuperFlow on 7' as primary Second stage

    Halcyon Proteus 3 10watt HID primary canister light
    Expedition Star Luxeon LED backup (I believe it's manufactured by Tecktite)

    Mares M1 RGBM dive computer (got it because it's cheap and has a gauge mode)

    .5 mil Tilos wetsuit with large bellows pocket sewn on left side and smaller bellows pocket on right (Yes I keep a fold-up snorkel in the left pocket)

    Snorkel Bob's See Mo' Bettah Prescription mask (funny website, but I like the mask)

    XXL Jet Fins with Hightide Ranger boots and Spring Straps

    8 lbs of lead on standard weight belt (working to cut it down via "weight loss diet" - LOL)

    E8-119 Cylinder - But they are out of stock till next year :( (Gives me time to save up some cash for it I guess)
    Lots of Classes and dives
  6. CALI68

    CALI68 Manta Ray

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: San Jose, CA
    I only have a Single's rig but here it is:

    Halcyon Eclipse MC 40 lb. (Continuous Webbing, 6lb Chrome Stainless Steel Backblate, Weighted 6lb STA, MC Storage System) DIR D-Ring placement.

    Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme First Stage
    Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme Primary (7' Hose)
    Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme Backup (Bungee'd)

    Halcyon Helious 9 18 W Light.

    1 (for now) Scout back-up light (mounted on the left side on the webbing going under the arm)

    Halcyon SPG on a 26" HP hose.

    Halcyon Knife Pocket with the small SS Knife

    DUI TLS 350 Drysuit (Andy's ST1000 Unergarments)

    Halcyon Gators

    6 CF Argon Bottle with DS4 Reg, a mini gauge & OPV mounted to the BP with the Halcyon 6CF Argon muonting straps.

    DUI Hood

    Scubapro Futura 1 mask (Black)

    XL Scubapro Jets with Halcyon Spring Straps
  7. divrnr

    divrnr Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Scottsdale AZ
    Well let's see I have...

    for cold water,

    A FredT 9# SS backplate with heavy STA 5#
    Diverite sportwing 40# lift(don't worry no bungees)
    Fred's harness rig dir style(love Fred's stuff, very high quality!! Love those billy rings too...)
    50 watt can light with 3c cell backup
    Beuchat VX 10 Iceberg on 7' hose with a vx10 on bungee
    Diverite thigh pocket that I interchange on all of my suits stuffed with storm whistle, safety sausage, lift bag and reel
    EMT shears and knife(Cutco super sharp steak knife...boy was the girlfriend pissed...)
    Orca edge computer... I know I know, but it's updated to the latest software version and I bought it in 1987 and it's a great self defense weapon...hehehe...
    custom made wetnotes on wrist with all the tables, yes brain version 2 is still the best computer...
    Oceanic sport pro backup computer in the diverite thigh pocket, in case brain version 2 freezes like my windoze computer...hehehe...
    Suunto compass on the left wrist
    Citizen Aqualand dive watch on the right that is my botton timer, over a thousand dives and still going strong! Timex eat your heart out!
    Whites drysuit with custom made drygloves(made by me with help from the board thanks all)
    Cressi big eyes mask and same one for a backup
    Snorkel, I don't need no stinkin' snorkel, but just in case an old and I mean OLD Scubapro snorkel left in the dive bag
    Scubapro XL Gorilla fins with spring straps(I like the snap and control a bit better than jets but you need strong legs! They are stiff...)

    for warm water I swap out the bp with a FredT alum and light STA and use a 3mil long with Cressisub rondine gara freediving full foot fins

    that be the butt Bob!
  8. Greg Barlow

    Greg Barlow Manta Ray

    # of Dives:
    Location: Ohio
    Halcyon SST with Halcyon factory harness

    Dive Rite Venture for singles, and Halcyon 55# for doubles

    Single tank rigs: Apeks DS4/TX50 7' primary with Mares Akros 24" back-up. Mares V16 Proton 7' primary with Mares Nikos 24" back-up. Both rigs using a 30" HP hose with a SPG. The Apeks has a 300bar DIN fitting, while the Proton has a yoke. My valves on single tanks are 200bar with removable inserts. I also keep a DIN to yoke converter in the gear box.

