Packing, Travel and Diving Tips for the Invasion to Cozumel

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I was curious about the rule on liquids now so I searched and found this on:
3-1-1 Liquids Rule | Transportation Security Administration

[h=1]3-1-1 Liquids Rule[/h]
You are allowed to bring one small bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes through the checkpoint. These are limited to 3.4 ounces or less per container. Consolidating these containers in the small bag separate from your carry-on baggage enables TSA officers to screen them quickly.
3-1-1 for carry-ons. Liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container; must be in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. The bag limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring.
Be prepared. Each time a TSA officer stops to physically screen a carry-on bag, it slows down the line. Practicing the 3-1-1 rule will facilitate the checkpoint experience.
Declare larger liquids. Medications, baby formula/food and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces, and they don’t have to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint. TSA officers may need to open them for additional screening.
If in doubt, put your liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes in checked baggage.

[h=3]Inbound international flights[/h]

You may now carry liquids more than 100 mL in your carry-on bag if:

  • You are traveling internationally into the United States with a connecting flight;
  • they are in transparent containers;
  • you bought them at a duty-free shop, and
  • the store packed them in a secure, tamper-evident bag.
If your liquids are not in a secure, tamper-evident bag, you must pack them in your checked bag.
If the liquids alarm during screening, we will need to screen them further.


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Ontario, Canada
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Does anyone know if they have DIN tanks?

Vivid-Pix Rick

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Packing, Travel and Diving Tips for the Invasion to Cozumel

Well we are getting closer to the ScubaBoard INVASION to Cozumel!!!!!
I thought we could touch base on some of the great ideas that everyone has
on preparing, packing, travel, and dive related tips.
For some this is old hat, so share your knowledge.

I’ll get things started… Here are some of my tips.

DON'T FORGET These Items when Packing!
Airline tickets/info for going and return flights
Bay Adventures Travel Vouchers for the resort and Diving.
Passports (I also make a copy of it and put it in my carry on)
Driver’s License or if you don’t have one, some other form of picture ID.
Diving Certification Cards (I also make a copy of it and put it in my carry on)
Dive Paradise and ScubaBoard Waivers will be emailed by Bay Adventures with your travel vouchers. Please fill out, bring with you and turn into the dive shop.
DAN and Health Insurance Cards

Credit Cards or ATM Cards (call you card company, let them know when and where you’ll traveling)
(Some CC company charge an extra fee for transactions when out of the country)
You can charge your drinks, tips, gift shop and any excursion through the resort to your room.
There isn't an ATM at the resort, but there is one in town.
Small Bills (1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s go a long way) (Some of the restaurants don't accept credit cards or $100 bills if you plan on venturing into town to eat out and shop)
Prescription Medication (keep it in the prescription bottle with your name on it)
And always bring a few days extra in case you have travel delays along the way.
Over the counter medications and first aide items that you may need.
Especially allergy medication if you have ever had an allergic reaction.
I have a med pack for traveling with items such as band aides, sports wraps, Benadryl, imodium, advil, bug bite cream etc.
FYI Did you know that if you put hand soap on a bite right away and don't scratch it, many times it will alleviate the itch and swelling.
(You can find a lot of the same products in Cozumel, but the packaging may look different and the instruction might not necessarily be in English)
Sunscreen (biodegradable containing a mineral ingredient such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide if possible for the coral reefs health)
I found this line of biodegradable products
Sunglasses and an extra cheep pair for the boat (polarized are better for gazing into the water)
Bug spray (If the bugs find you tasty and near sunset and sunrise are the worst time for mosquitoes.) Here are a few products Cactus Juice ,
Water, You can purchase a bottled water and refill the bottle or bring your own bottles to fill if you don't wish the cost of buying bottled water. Hotel Cozumel also has filtered water cooler through out the hallways for your convenience and to use for brushing your teeth. You can bring flavor packets or liquids to flavor your water for variety. I like to bring flavor packs for my coffee too! I do strongly suggest drinking only bottled or can drinks when outside the resort and wiping any moisture from the tops to avoid having any issues.
You should always be conscience of what you are eating and drinking when you are outside of your normal routine and country.
Personal flashlight, You may want to bring a small personal flashlight.

Don't let your common sense go on vacation too. Lock up your cash, jewelry, passports and credit cards in your room safe. Don't leave your iPad, lap top, cameras and dive computers sitting out in plain view when your not in the room.

On another note, for those of you planning on partiscipating in the Photo Contests or planning on sharing photos with other, don't forget a thumb drive. They come in real handy! IJS

Good thing to started packing early, in case anything needs to be repaired before you go.

I like to be organized (can’t you tell) so I have a travel checklist on file that I printout. Here's my list if you like. View attachment 124688
That way, I don’t have to think too much about remembering what I need. The list includes everything that might be needed. If something's on the list that doesn't apply to this trip, I just cross it off. I also includes things to do like stopping the mail, newspaper, contacting your cell provider if you want service there, and calling the credit card companies to inform them that I will be going out of the country so they don't cut me off in mid-trip.

Check with your Airline for specific rules as to what accepted and procedure for checking in, as these seem to be changing constantly.

For anything in question or liquid form, check with your airline.

TSA will take it and throw it away!
We personally had a problem with our rechargeable batteries in our carry ons one time. They weren't allowed in the checked and they weren't allowed in the carry ons. Making up the rules as they go, Go figure??? I would suggest not putting them all in one place in your carry on. Dennis had quite a few, all in one spot and I think they stood out like a sore thumb.

