Taking the full face mask course, does anyone have the crew pack?

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I heard I only need OW and nitrox. I was just wondering if anyone was challenged by any boat charters.
The FFM course is not required by anyone to my knowledge outside of some institutional stuff.

Nothing else is needed for non technical recreational diving.

You seem to ignore input you don't like (e.g., take a class, don't learn a FFM by yourself) and keep looking for the answers you want to hear, when you get the answers you don't want to hear.
Why is that?


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certifications are only "required" if you need something that requires it.

I.e. a basic OW certification is generally required to get air fills and entry into some parks/boats. It is not required if you have your own compressor and are going to dive in unregulated areas.
A nitrox card is generally required when you want to get nitrox, but if you have your own way to blend it then it's not required.
AOW to get to 100ft, etc etc.

The FFM course is not required by anyone to my knowledge outside of some institutional stuff. The aquariums I have dove in haven't required me to show proof of a certification but I have had to "pass a test" that the DSO has set up and I'm sure @Hoyden has something similar at her aquarium. Our DSO at the university requires demonstration of skills prior to allowing use when students need them for scientific stuff. This is one of those courses that have some nuances to make the skills easier and some time with an instructor will help IMO. A card isn't required, but time with someone who actually knows what they're doing is good. Someone like Jackie who uses them every day is going to be far more in tune than someone like me who can dive them but only does it a handful of times a year and only because I need the comms for whatever jobs are being done.

We definitely do not require a FFM certification to dive a GFFM here at the aquarium. You have to go through our training which does not result in an outside certification. If we have a diver come in with significant FFM experience, I have them out through our PPT and demonstrate the skills.

Also, @tbone1004 sorry if I misread your earlier post. I am in complete agreement with your sugeestion that divers should be comfortable with regular scube mask removal and replacement before taking a FFM class.



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