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Newport Diving, 10/4. Best dives of the season

Discussion in 'North Eastern United States' started by CT-Rich, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. CT-Rich

    CT-Rich ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    So yesterday was one of those should I or shouldn’t I dive days. Mike and I bit the bullet and decided we would do one more trip to dive wet in Newport. I have been trying trying to relocate the half buried case of 40 mm AAA shells I came across in August. When we arrived at Green Bridge the tide was just starting to fall. The swim out was not particularly eventful, we dropped down just at the mouth of the cove. Heading out I reached a rock pile and started to follow its base. Two compass checks later, I realized I had been duped (you can see the little circle we made....

    Back on track, we were enjoying some really great conditions, very little surge, good 15’+ visibility and water temps in the mid-60s. There was also plenty of big fish going out, I saw a small striper hanging out in eel grass and some impressively large tautaug milling around the deeper rocks. When I rounded a particularly large boulder in about 30’ of water, something large dashed out from under the rock and bolted for the surface. At first I thought it might be a large Taug with a squid lure hanging from it’s mouth. Only after I review the video did I realize it was actually a cormorant. I was surprised at how fast he was moving, he appeared in just four framed of the video.

    Moving out farther, I stopped worrying about, finding the shells or not, conditions were good and if we never found them again (not likely a quarter mile off shore). We were enjoying the dive when I rounded a rock and there they were, right next to the rock. Mike and it spent a couple of minutes looking at them at before heading in.

    Going into the shallows near some rocks Mike and I were separated. I was in “swim like hell to get past the rocks” mode and Mike lost track of me. I waited on the surface as he took the longer, less exciting route around the rocks.

    Being so nice out we continued the rest of the way in on the surface. 40 minutes bottom time, max depth 36’

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  2. CT-Rich

    CT-Rich ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    For our second dive Mike and I decided we would dive from King’s beach. Normally, we woul get in the water and navigate over to Bird Island and follow the rocks around the island or into deeper water.

    Instead, we swam down to the sand and followed the rock to the south, along the shore side. There are fewer hiding places for fish and the rocks have been smoothed by the ocean. There were a fair number of Taugs and visibility was an easy 15’. 15 minutes into the dive we came across a lost spear gun. The bands were not set and it looked in like it had been a recent arrival. We continued on and came upon a skate, one of my favorite animals.

    Navigating back in we came across some large crevices with some really big tautaugs hanging in the back. Good conditions, with some treasures found. Mike said if this ended up being the last dives of the season, it would be ending on a good note. I hope they aren’t, but they are good memories. 61 minutes, max depth 26’.

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  3. Resqdivemedic

    Resqdivemedic Public Safety Diver

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: chepachet, RI USA
    I was at King's Beach that same day with an Open Water student. Amazing conditions and a great first open water dive for the student.
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  4. DanSinks

    DanSinks Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Massachusetts
    This is a late reply but I just had to say this makes me want to go back to Kings beach for a dive this weekend! Great photos!
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