    Doubles rig:
    Right post: Mares MR12 with 7' hose and Akros second stage, BCD inflator. Left post: MR12 with 22" Nikos back-up, dry suit inflator hose, and 30" HP hose leading to SPG. Halcyon manifold with 300 bar DIN fittings on all of the first stages

    Scout back-up, and UK D8 primary

    Weighting system: (fresh water requirements)
    Single tank dry suit diving: weighted Halcyon STA, and 12 pounds ditchable on a belt with two ScubaPro metal buckles (lost a belt once on a deco dive) Single tank diving with 3mm wet suit: PVC/STA and 6 pounds on a belt (diving with AL80, no weight if using a single steel cylinder). Double 80's and dry suit: 6# V-weight, and 12# on the belt (great for switching from single tank to dbls., as the weight belt remains the same).

    Mares Nitrox Surveyor and/or Mares DiveMate. The DiveMate is nice when I am fossil diving in black water. It is rather comforting to hear a "human" voice while searching the fossil beds in near zero vis. I run tables on DecoPlanner when doing tech dives, and then use a bottom timer.

    I have way too many, but really find the new Mares X-Stream to be great. It is very low in volume, and offers a wide view. I prefer black silicone, as I am very often taking photos.

    Mares versions with Manta spring straps. I also have a few pairs of old "Jet Fins" styles that I use from time to time. Those just keep on working!

    3mm wet suit for temps above 72. When the mercury falls one of my dry suits come out. Call me a wimp, but I don't enjoy getting cold!

    Vintage Diving:
    Vintage backplate, Voit/Swimaster single hose reg or US Divers double hose Mistral or DA Aquamaster, "horsecollar" BCD (if you want to call it that), and pony bottle using modern reg. Dive watch and depth gauge. This gear is from the era when diving was dangerous and sex was fun!

    *I no longer dive with a jacket BCD, and I don't ever intend to do so again. IMO, a backplate harness system is the answer to all of my diving needs. I started using one back in 1975, and went to the jacket style (along with most other old timers) with the thought that time marches on. Well, as far as I'm concerned the BP is superior to anything on today's market.

    Greg Barlow
    Former Science Editor for Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine
  9. tel-scuba

    tel-scuba Angel Fish


    Double steel 80's on a AL Halcyon backplate with a Halcyon 55 lb Explorer wing. Primary and secondary are ScubaPro Mk25's. Primary on a 7 ft hose off the right post with the low pressure inflator off that post, too. Secondary and ScubaPro SPG off the left post. Secondary secured with a standard bungee. Dry suit is inflated with argon, mounted on the left of the backplate with a homemade mount (loops of weight belt bolted onto the backplate), connected with an 18" hose on an old ScubaPro Mk2 first stage. 12 lb weight on a standard weight belt, buckled under the backplate.

    4 D-rings. Left shoulder holds the AL40 stage tank (with an OMS regulator mounted), right shoulder holds miscellaneous stuff, left hip holds the SPG and the stage tank, butt ring holds the reel. Spool and lift bag are in the TLS350 drysuit pocket.

    On the left wrist is a Suunto Stinger. An Aries Pro is on the right wrist. No-name wrist-mounted compass on the left.
  10. Capnsnott

    Capnsnott Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: NW Denver area
    Singles, AL80s
    Halcyon 40# Pioneer, SS Halcyon bp with their inner back pouch. Standard d-rings.
    SP MK25 1st, S600 2nd, old style SP adjustable 2nd on my backup with s600 guts in it.
    7' primary hose, backup 24" hose under right arm on bungee around neck.
    Home made 50w hallogen, 4" diamiter can light on right hip (I use this during the day here in CO).
    SPG clipped off to left hip d-ring.
    lift bag on butt ring or left drysuit pocket (when carried).
    Two ballast bags on lower tank strap, 5# ea, 6# bp = 11# ttl. for fresh w/ drysuit or 5ml two piece.
    Left wrist, compass & watch.
    Right wrist, SP Depth gauge and Aeris Atmos II computer.
    Dry suit, Bare XCD2 Tech dry. 2mm compressed neoprene
    Left pocket, spare mask, hand spool.
    Right pocket, right string; wet notes
    right pocket left string; safety scissors, spare double ender.
    5ml two piece wet suit, no pockets yet. Looking hard at those shorts w/ pockets.

    Mask, ummmmm, it fits, it's small and clear. I think it's a Mares.... I have a fat head and it was the only one out of about 10 masks that fit good.
    Fins, the new XL Jets, "the monsters" for the dry suit, talk about being able to cave dive in your foot pockets, but then the bare has monster boots to fit my sz 10 WIDE feet.
    regular Rockets or knockoff jets for wet dives. depends on the conditions.

    I'm building a doubles rig,
    AL80s, Halcyon SS BP, 55# wing. Halcyon manifold (300 bar). No regs yet.

    AL 40 deco, slung off left hip and chest rings. I carry this right now for training practice only.

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