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probably Minnesota now

Discussion in 'Public Safety Divers/Search and Rescue' started by AmyinWV, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. AmyinWV

    AmyinWV Angel Fish

    Okay, another change of plans. I hate when it's time to pickup and move again. But I guess the kids probably dislike it even more than myself.

    Anyway, Wisconsin seems out at present. It looks like it is more likely to be Minnesota. Burrr... :loki3: The Sandstone, Hinkley, Willow Lake area. Atleast we may get some more use out of that darn Argo than we're getting here. They don't allow you to take four-wheelers ect.. on any state or gov't land. It's really gathering dust.

    Anybody have an idea of the EMS & PSD situation in the area??

    Also, if anyone will be in the area of Summersville Lake, WV on Saturday, Sept. 18th, we are having a dive picnic. E-mail me for any info. Bring the kids too!

  2. Boater Dan

    Boater Dan Barracuda

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Western PA

    Sorry to hear about Minnesota. Wouldn't wish that one on my worst enemy. (Please, no hate mail from Minnesotans) Sure hope you like winter from the times that I have been there for work.

    I would like to know more about the 18th. I don't know if I would be able to make it down, but if I don't inquire, I know I won't. My son was recently certified and I always admire Summerville Lake when I travel past.


  3. jasondbaker

    jasondbaker Angel Fish

    Actually it is getting warmer up here every year due to global warming. :wink: If you like deep, dark, cold, pristine wreck diving you will be in heaven. Welcome!
  4. AmyinWV

    AmyinWV Angel Fish

    Thanks for the pity Dan, I thought I was the only one feeling sorry for me these days.

    I grew up in Michigan, so yeah, I do like winter. My husband is itching bad to buy a snowmobile. I told him he can just buy some tracks for his Argo and call it a day. Not to mention, these deer down here are the size of dogs. Puts a bit of a damper on hunting season. We're into the whole sportsman thing, so that part is good, but diving.....don't think so. Last year I was diving in Summersville Lake at the beginning of Oct. and it was still warm.

    From what I have found out so far about the area, the F-Depts. and all (with the exception of the hospital) the EMS are volunteer. Ohh Mannn... And dive teams..not much luck there either. I think the only one close has about five members and all MEN, that tends to leave me looking like the odd "person" out :gr1: , not that there's any other women on the team here, but they've been pretty cool for the most part.

    See, that's something you guys never have to worry about when moving or changing teams. I have to go out of my way to be taken seriously, no matter how much experience I have. Although my husband did offer to knock out a couple of my teeth to "ugly me up a litte", LOL! :56: Well, he thought he was funny anyway.

    What would you like to know about the 18th? We plan to dive, socialize, eat, dive, eat, socialize some more then go home exhausted. I'm bringing my waverunner this time, the kids love it. The viz was just great last time I was out, about 15 feet. I really regretted not bringing my spear gun. And the water was really warm too. There was also about 35 divers out at the winter boat ramp, where we were. It was fun!

    So, as long as the weather holds out, it should be a good time. I have no idea how many people will show up, my email has been a bit feisty lately. I'm not sure how many people received the notice. But I will be sending something else out shortly.

    Keep me undated on your plans. Would love to meet some more board members in person. Hope you both can make it!
  5. AmyinWV

    AmyinWV Angel Fish

    Oh and Jason, I really don't like cold water. Had a bad experience with a dry suit and if I never put another one on, that's just fine with me. I also have that wierd problem with things that put pressure on my larynx. I bought my first wetsuit off the internet and made the mistake of buying a back zip. Good thing I can sew, because I cut that puppy up. :ice:

    Doesn't that cold water head-squeezing feeling bother you??

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