ID’s, Credit Cards, Cash etc.
Any Cameras/Electronics
You’re Regulators and Dive Computers
Prescription Medication

Put your name, address, and phone number in all your bags including your carry on and personal item in case they become lost or separated from you.

Put some of each persons items in each checked bag. That way if one of the bags get lost, you still have some of your things.
If a solo traveler, try to fit in at least 1 extra of your under garments in your carry on. Outer wear is easier to purchase if your bags arrive late or are lost, but trying to find under garments for purchase can be more difficult.

Making the most of the luggage weight restrictions
(Don't forget, Men and Women are allowed to have a personal item purse/back pack/briefcase/man purse in addition to their carry on. Make the most of it!)
I have a large purse that I use just for flying. The personal item is not weighed, so it's great for a few heavier items. Just make sure the items you put in your personal item can be carried on and not needed to be placed in checked luggage. ( Again always check with your airline.)
Think about light weight items when packing. Inexpensive t-shirts (like Hanes or fruit of the loom) are very lightweight, come in multiple colors, are great for shore diving cover ups and can be left behind if you shop too much in town.
Light weight dresses are great for the ladies.
Think kakis or other light weight fabrics over jeans. Shoes can weigh a lot also. Even thou it's a pain at the airport, I'll wear my tennis shoes as they weigh the most. (You will want your tennis shoes to protect your feet if you go to the ruins or some of the other excursions) And if taking a light jacket, it goes on the plane with me as well. (many of the airports and sometimes the planes can be very cold)
A personal travel hand scale is an invaluable tool so you don't have surprises when getting to the airport on the return flight.

Travel from Airport to Hotel

Since I see most of you have other crew members on your flight. The best way is to get to the hotel is once everyone gets thru customs. Walk past all those trying to sell time shares to the outside of the airport and locate the taxi vans, they will be right outside the airport. I am not sure of the price, this site seems to have up to date price list.
I seem to remember like $7-8.00 pp.
Cozumel Insider - Cozumel Transportation - Taxi Fares to and from Cozumel Airport - Cozumelinsider

Diving Tips

Reefs of Cozumel

This is a good time to get your gear serviced! If it's new or has been services, you might want to get in a pool session/dive in and make sure it works.

Get yourself hydrated before the trip and stay hydrated, but don't over do it. Drinking smaller amounts of water through out the day is better than just guzzling a glass or 2. They will also have water and fruit on the boats for in between the dives.

We like to use baby shampoo for mask defog.

My feet get blisters and take a beating while diving multiple days, so I wear the thin trouser socks. It also helps your feet slip into your wetsuit!

A lightweight cooler bag is a great way to carry those bigger underwater cameras and the smaller ones too! They give the camera some protection and are easy to fold up for packing, light weight and rinse out easily. I have also found the little neoprene draw strings bags with clips are great for protecting your GoPros on the poles or trays.

A water proof bag for the boat and a pelican box or other waterproof case for shore diving come in handy for keeping things dry.

Some Woolite or those all-in-one washer sheets if you plan on washing the funk off your clothes or dive wear in the sink/tub. Especially great when your staying longer than a week. Don't forget some close pins too. They help when hanging items up for drying and to keep them from blowing of the balconies.

I use Scuba Do Rags to keep my hair under control. If I don't keep my hair braided and covered like that, It would just be shredded. I alos like to put some biodegradible condition in it while dry before covering it. Some kind of covering is great for gals with shorter hair and guys to keep their heads from getting sunburned too. Unless your bald, it very hard to put sunscreen on your scalp.

Skin or Wetsuits? Warm tropical weather is the norm, but you can get some cooler up swells from deeper waters. Water temperature are around 82° F/28° C, with visibility usually /100-150 feet/30-45 meters.
On land, daily highs around 81°F to 88°F throughout the month of June with humidity and low temperatures are around 73°F.
Most travelers to Cozumel have been comfortable in a diving in a skin, but others have felt cold and needed to wear a 3 ml wetsuit. So if you're one of those divers that are on the cold side, you might want to bring your 3 ml.
wetsuit. So if you're one of those divers that are on the cold side, you might want to bring your 3 ml.
Also keep in mind if you signed up for the whale shark excursion, you'll need a 3mil or shorty, if not they will make you where a life jacket.
Found this article and thought it might have some helpful tips for your ears and diving. :D
Ear Clearing 101

Newly added
Some asked about their Save a Dive Kit (Spare Parts) There are plenty of full service dive shops available including our hosts
Dive Paradise. You'll find they really go out of their way to be helpful there. I would just bring some basics for the boat, O rings, mask strap etc. I would also include a spare battery for your computer. You can find many types of batteries there, but I prefer to have one handy.


I also want to remind everyone on
the importance of getting Hydrated before
staying Hydrated during the Invasion.
(beer and margaritas don't count)
It will be very hot down in Cozumel especially for the northern folks.
Drinking small amounts continually during the day instead of downing 1-2 glasses a day will help your body retain the liquids better. And remember if your planning on drinking after diving, drink some water in between drinks to help with the adverse effects of drinking and dehydration.
Have fun, but play it smart and safe.


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Ontario, Canada
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Tanks are yoke so bring a DIN adapter

I have confirmation from Jim at the dive shop that all tanks have convertible valves. :D

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