Rainbow Reef Internship

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Key Largo, FL
# of dives
200 - 499
I'm currently OW certified I have decieded that I need a change in my life. So I'm looking at becoming a diving professional an Instructor. I have been looking at the six month internship at Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Islamorada, FL. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on this program or any sugestion on internships or paying for the classes to become an Instructor. Thank in advance for the help!!!
You might check with some newspaper classified ads in southern Florida and the Keys and see how many OPs are looking for instructors. That might give you a clue as to how many of the 200,000 certified instructors are working at the present time and how much the OPs are willing to pay.
Hi Mike,

Congrats on getting your OW and making the decision to Go Pro! A life as a scuba diving instructor can be a lifelong adventure. I often say an instructor's cert is a passport to live and work in some of the world's most beautiful locales, places others would love to go but can't because they'd have no way to support themselves.

But rather than look so close to home, why not start your journey with a real adventure? Why not come to exotic Thailand and spend 4 months diving every day while training to be an instructor?

No, we aren't "free" like the folks in Florida, but as we all know, nothing in life is truly "free" in this world. In fact, based on what I read on their website, their "free" AOW to OWSI program costs $4,000 including accommodations, and that's only for 23 days.

Aquanauts, on the other hand, is less than $8,000 for FOUR MONTHS and offers many more courses and much more diving so that by the end of those 4 months you have lots of dives and experience before becoming an instructor.

We beleive if people are truly serious about a career -- be it in diving, computers or hotel management -- they are willing to pay for it. Diving is not child's play, especially when you have someone else in your care. You want quality training with no gimmicks.

What we've done here at Aquanauts is try to make it easy to get to the pro level by packaging everything up into one all-inclusive program and take advantage of the tremendously lower cost-of-living in Thailand.

We proivde all your courses, books, PADI fees, accommodations, a full set of Scubapro gear, plus UNLIMITED FUN DIVING for 4 months. You get to live in a tropical beach resort where it's never colder than 80 degrees, where the water is 86 and you do it while living and diving with a group of like-minded people from all over the planet.

The link to our internship program is in the footer below and I hope you'll take a look beyond the borders of the US of A for your dive training needs.
I don't know much about the program, but I have dived with them before and good ppl, and in fact I am diving with Rainbow Reef this weekend as well.
May be will catch you there this week Mike.
Mike needed two posts.

From 0-24 dives to instructor in four months.

Don't blame PADI for this one!
Mike needed two posts.

From 0-24 dives to instructor in four months.

Don't blame PADI for this one!

Can't understand this comment. 4 months of diving every day (200 dives), living, eating and breathing diving, daily studying with others at various stages of instructor development, individual tutoriing on demand for everything from physics to equipment to physiology.... sounds like a good intensive way to learn scuba diving and become a quality instructor.

And it is. Not everyone wants or can afford to simply plod along over the span of years to gain the same experience.
I agree with you Pattaya, 200 dives should be more than enough for someone to become an instructor. If you do anything 200 times I think that qualifies you as a veteran in that endeavor. Yes, diving can be dangerous, lives can be lost, but we all take more chances getting into our cars everyday than we do when we SCUBA.

I love SCUBA and respect the risk associated with it, believe me I have put safety first into every one of my 0-24 dives. But folks it ain't magic. There is no mysticism attached to it that require years of apprenticeship. I have seen on other posts commnets about "rites of passage" (no kidding). The diving community is getting larger and larger every day, and as I've said before, it's not that little clique it once was. (My God, just look how massive this site is). Someone mentioned on this thread about 200,000 instructors. Look how many dive magazines and dive equipment Doesn't that tell us something?

Good for you Mike, go for it. You're wanting to be a SCUBA instructor not a wizard. I don't know how old you are but if I wasn't 51 and married to a woman and a mortgage I'd be sitting in Pattaya's shop right now.
Mike needed two posts.

From 0-24 dives to instructor in four months.

Don't blame PADI for this one!

Sounds like a major life decision being made after a few positive experiences. Maybe a tad impulsive. :coffee:

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